The little German Girl

For my look of the night I pulled out an old dress I didn’t blog yet because it came out at the enchanted event and it was overload. I wanted to give my spiel on it. 1. Because Junbug is the best gown maker in all of Second Life. Her unique designs, her willingness to go above in beyond by her daring silhouettes of her gowns. I adore her outfits so much. She’s a wonderful sweet woman as well, so spending dollars on her designs is well worth it. She has always been so helpful when I’ve had an issue and is so positive mannered. I adore her. Look at the corset around my girls waist. The shading and the ribbon texture is so bold and crisp. Just stunning. I’m wearing her dress and she does have a longer version if you weren’t into this style, but I wanted to show off the new shoes by Aisling in the new We ❤ Rp event. I love that in each purchase you have the option of three different tones and you can also change the laces by using the special handy HUD that is including. There is nothing more than buying a pair of adorable shoes for 188 and it gives you pre-made 3 options. The darling apple bracelets are by the best accessory maker – Enfant Terrible. I didn’t give her enough credit in my last post, because I wasn’t wearing these little manja manja apples! They also look good on the ankles. I changed them on my slave character so that I can look like a little scavenger of the woods, finding the tasty fruits/veggies for my Free! TAAA-DAAA. Also if you look at my detailed photo you will see my weapons. The quiver is from an LR Bow – The sword is also LR. Lately I’ve been on a Primus and LR weapons kick. I don’t know why, but the amount of new mesh and creative style of the weapons are just making me super happy! The sword is old, very old. That should show you how much I adore LR weapons. Gladius of Sin is the name of the sword I’m wearing, but the look I’m wearing was calling the sheath of that sword. It went well! Plus for melee damage I adore LR quick draw and always trusting swings. -claps-.

This is my second look. The darkest soul of Gor. Lately I’ve been in a funk. I remember coming home from work and being thrilled to raid with people. Fighting against my friends ended in laughter. Running along friends that I knew I could count on and trust. These days there’s so much betrayal and jealously that it’s just boring. Hence the 3 different looks in one evening. I’m pretty much killing time by watching movies and dressing up my character. The darling dress is by the Library. It’s from an old we ❤ rp. The beautiful dress has this long sexy collar in the wrong, which made Jalis beautiful chained necklace pop. The beautiful plated shoulder armor that is pure gold – not just be design and texture, but behind the maker – JALI IS PURE GOLD. The beautiful bracers are by Deccan, my next best mesh creator in second life. From his bracers, armor to his collars. They’re all stunning. MAYS SOUL! Wow, this crown. Is divine. How I love the look of it. The rustic gold appearance, suits my rp.  I love it. Great job. The Druidical Klaive that is hanging on my sheath is the newest item from LR weapons. Bravo, the mesh and textures are truly perfect. My friends and I went to the arcade and jumped on this Tiki/Mayan/Mamba look which is sad, cause we’re not Mambas, but I guess it’s all for looks these days than actual rp. Anyways, this would great with any slave, woodsmen, or simple RP character. It’s great. The Shield is a custom item that my wonderful SL family has given me. It’s an honor to know those beautiful people. I’m truly happy to be with them. A wonderful girl who is such a hardworking little designer in SL – Amyee Monk created the mesh and designed the emblem she also made for strictly the families name. So if you’re interested in custom shields/banners please feel free to contact her. As I do believe she is still doing custom work.

Bracer: [The Forge] Viking Bracer Left, (Gold) Rare
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Sirena (XLong)(Backless)(Rigged)
HEadpiece: .random.Matter. – Keelhauled – Head Chain – Gold
Crown: Mays Soul -Midgard crow gold rust
Dress:~The Library~ Jessica Collar S-Black
Skin: [theSkinnery]Angie-Bare face(mocca) BB CL2
Amor Necklace: .Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor – Gold

!LR Druidical Klaive (box) v2.21
!LR Valhalla Spear (box) v2.16
Shield Custom – By Amyee Monk


Skin: *League* Skin Aria Bronze -Natural < New <3!
Shoes: . a i s l i n g . Tess Orty -Natural- (wearme) < WE LOVE RP
Hair: Clawtooth: Girl Trouble prize 1 < From my great friend Imogen <3!!
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Raven
Dress: *{Junbug}* Blogger Mail Welcome + Enchantment Items! [Rez me] (
Bracelets/Horns: .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Gacha
Hairband: .Enfant Terrible. Enchantment –

Primus Maven Bow 1.43 [p5]
PFC~Knight Shield 1.0 (box)
Gladius of Sin (box) v2.21



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