This outfit was inspired by my bow. My dearest friend, my little Shakespeare. The man who consumes my mornings with poetic rhymes and is such a beautiful soul. Out of all the people in this game I have met, he is one person I am so happy to have gotten connected with. Lotus Sommer is a huge fan of LR. He pretty much owns 90% of the store. The other day he wanted me to help him pick out weapons. It was a struggle because he owned most of them. The dear man ended up getting me weapons as well. He bought me a bow that he thought I would like, sword and spear. Fucking guy. God… Just can’t accept my ‘no thank you’ and had to get them for me. Anyways. This one bow he picked out for me, said it was perfect… was indeed just that. Perfect. The shape of the arch, the beautiful parting at the ends, the realistic shading! Plus, I’m a huge fan of LR and Primus bows… I rely on the so much; that it was a perfect gift. It looked very primitive with the redish hue tint to it. So I wore Gspots Wine gown top. I love the shoulders and how they fall off the shoulders. The pattern on the breast of the shirt reminds me of something from Game of Thrones. The skirt is by Cellar Door that I got from the last Fantasy Collective. Which is by the was a new round that is currently open. Yes, get there and get the goods. I’m actually wearing a necklace from that event. I love it, went with the other necklace that I doubled up on which is in the Fantasy Gacha (That too is opening up in weeks to come!! Get ready to spend those lindens). The one that from the gacha is the beaded looking on – it’s by Lost Haven. See add for all the other colors you can possible win. I adore it! Looks stunning. That’s it! I’m beat!

Circlet: .Luminary. Perdita Chain Circlet – Gold (FANTASY COLLECTIVE)

Bracelets: A&Ana F.J. Passion Fruit Gold Bracelet

Bangles: MG – Bangles – Damasc – GOLD


Arm Bands: HAYSURIZA_Ethnic Scale Necklace(Gold)1.2

Makeup: MONS SAVAGE / Makeups – Eyeshadow Fallinlove

Skirt: ! Cellar Door TFC Avari Guardian of the Woods

Top: .:GSpot:. Eleanors Garb Wine

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Mina – black & whites

Necklace: .::DD::. Fantasy Collective Blogger Pack (FANTASY COLLECTIVE!!!)

Necklace2: [LH] Sheridan Necklace – RARE – Pearls Galore – Gold for blog (FANTASY GACHA)

Bow: !LR Bow of Saikan [Elite] (box) v4.03



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