Hit you like a wrecking balllllll, bitch.

Quick post for the night till I can find something else more amazing.

All the sponsers out there. THANK YOU! You’re keeping me going and inspiring me to keep posting shit. I love fashion both IRL and SL… and I get bored – so I do this. SL is a game for me – but when you guys keep sending me love with all these items. I can’t help but sit in photoshop and try to come up with a beautiful picture.

The dress is something I got at we love RP. I fell in love with it. It reminded me of lord of the rings that the elves would wear, so yea… I got that shit. I matched it up with some sweet armor. Deccans beautiful gold regal pieces are the shit, but then the old school innoc had to go with it to match my dress. The boots are BOOT YOUR FACE SUPER DEADLY LOLROLLERCOPTER sex. I love them. Anyways, hope ya dig it…

Mace: [EZ] Bacurd Mace -novo2.03 (By my man himself, Deccan – Old but still amazing!)
Shoulders: [HANDverk]Scale Pauldron.gold.large/left
Shoulder armor: [Innoc] shell outer armor_F_shoulders_M [rigged](brown)
Ear cuff: [Little Tasta] Feathered Ear Cuff 3 Narcissi (FANTASY COLLECTIVE)
Armor on arm: [The Forge] Eldar Armour Upper Arm, R (Gold)
Leggings: ISON – leather leggings (black) (I know they’re my fav)
Boots: [The Forge] Wastelander Boot
Dress: Tauriel Tunic – Small (Oak) (Evies Closet – We love RP)
Hair: [taketomi]_Rola_Black04

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