Dark Horse



I can’t hear you
You’re talking to yourself
And what you’re used to
It don’t work on no one else

I’m gonna teach you
And keep you for myself
Gonna take you by the hand
And walk you to my house
So I can hear you

I wanna hear you

This look is a tricky one, because I made the look on my free but at the same time I’ve been told many times I need to put a shirt on beneath. So if you can find a textured layer bandeau or tank top, I would recomend that. For this look, I rocked the shit out of the new mesh armor made by Death Row Designs. She’s an amazing designer. Her work is beautiful, but most of it is geared for a post-apocalypse grungy style. Which isn’t bad, but for us Gorean. We’re not allowed most of the stuff that I found at her store. If you also RP else where or you RP that genre than please do check her out. She’s a great designer, very innovate. As you can tell by the armor, she put a lot of detail and effort into it. The intracate design is stunning. It’s very delicate but the dark one was very ominious, so I thought it would fit my look perfectly. The collar is from the old Collabor88! I loved that slinky gown it went with, but for this look it added that chic appeal I was going for. The beautiful sleeves and skirt is new from Peqe. The hair is from Homeage and I don’t care what anyone says, they have the best hair base and ideas of hair. It’s really nice to see unique styles in this game because less face it. Half of the stuff you see on blogs are so played out. So, it’s a breath of fresh air for me to shop at their store. The flowers and pearls around my head are older too, but they still went with the collar I’m wearing. They had a ton of colours, so again another great buy because it goes with anything. The  toe wraps are by Keystone which is a new item from Amyee. I adore, simply yet so sleek! they are currently for sale at the newest round of Totally Top Shelf!

The Secret affair is where you can find these latest and fab items it will be opening tomorrow! So everyone get those lindens ready!! I’m super excited for them and I know all of you will love this Event. It’s based on Edgar Allen Poe – The Raven!


Skin: [theSkinnery] Marni 9 (toffee) RARE
Eyebrows: [theSkinnery] Marni Brows 7
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Ice
Hair: HOMAGE — Poison : Essentials (unpacked)
Moles: Just Magnetized – Visage Beauty Marks set 08

Skirt: & Sleeves: Peqe – The Raven Skirt_Black – The Secret Affair
Armor: -DRD- melancholy armor – The Secret Affair
Toe Wraps: .Keystone. Toe Wraps – SLINK MID! – Totally Top Shelf
Headpiece: Glam Affair – Bohemian Romance Black
Collar: Maitreya Vintage Collar & Pearls – Black
Rings: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl rings – Silver



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