The girl in the Crimson Gown
Nothing’s here anymoreI don’t feel the light you shine
My smile hides behind my empty eyes
I don’t feel anymore
Waiting for the afterglow
I fade away into the unknown

Runaway with my heart
Why don’t you runaway
Runaway with my heart


With the Fantasy Gacha coming up as well as we ❤ rp. I surely had my hands full with selecting items to blog. Everything was look extremely awesome. I’m excited for you guys and I’m honored that good friends and people who enjoy my blog have asked me for to blog for this events. I am so thankful to all the designers who shared their items as well as giving me a chance to show off their work ❤ I only have a 30 mins to write this up so forgive me. I’m heading to work.

You are the wind beneath my wings

This outfit here is by Ŝνєŧℓαṅα (seller.xenno) Of FDD. This will be in her gacha machine at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The gloves I’m wearing are a full mesh sculpted glove. Hands and wrists all done in rigged mesh. It’s awesome. I adore it. I’ve never been a gal who wore gloves so it kind of shows that the whole outfit looked so badass I even wore the gloves. It comes in a ton of colors. So don’t be frightened, I’m just a hippy and earth tones are my favorite. I added a scarf that is by Rogue and is currently at the Fantasy Gacha when it opens as well. The awesome see scarf comes in tons of colors for you to win, but I love the simplicity of it, the shape of it. It’s how someone would wear a soft simple item to dress up their look. The armor belt is by my man Deccan The Forge. I love love this fricking thing. He did such a good job. The studded gold bits, the leather texture itself is so realistic.

Woodslave of Lydius
Tattoos: .Things.- Dark Secrets Blogger Pack! – FGC
Hair: little bones. Crystal Days – B&W (unpacked) – Fameshed
Beauty Marks: Just Magnetized – Visage Beauty Marks set 08
Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1
Eyeliner: #adored – go to liners
Liner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.02
Mouth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing

Pants/Corset/Gloves: FDD GS *Cirilla* Bloggers Box – FGC
Scarf: Rogue UNISEX. ITEM 1.Una Pack – Red – FGC
Armor: [The Forge] Banshee Armour Blog Box – We Bag: PFC~Woodsman’s pack (REVIEW COPY)
Quiver: PFC~Role Belt – Raider (brown) [RARE] (BLOGGER)
Wings: ieQED nike.headdresses.blogger
Septum: (Yummy) Layered – Copper (Septum)

Simple Boho kind of Girl


In this outfit I am wearing Pixicats new outfit. It’s the bomb diggity and no doubt that I’m so into this woman. I love everything she makes. You can tell it’s her, or her style. By her mesh and textures. They seem to be 100% original, yet I haven’t had the chance to speak with her, but all of her textures are forsure. You can tell by the design and the way it’s made that she worked on it. It’s just beautiful. The shorts come in different tones for you to switch up, as well as the fuck me boots. They’re so hot and this outfit actually got me so much attention from both men and female – I don’t know if it was the hippy daisy dukes or the sexy thigh high boots! Either way, I love it. The necklace is new and it’s by Kibitz. It’s a darling stunning simple piece. I love it. Really just adore it. It’s dainty but yet so appealing. The armbands are from Bliensen  & MaiTai. The darling women mad some great items and still continues for the we love <3! She’s such a sweet heart. It’s got a nice leather band with some pretty little beaded jewels around the ornament. I’m also wearing the ring by them as well.  MAYS SOUL! You guys don’t even know how much I adore her and how LOVELY of a woman she is. SL ate my fucking HUD for the belt. So for a whole day I was walking around with the wrong colors on, but she sent me a new one that was so sweet of her. She got back to me rather quickly. I love love this Maochi vest. It’s really pretty and well done. The fur looks so soft! The belt comes with a HUD so you can change it around and such.

Sweet sweet cheery
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Taylor” Blacks and White

Shorts & Boots: -Pixicat- Freja.Set WELOVERP
Armbands: Bliensen + MaiTai – for We Vest: *May’s Soul* Maochi for bloggers – TSA
Collar: Kibitz – Chain collar necklace – gold
Necklace: MG – Necklace – Sirius Star Crystal
Septum: .ARISE. Piece Septum / Gold
BAg: =Zenith=Choco Leather waist Bag
Bracers: [The Forge] Viking Bracers, (Brown Leather) Common) Box -CBOX
Quiver: PFC~Furry Quiver (brown)
Hair Pieces: Zeena Hair Dangle – Sweet Poison – WELOVERP

Pani gyal


MY MAN CHUCHU! KILLED IT! Like, honestly. So clever, interesting and unique. Way to go boys. I adore the lovely shield which is GM scripted so you can wear it. It comes in two different versions, a news printed style one or this one that I’m wearing. The hat is this like singed looking kasa. The bracers are great as well. The shading and mesh work is realistic. I mean they did a really good job. I love love this dress that was done by TWA. It will be in We<3RP upcoming event. I really liked all the work she put into it. The corset top part has clasps, the different style of fabric from the bust to the waist part. It’s really great. The belt is from PFC ❤ I love Pucca. He’s amaazing. Thought it would jazz up my look.

Beauty Marks: Just Magnetized – Visage Beauty Marks set 08
Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1
Eyeliner: #adored – go to liners
Liner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.02
Mouth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Hair: little bones. Haute – B&W (unpacked)

Scarf: ~Soedara~ A’dab Long Shawl {High Caste}
Armor: ::EQ:: Pani + -{ AEGIS }- Shields – WELOVERP
Shield: ::EQ:: Pani + -{ AEGIS }- Shields- WELOVERP
Scarf2: ::EQ:: Pani + -{ AEGIS }- Shields- WELOVERP
Bra: Noodles – Bae’s Wired Bodice Sample Pack WELOVERP
Dress: !!TWA!! Goddess Andraste Dress Set- WELOVERP
Belt: PFC~NinjaStuffs – Ninjutsu belt REVIEWCOPY
Headband: PFC~NinjaStuffs – Wind Band REVIEWCOPY
finger tattoos:[KOOQLA] (Group Gift) Ghost Fingers
finger cover: .random.Matter. – Crowley Finger Claws – Black
socks: *MUKA* Thigh Socks – S Left

Roses are Red


For this look! Which was my favorite (such a hard one to pick out of the bunch, I loved them all.) We got a ton of new stuff going on in here. First off the tattoos are by Identity, this girl is killing me with her stuff. I bought a ton, hands, arms, chest – all this beautiful henna design. Then I’m wearing the new dress by Laus which is a rare in the FGC. It will be up for sale real soon and I hope you guys make it there. The dress came with a hud so I can change it up. I’m not exactly sure if you will have that option, but cream and red were my favorite tons. Then I’m wearing the new iQed headdress. HELL YES SIGI! I love it! So simple, yet the jewels around it make it so elegant and chic. She made it with a hud so you can change up the tons like I have for this look. The head piece is from chapter four! the newest round. Enzi bracelet cuff is new and it’s from Kibits for we ❤ RO I really hope you guys are stoked on it. I love her design on the actual cuff. It’s splendid.

The sun shines for her
Hair: +elua+ Hollis1&2_Black pack(TCF)
Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Guenkyo [Neck]
Makeup: MONS SAVAGE / Makeups – Eyeshadow Fallinlove
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Liner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03′
Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1
Beautymarks: Just Magnetized – Visage Beauty Marks set 08

Head Jewels: *LODE* Head Accessory – Peony Crown [red]
Dress: Luas Elvina Dress RARE XS – FGC
Bindi: MONS / MESH – Bindi (style9) C – red
Bracelets: Kibitz – Enzi bracelet cuff – gold – NEW
Headpiece: ieQED niobe.head.chain.all – WELOVERP
Necklace: =Zenith=Crystal Scar Nacklace
Nosechain: .random.Matter. – Sanza Nose Chain – Gold
HAirpieces: Zeena Hair Dangle – Older WELOVERP
Septum: (Yummy) Lucy -Gold Metal (Septum)
Hands: .aisling. GAIA – Hand Gold


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