Femme Fatale

I’m repping my hood today.

So if you know me. You will understand I’m just a cheeky little bitch. I like to fool around and have fun. Before Gor… I use to own a store and rock the fun outfits. I guess as Faust would say, I’m so edgy I shit bats.

Anyways, I’m wearing this rad crop top by Lethal. The sweet kicks are also from there. Now there is a store called Flite. I always miss their chunky sneaker/boots sale. So I was really upset to hear that I did miss out on such a sweet find. Low and behold a friend took me to this store. My good buddy Manna. She showed me their mother mary body suit, but my eyes spotted these little gems. Pure gold. Check out the detail picture. I wore their amazing beautiful cigarette leggings, leather but with a solid fabric on the knees. Which suits my battle bitch look. I’m wearing the awesome belt by DRD!! Love it. It gives me my Tank girl meets ratchet look. The belt, omg… See detail picture below. Will be released with the new gacha items that are coming up soon! I love love and adore all of them. I can’t wait to get down there and have at’er. There’s a ton of different variations. All of them would fit my role-play.  The killer bracers are from DPD. Dais Abonwood is the maker. Check out his armor. It’s probably the best. ❤ Adore it.

Quiver: PFC – Rope belt – FANTASY GACHA!!!!
Toothpick: *Blazerica* toothpick
Makeup: MONS / Makeups – Eyeshadow Baggy
Teeth: ILLMATIC :: The Perfect Teeth – Blogger Pack!
Scarf: ISON – oversized infinity scarf (black)
Shorts: !BF! Boygirl Undies (Unisex)
Hair: [e] Malia – Ravens
Belt: -DRD- bullets male (mono) [50 fucking lindens!! COME ON!! AMAZING]]
Tank: ::LC:: Nice Hair Tank black/white
Pants: ::LC:: Clarity
Shoes: ::LC:: Spice Platform Sneaker –  Black
Googles: RO – Sandstorm – WarTorn – Half.



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