Can’t spell slaughter without laughter

So this past couple weeks have been intense! I’ve left one group and started my own. I am both very nervous and excited to see what may come for us. We’re called “Inviolatus Normandus & Pigmeas” It’s pretty awesome, we have this amazing build in the sky that is an L shaped build! With tunnels and a little pigmea camp. I have like 0384309 things going on so some of the build isn’t completed. Though the main part of our camp/city/dwelling is done! I’m pretty stoked to get people to come and pew us.

Come and pew us!

Plus!!! My Dear friend Niccii has asked me to blog for the most awesomeness event thus to come to GE! Fantasy Gacha ??!?! Ouuuu how exciting!!

Click the link to check it out! It’s going to be the tits! G-Spot – Cellar Door!! Omigawd I’m excited.

Well other than my new group and my new build with Lux! Here’s an outfit!!

Blindfold- +pe+ Warning Blind Fold
Skin: Body & co Orchid
Warpaint: +Nuuna+ Meta makeups (M)
Ears: UNISEX[MANDALA]Steking EARS(wear Me to UNPACK)!
Jacket: .: ryvolter :. Leather & Mink Coat – Dark Brown
Tights: Izzie’s – torn
Hair: Exile::Celebrity Skin Naturals
Armor: [The Forge] Daerwen Upper Arm Left (Bronze)
Boots: +ILO+ Work Boot M [tobacco2] Arcade
Socks: Pig – Black
Swords: Primus Reaper Sword
Bow: VF Weapons VFX Ride or Die bow 2.522 (Boxed)

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