Lady in Waiting

The dress. It’s all about the dress. I love love this new dress by Wolfy, it’s breathtaking. Absolutely stunning from head to toe. Duo said he was going to take me to by the book because of this dress. Which I would hate, but also adore. It’s nice to get away from combat. Though these days, I’m feeling that might be the case. I dressed up my look with accessories making the whole outfit look amaze-balls.

Let’s go through it shall we?

First off the dress is amazing. The beautiful sheer look of the fabric, the stunning ribbed siding around the middle section of the dress breaks it up, but the detailing of the stitching is what got me. Not only do you feel like a beautiful medieval princess, but it’s practical. You can dress it down or make it super fancy. That’s what I love most of it. The collar is by Gspot, I love it! Beautiful mapping again, by  Jali ❤ The flowers are from wish box. My friend Asmaria took me to that place a while back. It comes in a ton of colors but I bought white and just tint them as I go. I’m rocking the darling headpiece from the old fantasy gacha. It’s also by gspot, but the best thing is you can still get it at her store! The hair is done by magika, it’s pretty old now.

Quiver and bow – if you can see on my detailed picture there’s a screen of the bow I’m wearing? Well it’s from LR… I’m a big fan of LR, always have been. There’s a smoothness in the shooting, my aim feels steady and the fact that it cuts through lag like no other is probably another great feature and most important. I mean you can’t always stop the arrows from not showing on high-peaked raids, but besides primus and LR – I don’t trust any other bow these days. They’re always being updated and the mesh is pretty realistic and goes with the theme of my RP.


The horn on my hip. Where do I even begin on how much this baby is going to rule gor. It’s just epic. I’m a big fan of fun little bits in the middle of a raid. This is great for those who aren’t in team speak aswell. In fact, Bryan and I just finished a raid and I ruined it because I wasn’t paying attention to where he was leading us… I was just being Yoko. Queen of A.D.D and peter pan syndrome. Anyways, it has a lot of options. 1. Is you have five sounds to choose from. That’s a perk, more real tones, or bassy and dark. You can also change the colors of the horn. Then he also made it so you can change your msg. Thanks to my whimsical pals I have a very old Victorian Shakespeare style message for mine! TAA DA! It will be avabile at the February 2nd Fantasy Gacha. Not to mention the fact that he also made it so that you can use it in combat. They come with premade gestures so you just have to his you’re F3 or F4 key… makes it quicker and easier in a raid.

Let’s take a look at yesterdays more detail pictures. I guess the post I worked on all day was the wrong one. So let me do a recap, if ya don’t mind.

Just take a look at both awesome items.

1. Jali’s crown mesh staff! I wanted to give you a clear picture of how well the staff was done <3!

2. The shield made by Damon! Unreal… beautiful sharp lines. Mapping of the shadows are perfect, not to mention the rustic feel. I love it.

HORN <3!!!: Primus X Raid Horn 1.2 (female) FANTASY GACHA!

Headpiece: [Keystone] Bondmaiden’s headpiece Review copy

Dress: ! Cellar Door Ersa Red << Amazing

Bracelets1: A&Ana F.J. Passion Fruit Gold Bracelet

Bracelets2: MG – Bangles – Damasc – GOLD

Make up: MONS SAVAGE / Makeups – Eyeshadow Fallinlove

Headpiece: .:GSpot:. Headdress GACHA review pack

Flowers: [Wishbox] Rose Crown (Champagne) Boxed

Hair: Magika [01] Wait

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