Everythang Gold

This outfit is gold. literally. I love everything about this gown, the shape is beautiful, the gold trim is stunning and that it is black. I got this when I was creeping her store a while back. I found it. Wore it. But forgot to blog it. I had to show it off though it’s already been done for sure. Jali is amazing with her mesh. It’s a gift so it’s free. So go and get it! The bracelets and necklace is perfect with this look. Though I must admit I did tint the coloring. I wore the new hair by Calico. I seen it on a few girls around SL and fell in love. I was going for a rather royal viking chick look. I think I succeeded. The feather shoulders and necklace is from May’s soul. The face chain as well. She always makes amazing pieces for roleplay but the best part is her pricing! Check it out ❤ Hope you all like the look.


Hair: *Calico* Mantha – Blacks
Feathers: *May’s Soul* Apache set brown
Jewlery: *May’s Soul* Leather jewelry black
Face Chain: *May’s Soul* Nose Chain doble bronze
Hair: MONS SAVAGE / Makeups – Eyeshadow Fallinlove
Gown: .Enfant Terrible. Evening Glam Gown GIFT (unpacked)
Necklace and bracelets: HAYSURIZA_Ethnic Scale Necklace(Gold)1.2
Rings: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl rings (unpacked)

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