Hey there all my lovely followers and friends. 

I am truly sorry to not have posted the actual message of my departure. Well you see life back home was boring and dull. A gal likes me likes adventures and sunshine. Well I’ve packed everything I owned and headed on a jet plane to the land of the west. It’s beautiful here in British Columbia. We got the barleys out and the rad skinny jeans with patched up vests. All I have to say is I will be back shortly, I’m not sure how long it will take me find a place that feels like home for myself. Right now, job scouting and enjoying time with my dad whom I haven’t seen in a year. So, to all the groups, events, designers that are allowing me to blog for you. It’s up to you. I really enjoy making pictures on SL and helping you all with promoting your product because lets face it, sharing is caring. I will be back within a month. Don’t forget about me gang! 


Mucho love,

From skid row valley – Kenzie Mutha Fucking Craven

❤ Miss you Duo