Beat the Devil’s tattoo

My outfit is awesome. My day is not.
So this is going to be a short post; but I need to pay credit to where it is due. First off! MESH.
Is best. But Deccan and Jali take the cake man.
Check out this beautiful headpiece?! It’s stunning, the coiled/braid wrappings and then the little buns on the side. I love that. The emblems in the center of the piece brings it to life and makes it more “royal” looking. Love it. As for The Forge. The new belt, unreal. I’m a Chola bitch at heart, so this bottle with the rag inside it. Totally won my heart over. The boots are to die for! If you’re a girl, get them, just shrink them down and wear a smaller mesh. Tis what I did. Get creative folks!!!

Warpaint: – Chary – Blurred / Tinted Lines
Septum: Cobrahive – Nose “Swirl” [piercing]
Ears: Steking EARS [MANDALA]
Warpaint: +Nuuna+ Meta makeups (M)
Leggings: ISON – leather leggings (black)
Hairbase: TRUTH MESH HAIR Hairbases – ALL
Sleeves: .:GSpot:. Cloey brown
Corset: [Etchaflesh] Leather Lilith Corset Dress BOXED
Top:MIEL PLAYA TOP – solid natural
Alpha: worn combats -rigged black
Armor: -DRD- female – armor -bluemetal
Headpiece: .:GSpot:. Maris Gacha items – review pack
Shields: [EZ] Elven Shields, Black Pack (Box).
Belt: [The Forge] Auxiliary Waist Belt, Brown (Box)
Boots: [The Forge] Wastelander Boots, Black (Box)


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