The world of SL has been taking a toll on the real life. I guess now that we are prepping the big move to the west coast and I am off work; there’s so much time for activities. I’ve been blogging like three or four outfits once a week in one post. I really need to cut that shit out. Though, what I have noticed is I’ve lost my drive and imagination to combine pieces and make a beautiful Free Woman look. I’ve been so busy trying to compete that I’m tired of it. Really, it’s played out. SLAYED OUT. Anyways, enough of my Ebonics. I’ve started doing some things with my slave. It’s also a lot of fun trying to down people with less damage. Though I will not bow down to a blow dart. Fuck that shit. I hate hate blow darts. Only when a nigga is red will I stoop to that level. This post goes out to all the adorable slaves who want to be cute and fun.

I was roaming around updating my slaves look. Her shape, hair, skin, etc. I refuse to wear a mesh butt or a pair of mesh tits. Been there, done that. I’ve gone to the SL default look.
So I went down to the arcade and had me a blast. I found a ton of stuff that I love!! One being the adorable pugs. I spent a ton there. I wanted all the little stuffy. There was so much good items and the rares were well worth the money. I love love the enfant terrible hats. Jali is amazing and continues to grow as a designer and daring mesh creator. Her mapping and shading on all of her mesh so crisp and clean. I love all the hats she made and just had to win all the hats. Check out the detailed picture so you can see all the different types of styles this woman made. Not only did she make a ton of different styles, you can see with each hat she didn’t slack on them. All of the hats are unique and an individual piece. I seriously am honored to know such a wonderful person. She’s such a hardworker!

The first post. The CHOLA SWAG of Gor just came out of me. I don’t know what happened, but I just decided – fuck this. I’m going to dress how I feel like it. I found this adorable jacket. I love love it. Got all three kinds. I also found these sweet old 90’s vintage crop top shirts. I bought a ton of those. Check out the stores that are listed in the detail section. I promise one day I will make slurls for you guys. Just IM me if you can’t find the store.
The slingshot that I’m rocking is by my nigga Thord. Primus weapons is a veteran to us gorean GM meter wearing summabitches. Again, he takes it to a whole new level. I adore the antlers and the little mesh pocket for the rocks to go when you’re shooting it. It’s so well detailed and stunning to wear on a sheath. I love wearing sheaths, but when the look as stunning and realistic as this; you wanna rock it all the time. Not to mention the customization you get with this little gem. If you type in the command you can switch it from black to brown. Which gives you the Ozzy osborne I shit bats look or the Tree loving hippie look. Which is what I am – Both rocker chic and kale eating slugger.
Hope you like this first slave post ❤

Shirt: 1992 // 90’s Crop (Kelly Kapowski)
Collar: [Forge] Steel Collar – 3.501 (Box)
Hair: Exile::Precious Naturals
Tattoo: elska – I’m Not a Hipster
Panties: *L.inc* Kari G String Nude
Horn: Primus X Raid Horn 1.2 (silver – female)
Slingshot: Primus Sabik Slingshot 5.5 [apex]
Eyeliner: #adored – vampy liner
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long
Eyeliner2: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.02
Mouth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Dog: .Birdy. Puggly {Bunny} [BOX] RARE GACHA ARCADE
HEadpiece: .Enfant Terrible. Hairband from Tokyo – Harajuku ARCADE GACHA

Most was listed in the first detailed description
Dog: .Birdy. Puggly {Bunny} [BOX] RARE ARCADE
Cuffs: *BOOM* Fearless Wrist and Ankle Cuff Bangles (pitch)
Tattoo: elska – I’m Not a Hipster
Jacket: [monso] My Oversize Bomber – Black
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Mimi” (Type B)(Onyx)

Sling shot: Primus Sabik Slingshot 5.5 [apex]




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