Back again – Just running from the burn

Where have I Been – Update –

So Kenzie Craven got a couple gigs as a photographer in RL. I had a wonderful time doing it and made some awesome cash. Paid off some bills and rolling back into the grind of sl. I’ve been sent a ton of stuff and I want to say that I’m going through it slowly, but surely. Please excuse my absence. RL is first, but I won’t forget about my commitments in SL.

My look is soft, simple and adorable. That’s enough for a description.

I adore the skins from Mynerva. I love the detail and the shading of the skins. The lips are glossy, but never lots the smooth wrinkles of a natural set of lips. The adorable make-up and the soft tones of the skins itself is appealing. I’ve been rocking her free eyelashes that came with my new set of skins. I like it! I wore Truths new hair – Penny. I love the straight bob, but yet he added some flare by having the ends of the hair look choppy. I decided to be a red head today. The tank top is from Fashionably Dead. Love how it slouches in areas like a real loose tank top. The skirt I got from the Abelro Gahcha Machines. They’re at the Como Setsuko booth. I love it! I love her bold patterns and for forty lindens a pop! Can’t go wrong there. I got tones of doubles but I gave them as gifts. So either way, my money was well spent. The socks are old, but still a classic item in my inventory. They’re by Newreem of Duboo. I love the texture of them. I set them up with the lace stockings from actchio. Love the nude to go with my look. The shoes are old and are from Picnic. They’re another must have item, because they go with everything and yet their still a wonderful piece to wear. My belt is from Surf Co. The sculpts are amazing and the textures are so clear. I love how it looks so realistic. I love that I can also mix and match it with so many different looks. Formal, informal, clean cut, rocker, rockabilly and preppy. It goes with anything, but I guess most belts do. The stole was taken from an old Paper Couture outfit. Can’t forget about the wonderful add-ons that come with Paper Couture outfits.

That’s my look for today. I’m a busy woman in SL currently. I’m redoing my shop from top to bottom; almost done the displays and adverts. Hopefully I’ll be finished at the end of this week so I can start on some new clothes. Ciao Ciao, readers. Have a wonderful day

Something New:
Shirt: (fd) Messed Up Old Tank (Undershirt)
Hair: >TRUTH< Penny – sangria
Eyelashes: Mynerva Free Eyelashes
Skirt: Yozoh* Koizora ( umjeon )
Skin: ~Vanilla~Classic Red Red Brows – Rhapzody Wilde

Something Old:
Prim Teeth: porcupine love – prim teeth.
Belt: [SC] Surf Couture – Brass Rings Leather Belt – Black
Leggings: actchio. roselace tights in nude 1
Socks: DUBOO*bosong socks [brown]
Stole: p.c; Manhattan Brunch Fur Stole
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – night rain – large (Poetic Color)
Shoes: Picnic panu shoes [Charcoal brown]
Hair Base: Reds Pack Hair Base – Tiny Bird

Not Too New:


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