Heaven and Hell

I have been so busy with blogging the Gacha and trying to keep up with all the amazing stuff you guys are sending me. I’m pretty much playing catch-up. I’m wearing a dress I bought at the enchantment. It’s by Miamai. It’s adorable. It also comes with a little hood in the back. I love it. The smooth fabrics and great detail to the mesh hem line. Love love. The adorable wrist straps are by my girl Enfant. I adore her work so much. She is such an inspiration in the accessories and mesh/mapping world. Look at it. It’s stunning. I’m wearing the darling stole by lethal. It’s a bit too round for me, so I added some fur, but over all the gold chain and the detail to shadowing on the textures made me fall in love. It’s rigged so that’s another great thing about it. The hair is new and by truth. The quiver on my back is from a new bow which I will blog later tonight by LR Weapons – Included in the Hazel bow.

Fancy as fuck.

Wrists: .Enfant Terrible. Candle light dinner – Gold
Necklace: .Enfant Terrible. Candle light dinner -gold
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Yelena – black & whites
Dress: Miamai_BlanchetteRed_Enchanted
Shoulders: [HANDverk]Scale Pauldron.gold
Stole: Lethal – Eternity Minx


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