On behalf of Brigand and the Council of our homestead, we are asking you to bring forth thy slaves and arrows.
For on the eve of December 9th we shall dine and dash.


We want to give a big huge thank you to our Sponsors.

Deccan Arida of The Forge and Ez Weapons

Pucca Firecaster of Pucca Firecaster Creations

Thank you so much for lending us a hand and making our first even a big bang. We follow your movement, we support you as much as you support us. Most of all, we thank you! Thank you all for your time and generosity Deccan & Pucca!

Slave Run: It’s where a bunch of a girls will be on the sim, at one single point spread out in the sim.
The men will be at a spawn point. There will be cages spread throughout the sim. I’ll be putting a color on top of your cage and the captor will wear the color corresponding the cage color. You basically just run around the sim and once you’ve fond a girl you done them, bind them, bring them back to your cage.

Objection: The person who will win the prize win’s whatever girl {whoever he caught in his cage} the way for the rest of the nights RP and whatever prize we decide to give out, could be lindens or an items – you shall wait and see πŸ™‚

Slaves cannot fight back – sorry I know that’s boring, but we’re keeping this old gor.
Men can use bow and sword.

***** PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR MINI MAP! ************
1. Whomever you down you have to bind and drag yourself back to the cage.
2. You cannot gesture bind – detailed bindings only
/me lean down to Jessica and took up her arms behind her back, looping the rope into a figure eight
/me she then tied another knot around her ankles with another fashioned knot
/me she then secured a knot around her binds bring her to the caged area.

3. Once the run is done we will count to see how has the most slaves in their cages, whom ever has the most takes home the girl and the prize. Whom ever has the second highest will take the runner up prize.

If lets say APPLE has ORANGES girl, well ORANGE could dual APPLE for that girl that he had captured! Who ever wins, gets the girl but not the prize

There will be a feast after words where you all can come and rp your winning slave! Seek congratulations from all the spectators! As well as enjoy good company and entertainment.

Thanks for your time, hope to see you all there.



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