Here’s the deal.

I’ve been swamped with IRL stuff. It’s insane and intense. ITS ALL IN’S! A friend is in from out of town, baby needs changing, whipping and fed, photographs to be taken, children to be babysat for and then on top of that I think I might be looking for a job irl.

Right now what’s happening in game is my mainstore is being rebuilt from head to toe. To accommodate the high lag issues in the sim. I’m also currently looking for a new location so if anyone know of some good rental spots (where I can place my own build and edit the terrain) private MSG me please. I can’t stand the lag.

2 thoughts on “Here’s the deal.

  1. Chic Aeon says:

    Just a general note about the L-A-G. Most everyone (no “everyone”) is complaining about the recent lag. It is pervasive and seems to have reached most all sims bit is private, homestead or mainland. I can’t remember a place I have TPed into lately that didn’t take forever to load. Well an empty grass sandbox, but that hardly counts. So moving may not help your problem. Good luck though.

    • kenziecravenpants says:

      Aw thank you! I cannot stand the lag where I am at. Only because it effects my work. Textures aren’t loading, prims keep being slingshot back and now some textures are missing from my inventory.
      It’s not just the lag for my customers that is making me want to move.
      😀 You’re right about lag everywhere though. Wish LL would work on the problem

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