Pretty gal fly gal shyt

That girl your honey is sweet, that’s why I’m trying to be everything you need
Just imagine the magic that we could make beneath the sheets
Just imagine everything you need inside of me, will make the widows peak

Let’s make these bed sheets filled like the passion
The passion I got to give; trust me is everlasting


Ivory details


This look of today is a combination of all the new events that have been going on for a week now. The corset is what started the look and its new in the recent event over at The secret Affair. It’s fucking gorgeous. The options that she gives you is pretty rad as well. There’s so many different styles to this corset. So, for instance, you have either a sleeveless verion, a cropped version and a full version which has some pretty puffy sleeves on the side of the corset. I can see all the little bonds/slaves rocking this look. I threw it on my Free girl because I thought I’d show you it’s great for both female roles. See the lower photo for all the different tones you can pick from. It’s unreal. Which makes it difficult for one to try and purchase only a few colors. The mesh work is very intricate. I adore all the little detail she put into it. The pants are old and are from Ryvolter. I’m having a hard time finding some gorean/medieval themed mesh pants. The darling beautiful stole is from T.Whore. A great little addition to the look. The necklace and shoes are by Aisling. The shoes were from an older We ❤ RP event, but are at their main store. The necklace however is currently new and is over at the new Jewelry Event! So take a stop over there. Oodles upon oodles of good stuff! Another look that is from the Secret Affair, my girl Imogen (swaggor blogger) had already did the dress, so I thought I’d rock the pretty armor and crown she mad. It’s perfect. Truly something else! I love the textured detail and the shading on these mesh pieces. The dangling chains deffiantly make my look pop as well.


teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Ice
Hair; Lamb. Halo – Variety Pack
Stole *T.Whore* – Sexy Fur Stole Wild MESH
Pants: .: ryvolter :. Armour Panel Leggings – Ivory
Shoes: . a i s l i n g . Tess Orty -Natural- (wearme)
Nose Chains: .Keystone. Whyt – [Box] – Jewelry Fair
Sleeveless Corset: :[P]:- Kaelys Corset:// Laced – The Secret Affair
Headpiece, shoulders arms: Lau’s Set – Corina – The Secret Affair
Crown: WAYNE – Crown / Silver – The Secret Affair

Shield: PFC~Fleur de Lis (iron) (sheath)
Bow: Chakra Bow Draw [Elite] v4.04 w/ Quiver



Kaelys Previewer

So Much to Choose From!!!!



If you see by this picture, we got a few weapons on display.

First off, this shield by PFC is my favorite. Hands down. I hadn’t really looked into it. He changed the shield sound which is something I first noticed and loved about the shield. PFC, isn’t new to the business of shield making. Just the fact that the shielding noise is different from most competitors makes me think this guy is pushing the limits. I didn’t Photoshop this photo so you can tell by the detail and shading Pucca put into this shield!

The bow is also new, which is from LR Weapons, it’s the Charkra bow and is currently posted up at We ❤ RP! Check it out! I loved the simplicity of this bow. I also sported the quiver as an additional piece to my look.


My Favorite WEapons


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