We’re back to playing


I’m just abusive by nature, not cause I hate ya
Not cause I wanna get someone to imitate ya
I know it’s hard, I know I intimidate ya
But is you stayin’ or goin’?
I couldn’t breathe and you ain’t even know it
How come you never show it?
All this love you speak of
All I want is to love and be loved
To love and be loved
We’re back to playing the crying game


This post is pretty much a mixture of We Love RP and The Secret Affair. First off a big hat tip to the all the designers. THIS ROUND WAS AMAZING! You guys put so much work into. A great selection for both men and women! I am so honored and grateful I have a chance to blog for you guys!
The Secret Affair

Thank you!




In this outfit I’m wearing the outfit that was made by Zenith. I thought I’d make it a bit more seductive by leaving out her nipple tassels (which are very fucking cute.) so I wore the corset and the head piece that comes with the outfit. They’re sold separate so if you’re limited on funds or just want either or – you can. The best thing about it, is it shapes the mesh body perfectly. There is so many different tones to choice from (well not really) but tones that I really like. The head piece also comes with this like rigged chain, with has many different chains that dangle. TWO CHAINS NIGGA, but forreal. It’s a really lovely piece. The different tones and textures are perfect. She really did well, but we should expect nothing but the best from Zenith, right? The hair is new and is at the TSA. It’s done by Little bones, called Haute. I’m wearing the black and white version. I adore that she made the scalp hud. Her textures are so perfect it’s retarded. Between the sheen to the depth of tones in the hair texture, it’s just bravo. That’s all I can say. The side arm decor is from DRD which was in an old event. I love love them.

The dark hermit
Hair: little bones. Haute – B&W (unpacked)
Rest as listed below

Collar: .Pekka. Ring collar – gold
Headdress: =Zenith=Vegan Faux Horn Headdress (Black) – The Secret Affair
Corset: =Zenith=Leather Corset (Black) S – The Secret Affair
Head Decor: [CX] Lucifer’s Halo (Onyx) Box (WEAR) (unpacked)
Septum: (Yummy) Lotus – Gold (Septum)
Cuffs: Goth1c0: Samantha Bracelet – Black w gold
Ankle cuffs: . a i s l i n g . Grid Cuffs
Armor Side arms: -DRD- melancholy armor BLOGPACK The Secret Affair


Though this corset is not in TSA, the head dress sure is. Junbug always out does herself. Seriously if you didn’t get on this outfit, then you’re missing out. You could call it a jumper and if you’re more modest than I am, just slap on an undershirt or a bra. I’m a dirty slut and I don’t care. This jumper/corset is meant to be worn like a true burlesque, dirty thirty brothel queen! I love love it! The textures, pattern around the waist. It’s just perfect.

The necklace is new and it’s over at the seasons story, by The Forge. I blogged it the other day with one of my looks, but I thought I’d make it more apparently. See all the small detail he put into his work, the texturing and darling gem around the middle of the ornament. It’s just beautiful.

The head piece is the bomb. Aisling is hands down my favorite designer as of yet to make the most creative, most elaborate designs/headpieces/crowns and so forth. I really want to say – “KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING CAUSE YOU’RE MAKING ME GUSH”. They’re work from top to bottom is impeccable. Just the textures alone are worth faving about, but they incorporated a hud that gives you a bit of customizing which is the chain material. I do however would like to say, I wish we could have changed the flower textures like they have allowed us to do so before. The other headpiece I added to go with junbugs corset is another head piece that was at the seasons story – un Jour. I use to buy a lot of her stuff years ago, i didn’t even know she still was around and making her fabulous headpieces. They’re gorgeous!

Old Country
Hair: .Olive. the Delilah Hair – HUD 1
Beauty Marks: Just Magnetized – Visage Beauty Marks set 08
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Makeup: #adored – loorde liner
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Hairbase: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK
Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Maarja [v2] Nordic

Headpiece2: un Jour_*fairy dance head acc*OR – TSS
Headpiece Main: .aisling. TSA -Savage Winter & Lyall- The Secret Affair
Corset: *{Junbug}* Betty’s Boudoir [Vintage Floral Unicorn]
Necklace: [The Forge] The Promise Necklace – Rose Gold – TSS
Septum: (Yummy) Lotus – Gold (Septum)
Nipples: [twee.] – Aphrodisia – Rings – Change Texture myself
Bangles: [} Jasha {] Tahta Bracelets – Gold
Cuffs: ~subOrdination~ by Soedara Rogue Sirik Cuffs {Gold}

fancy formal slave

I love this dress, Laus really out did herself. The print on the skirt makes it pop and more unique than most, the gold cage top gives it the modern feel us girls who are fashion whores irl love. I adore that she gave us a HUD and we can change the metals. This outfit, look – her set, etc… will be a gacha, so get those lindens ready.

The necklace I’m wearing is currently at the secret affair and The Forge created it! It’s so perfect, so delicate! The dangles across the eyes are included in his set. They’re just the right bit of jewelry a girl needs to spice of her outfit. Again it comes in many metal tones for your hearts desires. Way to go Deccan! Another great item under your belt.

The shoulder pads are taken from Plastiks item in TSA. I love love them! They’re simple, yet not so simple. The beautiful textures and depths with the realism she put into her textures is fab. It comes with a corset and collar to boot, but right now I just thought I’d wear the shoulder pads! I’ll blog more of the looks later!

The crown is from
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Celestia – Basics (unpacked)
Hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoos 2 – FAT PACK

Collar: .Pekka. Ring collar – gold
Armor: :[P]:-Blogpack:// The Iktharus Armor – The Secret Affair
Necklace/Eyes: [The Forge] Rosana Jewelry – gold- The Secret Affair
Headpiece/Crown: ALEGRIA Valindra’s Crown – Gold- The Secret Affair
Dress/Cuffs: Luas Quala Dress with Hud RARE- The Secret Affair

For this look I’m rocking some sweet stuff, it’s a good combo of old and new.

First off the New delh head piece by the Aisling crew is just dope. It’s simple, elegant – as Coco Chanel we say “Tres Chic?” maybe not, but whatever. The head piece comes with two different stlyes, so gold and silver tones but also different strings that would dangle.

The check necklace/plate is from Pure poison! I love it! it’s gorgeous and is up for sale at the secret affair! Get it ladies.
Lydius Slave Of The Port City
Hair: ISON – Leighton
Rest is all the same as above

Harness: [The Forge] Strapped Harnesst, Brown, Female (Box).
Stole: .: ryvolter :. Maxine Shoulder Stole – Brown
Headpiece: .aisling. Delh copies – The Secret Affair
Collar: .Pekka. Ring collar – gold
Headpiece: =Zenith=Druid Wood Crown – RARE
Septum: (Yummy) Lotus – Gold (Septum)
Nipplerings: [twee.] – Aphrodisia – Door-Knocker – S – NS
Skirt: =Zenith=Druid Long Dress – GACHA
Necklace: MG – Necklace – Vallari Metal Ring Neck Collar-299L$
Neckalce2: Pure Poison – Gabrielle Warrior Necklace [BOXED] The Secret Affair
Bangles: ~Soedara~ Arabic Equinox {Duality} << CAME IN THAT SET

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