Word to your Mother.

Hey there!

I have a guest blogger today. His name is Andrew Rice. Homie from another mister. This guy is a good guy. He’s wearing some pretty nifty gear.  Check out his credits below. I love the Khali Designs tunic. It’s a good look for the simple gorean. Though, Andrew spiced it up with some fancy mesh. The scarf is by Mr. Poet. It’s something every gorean should have. The armor is by Mr. Deccan himself, which is still gorgeous.

My outfit is older. It’s by The Library. I got it from an old We ❤ roleplay event. It’s still tasteful, classic, with a hint of a sultry elegant beast look to it. I adore it! Such a beautiful shape. The chains on my head are marvelously. I love Jali’s work. She’s amazing. Check out the hair net if you can. I love love! Really gives a regal look.

Shape – Custom
Hair – [taketomi]_Willy_Black03
Scarf – Knit scarf Right_Brown/Spine – ::[ Mr.Poet ]::
Necklace – Amulet Seraphina (Long) – MG
Armor – Daerwen Gold Female Set – [The Forge]
Tunic w/ Belt – The Sentry – {KD} Khali Designs
Pants – The Sentry Pants – {KD} Khali Designs
Boots – Assassin boots (Bigger version) – Snatched
Sword on hip – Gladius Hispaniensis – Primus Weapons
Face paint – ::Helios:: – R&A Tattoos

Bangles: [The Forge] Ailida’s Bangle Left Forearm (WornBronze)
Hair: >TRUTH< Chynna – raven
Hairnet: .:GSpot:. Ghaaliyas Hairnet Gold RARE
Dress: Asia Crimson Dress – S < The Library
Ears: Ear(L) Steking EARS [MANDALA]
Head Corona: Juniper’s Corona Civica 1
Necklace: MG – Necklace – Baroque Teardrop – Long – Gold
Shield: PFC~Knight Shield 1.0 – hell

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