Cherry Blossom

who is that girl


In role play I’ve been surrounded by a bunch of pani’s a few weeks ago. So I’ve been transforming my own rp into a little geisha slut. I’ve never really read about pani’s but it is sure to dress up as one. I do know, I’m not a contract woman. I’m a slave at heart. So… forgive me if I have it all wrong.

My friend had teleported me to the new event that all pretty much kawaii, Japanese based clothing, Japanese cultured items. I fucking fell in love. I’m Japanese and half black irl. So this really took a hold of me. I dropped probably like 10k and I’m still going back to get items. The best items I thought I would share  are here in my picture. Thank you Kenzo Gateaux and his team for putting on such an amazing event! Xiasumi School Festival is where most of my items are from. << That’s the link to their website.

First off, I got a shield that is currently in this round of the fantasy gacha carnival. Thank you Kioko! You’re amazing. It’s fucking suberb! Check out the beautiful detail and the wonderful little Asian style add-ons. The fan really catches you eyes. It’s not just the fan, but also the rugged style weapons attached. I adore her new Aztec shields that are at the gacha. I posted a photo on my last post of all the ones you could win. The robe is by MelonBunny. Which is currently at the Xiasumi festival. I adore her piece it’s fucking gorgeous, you can wear an under robe if you’re a free woman/contract woman, but I’m a slave so I left it open. It also comes with the traditional bustle in the front or back, but again… I left it to be more bare and open. Maybe next time! The eyes are at the festival as well. It’s the new Clemmm set of eyes! I put both on, they’re listened. The Choker, hair bow and necklace is from Mandala which I’m happy they made the traditional style prints on their bows. Fucking adorable. The claws I’m wearing are by Sigi of iQed!! Ugh she’s amazing with her mesh and textures. I really like them because in rp I use them a lot for unbinding or cut off peoples weapons that are strapped tot hem!! great addition!

Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Cinnia [Brows 1] Nordic
Eyes: Clemmm – Tender Hazel/Eggshell
Hair: .Olive. the Little Hair Buns
Eyeliner: #adored – go-to liners
Eyebrows: ::LustRage:: Mariko Brow & Tattoo BOX
Hair: .Olive. the Roo Hair – HUD 1

Hair Sticks: *May’s Soul* Loto hair stick gold
Headband and Choker: [MANDALA]OBI-BOW(Kabuki-RED) Wear ME!
Stick and Necklace: [MANDALA]SHIPPOAH Jewelry set -RED (wear ME to unpack!)
Flower: [MANDALA]Miyabi-corsage-(Red)wear me!
Robe: {MB} Furisode Robe Mameha
Sakura: {MB} Obi Aka Sakura
Claws: ieQED MRF.blogger
Collar: .Pekka. Thick chain collar – Gold
Bangles: [The Forge] Gypsy Braclets (Gold)

Weapons: =Kio= Aztec Shield – Asian

lovely in lace

For this look I got the new free hair which is from Little Bones. I’m wearing the texture that comes with the hair on first add-on. I love the tone! It’s a beautiful ombre affect, which she nailed. The garters are from Boom that I picked up at the last big show event. The head piece is new and it’s from the fantasy gacha as well. Thank you!! Isn’t it darling! I love that she is so OCD and makes her head pieces to perfection. It comes with in different tones so you can also get gold if you want. The last outfit is new from the Uber event! I love erratic. She’s amazing with her textures and mesh as well. Like look at this out! It’s gorgeous thanks to her. The bracelets are new as well from Iqed. I adore them. It’s like a simple buddah style wooden bracelets. These too come with a hud to switch up the tones, styles that you want to rock. The necklace and collar I bought over at the mainstore at Random Matter! Fucking love that girls stuff!

Makeup: Go & See * Metalic 2 * Black
Hair: little bones. Feline – FULL GIFT – GROUP GIFT
Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Cinnia [Brows 1] Nordic
Eyes: Clemmm – Tender Hazel/Eggshell
Hair: .Olive. the Little Hair Buns
Eyeliner: #adored – go-to liners
Eyebrows: ::LustRage:: Mariko Brow & Tattoo BOX
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur

Necklace: .random.Matter. – Amory Necklace – Black
Septum: .random.Matter. – Cthulhu Septum – Black
Collar: .random.Matter. – Nagini Collar – V2
Corset: erratic / alexis – corset / nude
Lingerie: erratic / giselle – lingerie / black
Claws: ieQED claw.ring.silver.left [#TheMeshProject .relaxed.40]
Garter: *BOOM* Noony Garter Set (pitch)
Headpiece: .Pekka. Maxi headdress gacha RARES – FANTASY GACHA
Braclets: ieQED harrison.bracelet.all – WE ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Grey Rat
Bangles: [The Forge] Ailida’s Bangles (Black) (Box)
Ring: .random.Matter. – Ariadne Ring – Black

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