LOTD – Slave shit.

Tonight’s look is a cute one again. Slaves are the funniest to dress up. A lot of the pieces are mixed from old outfits that I have accumulated over the years of playing in gor. Actually, just this week I sorted silks I had from like, 2007. It was awful, but fun to back track those old classic golden outlined black flexi silks.
So for tonight’s look I’m rocking mainly the old outfit from Gspot, which I am sure is still on the marketplace. It’s called extremely coy, even though the rustic mayan look is less than coy. The outfit comes with an amazing decorative shield. I loved the outfit, as you can tell I still wear pieces or the outfit today. The bottoms and cuffs are from that set. The necklace is an Aztec necklace by May’s Soul. The adorable chain necklace that drapes over my plentiful slave mounds. The tattoos on my knees are little tribal suns which also go with the pretty little Gspot outfit. Then I put on the gorgeous crown that was by Aisling at the Fantasy Gacha this round. I adore it so much. It shows leaves and sticks; which represent the seasons. It’s got this shinning orb in the middle of it which I thought made the look great for an fantasy rp, not just gor. Elves, fawns, any woodland type of character. The darling tiki mask is from the arcade. I love love it. It’s by Remarkable Oblivion. I love his work. It’s amazing, so well detailed and texture. Stunning, amazing design this man is. Anyways all of his masks are really nice. Plus the other little add-ons that come in the gacha. The belt is by Pucca firecaster, amazing stuff as well for the role of gorean god. The raider belts and quivers are perfect for your outfit in gor. Makes it more realistic. The slingshot on my thigh is by my man Thord. Thank you.

Arm bands and ankles: .:GSpot:. Extremely Coy
Panties: .:GSpot:. Extremely Coy
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long
Collar: [Forge] Steel Collar – 3.501 (Box)
Warpaint: +Nuuna+ Meta makeups (F)
Belt: PFC~Role Belt – Druid (brown)
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Sirena – HUD.2
Crown: .aisling. GAIA – Seasons Crown (ULTRA RARE)
Lamb: Birdy/Alchemy – Spring Babes – Lamb – Chocolate [BOX]
Tiki Mask: RO – Eidolon Mask
Necklace and Chain: May’s Soul


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