I’m so fragile.

So I’ve been scooting around SL playing in GE on my slave these days. I’m getting very bored of Gorean RP – so I thought I would challenge myself by pew pewing with low damage – a.k.a on a slut. Interestingly enough I know it’s such a clique to say “slut, slave, whore” on a GE slave character – my girl; Yoko has never been used. Hmph. Interesting. Perhaps because I make her look rather evil or darkish? I don’t know. Or maybe HEY! Goreans don’t have sex, unless you’re in btb and enjoy one liners. I’m not inuit. So anyways, enough with my babbles. I’ve been kicking it with a blow dart and shit. It’s getting old too, but I had fun dressing her up. I’m sporting an old item by Cellar Door. My new piece of the Truth hair! Lalalala love. Let me also say that truth is the bomb. For some reason my purchase never came, so I did a double purchase at 5am thinking that I didn’t buy it. Well it still never came, due to lag. So I sent him a notecard and woke up to a wonderful present


Eyes: Clemmm – The Whites (darker)
Necklace: .mala. ~ key necklace
Collar: [Forge] Chained Collar (Box)
Circlet: ~Soedara~ Circlet of Sheba Chained Secret shadows silver
Ears: UNISEX[MANDALA]Steking EARS(wear Me to UNPACK)!
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.02
Makeup: Corvus : Tired Eyes Makeup
Hair: TRUTH Hairbases – ALL
Dress: ! Cellar Door Nava
Arm wraps: ! Cellar Door Nava
Arm warmers: ! Cellar Door Nava
Skin: Body & Co. Orchid
Weapons: LR Yagu Blow dart/boomerang and Primus claws ❤


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