That’s my moto!

TONIGHT IS THE LAST NIGHT OF THE NEW STORE 50% OFF SALE! Come on down to the mainstore location and get  everything 50% off! Hurry hurry, because as soon as the new store is set. Some items will be deleted FOORRREVVERRRRRRRR!!! TAXI TO THE STORE

Next Topic. NEW STUFF!

I made skirts, tanks and DIE ANTTWOOORD Stuff. Poesss!

The tank tops! The tank tops I made while I was making the new store so they’re fairly old. They’re low cut on the sides (bewbies), the have those grungey looking holes scattered all over the back and front. I love tank tops, I also added a sclupted prim to make it nice and baggy (or flared out). 115L each Tons of colours!

The banded colourblock skirt. With this skirt you have two options. One skirt has the long zipper down the belly. The other skirt is a simple plain highwaisted colour scaled skirt. I adore both versions that’s why I made it like that. I love how the plain one is so simple and casual yet the zipper style skirt is more edgy! It’s like a day and night combo. 200L each for both versions in one colour.

Missing Summer Skirts. Are just that, missing summer. I miss summer so much. Everytime I leave my house I have to wear nylons with my highwaisted skirts/skirts/shorts. Lace stockings with warm knitted or thick thigh highs! I miss just going bare. So here’s my item of the summer that I never made. A wonderful flexy skirt with sculpted ruffle top. I adore the ruffles, it makes it that much more exciting. It comes in three different colours. Blue, red and green. The top sculpt is attached to spine and the skirt to pelvis to give you that realistic feel! 250 each!

All the new items will not be released till the new store is set down. So after the sale, the new items should be set! thankkk you

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