& The Sun Is Shining


Todays look is all about being a gorean. I am a true Free woman in this outfit. I stumbled across this dress on a friends blog. I had to get it. I am honored that the designer was kind enough to send me some review packs. I adore this look. The simple texture, but the intricate embroidered bottom of the skirt is what catches your eye. It also has a casual royal feel to it with the style of fabric she used for the top and cover of the skirt. The necklace is from my old dear friend. Polyester! I love yummy jewelry, they’re unique and simple! They really spruce up an ole gals look. Though the season here in Castrum is not as snowy as the rest of GE Gor. I decided to put some wear a little fur cover up by Coco. The rings are by my lady herself, Jali. I love them so much, there’s a close up in the detail picture. The beautiful little jewel is from Keystone. I love! this, simple but adds a touch of class.  The beautiful pocket watch necklace is from the Forge, Deccan – as always you out do yourself. Duo loves it too!


That’s it more to come now that I’m not swamped by family and work. ❤ Cheers, bitches.

You stay classy.



Necklace1:(Yummy) Bear Charm Necklace – Gold

Rings: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl rings – Gold [Seriously, love them!]


Stole: *COCO*_FurTippet&Pearls_BlackPearls

Hair: [e] Victoria – Ravens

Dress: [Teri] Nasreen Red

Necklace2: [The Forge] Pocketwatch Necklace Blog Box

Head Jewel: [Keystone] Lynthia’s Jewels Commons



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