Hair Fair 2010

I made some time to fit this in.

I had to blog the Hair Fair and Designers United. That’s just a must. No blogger of Second Life fashion would miss these events. It’s that time of year when you know you’re going to get the big bang for each buck. I must say this year at the hair fair I was a tad disappointed, maybe because I expect all the designers to do their very best? Or maybe I was confused at where everything was in the massive abundance of lag; or maybe I should be grateful that I had the lindens to go this year? Here are my top fav picks from the fair.

Emma brought sass to the table for this hair fair. I love the looks. The simple casual look, but the long full bands can be turned in to a very chic/edgy look to an outfit, the bow on the Heaven hairstyle could be paired up with pearls for that classy lady look and the simple cute sprout upon Mosey could add an adorable sweet boho girly look to a long drapy skirt. Stunning as always, Emma girl is making her way to the stop, skins, hair, shoes, clothes! What can this girl not do! She’s frigging amazing.

Ana Ohmai has graced us with her presence at this years hair fair. I bow down to this woman. She’s so creative and such a wonderful spirited girl. These styles really show you who she is. Girly, fun, and laid back. I love each of the styles. I love her sculpt work and texturing. Her fat packs are awesome because they’re not have a hair from each shade. Copper, black, brunette, blondish and grey. I love it! You really get your lindens stretched with her little fatpacks.

Toast Bard you fly ass gal. These styles are a master piece. I love the shading in her textures, I love how she went the extra mile and added actual prim sculpted fringes at the ends of her bangs and the styles are beautiful. The last hairstyle in the photo is very much like me RL, so I love it.  I didn’t expect any less from toast. She’s her own little Picasso. Her art, her skills and her prim work is slowly taking over SL.

Machang! Really is a God with Sl sculpts and texture work. Look at these hair styles! I love the boho look and then we have this sweet adorable cute girly look. Best of both my worlds.

Clawtooth! Amazing. As always.

Here’s some hair from other booths that I love were cute. The hair from Magik really took me back because of the hair in the mouth. Very creative and different! I was sold just by the little strand (Because I use to chew on my hair :X). I loved the strands of hair that came down from this crazy mixed bun which was at the Boon both. The simply pony tail from Atomic made me smile. I like simple things, but that stand out because of the prim work, textures and smooth style.


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