1-2-3 – busy as bee

I have three looks for you guys these evening and I will try my best to keep it short in sweet. In a nut shell, I went out last night, till four and worked a full 8 hours shift. I’m fucking exhausted. I’ve been working my ass off and literally so busy with RL that I’m just like SL BE EASY!
So, I haven’t stopped blogging or took a break, just life is life – BUSY AS FACK.

The first outfit I’ll talk about (but is last in the credits) is the beautiful dress from collabor. Though it’s been over blogged, I adore it and used it for my main picture. 1. I love black. 2. Lace wins all. 3. I’m a witch. Like I said, I’m rocking the new and beautiful gown by Maitreya. I love that she added the lace as an add on. So, in the future if you want that oh-so-tight fuck me dress, you have that option or the I’m-a-class-act-slut dress, you have it with the lace layer. Though I have seen some females walking about with just the lace and undies underneath. I dig that look for a slave avatar. The feathers are worn on my shoulders by May’s Soul. The beautiful tint on the feathers is what sold me. Though I did darken the piece. The pretty boa is from Bare Rose out of a different outfit back. The gorgeous bangles are by LaGyo! I adore them. Simple but still fit with my RP theme. As you can see in the background the quiver is the new Pucca Firecaster items for the gacha. Tres adore, beautiful pieces of art and mesh work to wear with your rp.
The second look is by Junbug! Oh-meh-gee! The pearl shimmer of the gown left me feeling like princess diana. I dressed it up with some fantasy Luminary’s belt that is a gold chair. I thought that would break up the open space, it’s beautiful though. A little tricky to adjust but once you get it right. It just works well. The hair is the new piece from truth. I love the braid along the front. The bun in the back leaves your look, fresh and elegant.
The third look in this post is dressed around the Sequin mermaid gown by Nylon Pinkey from the Collobar. I love Nylons hand-drawn clothing. Always have. It’s original and made by her own doodles. I love that about Nylon outfitters. The hair is by Truth, it’s my favorite. The cuffs are part of Enfant Terrible! The crown is by Gspot! I still rock this bad boy so hard. I love the chains that hang down.

Earrings: MG – Necklace – Baroque Teardrop – V1 -set-
Nose rings: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Nose Ring – Steels
Makeup:#adored – loorde liner
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Dress: *{Junbug}* Jan Collabor88
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Snow – black & whites NEW
Belt: .Luminary. Blogger Pack! – Fantasy Collective – January
Collar: Circe – Fantasy Gacha Carnivale Gacha 2 STUNNING
Head piece: ~The Library~ Skadi Headdress Blogger Pack

Dress: (NO) Sequin Mermaid Gown – Nude
Necklace: (Yummy) Pearl Whisp Set – White
Quiver: PFC~Elven quiver (white) [RARE] (BLOGGER)
Cuffs: .Enfant Terrible. rose gold cuffs bracers (unpacked)
Makeup: #adored – loorde liner
crown: .:GSpot:. Raven-Nell review pack
Hair: >TRUTH< Chynna – black & whites

bracers: LaGyo_Misaku Bangles COLLAB
Quiver: PFC~Elven quiver (black) [RARE] (BLOGGER)
Feathers: *May’s Soul* Apache set brown
Toothpick: *Blazerica* toothpick
Eyeliner: #adored – loorde liner
Eyewrap: +pe+ Warning Blind Fold
Tape: Nana my tape black
Collar: Maitreya Vintage Collar & Pearls – Black
Dress: Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown – Raven


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