Caught in the Riptide

My outfit that I randomly forgot to blog the other night. Was way too busy with rl to do anything really. Only went out on three raids. Two of them I had to TP out on -sad face-. The inner raid whore is dying.
I’m wearing a beautiful, gorgeous dress by no other Junbug. It’s perfect. I love her designs. Not only the looks she puts out for us, but the quality. If you look closely on this gown. You can see the shape of the ta-ta’s very nicely. The bum is totally emphasized and we all know how much a ratchet gal like me adores a fine booty. I guess if you’re like myself, you do somewhat believe a free woman should be covered, but the inner fashion whore inside you doesn’t always want to be covered. This dress will cover you but leave you feeling naked. It’s the perfect “Naked” dress as Carrie Bradshaw would say. Not to mention who doesn’t like to feel incredibly sexy but classy at the same time. To leave my look feeling feminine I wore the Tableau head piece. I love flowers, wreaths and anything that makes you feel glitzy. The shoulder armor is by GSPOT, which I believe is still listed on market place. The beautiful chest harness is part of the PFC Quiver. The mesh is unreal, it’s so beautiful. I love it. The axe is by LR weapons. I adore her stuff! She makes great medieval weapons. Though I can’t use it, due to the fact that I’m a free woman and the damage is either 35% (don’t want to lose the 5% difference because a sword is 40%), I still wear a lot of her stuff just for decoration! Don’t worry though. As you can see by my other hand, I’m rocking her Kronos Sword!!! So I still have my precentage. The chest plate is by GSPOT as well. It’s an old piece, again; please look on market place

That’s it folks, hope you enjoy ❤


Armor: .:GSpot Odessas Armor Pauldron LEFT 3 dark
Rings: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl Left hand silver
Nose: Cobrahive – N-Swirl (smaller)
Dress: Instant Crush in Night – M (JUNBUG COLLABOR88)
Quiver: PFC~Elven quiver (black) [RARE] (BLOGGER)
Teeth: Prim Teeth with tongue and piercing (click for resize)
Flowers: ~Tableau Vivant~  Snow Queen – flowers ( Black )
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Bardot Hair – Winter

Weapons Shown: 
Axe: LR Ishtar Great Axe sheath back 1
Sword: LR Kronos Sword


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