Bwoss’d Up


There is something about being pure class with a hint of sex. That’s my avatar. For real nigga. This bitch is bwoss’d up from the knees up. I’m rocking the new piece from The Forge. This guy continues to blow me away with his mesh. It’s stunning, beautiful and elegant. Every piece of worth each linden, if not he needs to be paid more. His bangles, bracers, armor… just it’s perfect for Fantasy RP. I love love it! I’m rocking the typo tee. I found that store randomly and love it! Stuff I wear irl, so I had to snag it. Hair is by taketomi. Love this sex kitten mesh shit. look at it!!! LOOK AT IT! Just love it. Anyways, hope you like this crap and enjoy the tune.



armwarmers: :[P]:-Annamalie:// Black
armor: [The Forge] Daerwen
leg armor: [The Forge] Cadeyrn leg armor (weloveRP)
chest strap: DPD – Weapons Harness III – Dark Leather
pericings: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Nose Ring – Steels
eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
scar: DPD – Facial Scar 7 *Boxed*
teeth: ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth – Blogger Pack!
pants: [The Forge] Bran Pants BlogBox.
elbow pads: ~CD~ Nyx
belt: [The Forge] Daerwen (bronze)
skin: [the Skinnery]Sasha-Bare face (honey)
top: MIEL PLAYA TOP – solid natural
tee: {Typo.} CrayCray Top { 69 }
hair: [taketomi]_Hana_Blacks (wear)



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