So many looks in one small post. The adorable outfits of being a bwoss ass bitch or just a plain doe. Doe meaning you’re boyish and coy. Yet still bold and fierce enough to show your sassy side. I’ve always been a fan of steam-punk meets rocker chic. I don’t know. It’s something I’ve always been fond of. Though most of the time when a female dresses like this, it gets old because most girls in this GE theme are so bad ass, they aren’t taken seriously. So, sometimes – I’ll go fancy nah, or sometimes I’ll be boyish chic.

The first look that is in my main picture is a look of steel. The wonderful steel I hold is a new blade made by LR Weapons. I love the Orcrist Sword. It’s stunning. The delicate Elvin pattern across the steel, the wooden handle which has some detailed bone at the end of it. It’s beautiful. I’m going to do a weapons post soon, but I wanted to boost about how well the mesh and textures are. It’s worth the 600L and to have it first was a real joy. It’s something rare these days. The darling bolo tie is by Ison! They’re so good, I love the detail and the darling gold tips. It’s so realistic and stunning – worth all of them. I won an eagle, bull and a deer! Three different tones. Get it at the Arcade Gacha. The boots are from a great store called + Deer + by -Sidofox Zsun. If you like it please see on marketplace because that’s where I got them. So well defined and well made – it also comes with a HUD. Which is worth it for me to spend the lindens, because it comes with tons of tones so you can wear them again and again. The hair is by ploom which is really old, but still a favorite. Don’t forget about those old classics guys! The armor is by the wonderful PFC, which is still for sale at the We ❤ RP. The bracers are from an old gacha machine at the forge mainstore!! So good. Let us not forget the shirt that I’m wearing with my mesh tits. Fuck. I can’t believe I’m rocking mesh tits. They’re from Plastik. IF you really want to wear something that is sexy and gorean, the corsets look amazing with the lolas. She does an amazing job and the fact the woman continues to make 2938928 tones for each set, really makes it hard not to buy a rainbow.

Second look is my cutesy outfit. It’s a bunch of old stuff I threw on at random. The beautiful shirt is from villena. I really like that store. It is a bit hipster but it’s more my style. I love the pure evil pussy cat top but I bought all the other ones too. Fresh prince, bandana shirt, much more check it out. Great mesh and mapping. The Skirt is by Blokc. I love the uneven skirt hem. It’s stunning. I’m also wearing league garters. I finally got them, cave in and I’m happy I did. I bought the fat pack and I feel everyone should do the same, it’s worth it. So many colors and tones. The boots are from the fantasy gacha. I love them so much and never had a chance to put them up on my blog when the raving bloggers were booming about TFG. I adore the smooth textures, the fancy laces and not to mention her mesh socks. The high and low of it really brings my look to life. -claps-

The third look is an awesome bag that I bought from the chapter four event. It’s by Anemysk Karu. Love it. I think the owl on the flap was a cute touch. Then I’m wearing the awesome top by Plastik, as you can see it also comes with lolas appliers. I love the leather boho look. It’s a great shirt, with the fringe and the beads. That’s what really sold me to buy this shirt. Then I’m wearing a fur vest that my friend sommer bought me! I love it. It’s very natural looking and the mesh rolling fur that outlines my chest and waist makes my look more feminine.





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