relax dont do it – k.craven

So my life has been pretty chaotic the past couple weeks. School, child, mainting a house hold and now I’m back to work on SL. Life is shit. BUT! I’m doing the best I can, RIGHT? Right. So here’s a little blog post. I’m trying to get back into the flow of bloggging and editing my pictures. It’s like riding a bike, but right now moma put my training wheels on.




I’ve been sleeping and reading all day. Studying some stuff, writing papers and my hair is pretty much like dreadz because lack of grooming.




So I forgot to save my credits. Horrible blogger I know.

Skin: Tres Blah

Pants: Strawberry Fish – Grey Sweat Pants

Bangles: Zaara

Tank: Niniko

Hair: Boon

Feet: SLink

Bra: Nylon Pinkney (Ohlala)

Teeth: Porcupine love

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