she was a goddess of her own

Got a piece of my mind, to tell you who’s mine,
Nobody hurts like me for you.
Soft slacks at night, I’m wearing ’em tight,
Nobody hurts like I do.

Your fakers are fine, but your water ain’t wine,
so stop feeding me, ‘a little more time’.
Your shit’s a mess, I’m not yours to undress,
I’m leaving this love for the last time.
I’m not yours, I’m mine.

You’ve got the means to caress, but weak you leave me a mess.
One touch is enough, your hands, a little too rough.
Will I ever be enough?
I’m not yours, I’m mine.


It is the Second Annual We Love RP Anniversary Event!

Let me first say, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Not for the fact they have allowed me to blog for them, but because they created an event that drives my roleplay even further by making me look like a babe. I know that it must be hard to create events, monthly events especially, but for every single person who words on the production of we love rp, for every single designer and every single blogger who continue to strive and make We ❤ RP what is it; Thank you! As an avid shopper, follower and blogger – Thank you for making such a wonderful event and I am so happy to see you guys continue to thrive.

mother other

Mother Mother

This outfit we are rocking the new piece by Salt & Pepper at the 2nd May Anniversary We ❤ RP. I loved the pearl look of them. Which comes with a HUD so you can change the tones of the pearls. Wither you want it to be gold, copper, or a rose gold pink – you shall have it thanks to the HUD. She also made this wonderful corset, but I was going with this innocent sexy look. See the picture below. The skirt is by Jali of Enfant Terrible, which should be posted up at her new Mainstore location. The darling outfit is just a gem because of the skirt. It’s almost a Mod 60’s style shape that is clearly transparent and nothing but these Tina Turner style fringe pearls. The collar I’m wearing and shoulder deco is from Alchemy. This shoulder deco was really hard to fit, so my apologies if you don’t like the sides sticking in my mesh body, but to be honest; I liked it more snug to me. It’s not rigged so that’s a plus, but it’s from an old gacha. I’m sure you can find it at Tyr’s store. The other newest piece on my outfit is the nose chain which is by the darling most innovate designer Kath ❤ Kibitz. I adore this little gem. It’s so delicate looking and dainty, better than the other chunky looking ones. Sometimes it’s nice to have a simple design such as something like this, rather than this massive obtuse looking jewelry that just protrudes it way through your face. I like that it’s soft, simple and elegant looking. It’s currently posted up with the rest of her goodies at this round of we love rp.
Eye flicker: [SUMii] Eye Depth Prim
Eyeliner: < nova > Valentina < WEAR ME >
Beauty Marks: Visage Beauty Marks – set 08 – middle
Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1
Prim Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Mouth: [ PXL ] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack [ Wear ME ]
Henna: .Identity. Body Shop – Precious Secret
Skin: .Birdy. Hazel Skin – Pure
Eyes: {D.A} Sinistre – Citrus Green/{Dead Apples} Marble Eyes – Smoke
Mesh mouth: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (Wear to unpack)
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Hair: tram C424 hair / brown&black

Bindi: TONY — Sailor Scouts Moon Jewel – ALL
Nosechain: Kibitz – Agda nose chain – gold – We Love RP
Necklace/Bracelets: S&P Set Sarah –
Faun: Alchemy – Dreams – Spirit Fawn Familiar – [box] RARE
Shoulders: Alchemy – Dreams – Epaulets – Mint [box]
Collar: Alchemy – Dreams – Choker – Mint [box]
Skirt: .Enfant Terrible. Mother of Pearls (unpacked)

leather and no lace


In this little outfit, I’m rocking the newest piece by Deccan of The Forge! God damn them. These armor/leather weaved deco’s are just the jam right now. PERFECTLY EXECUTED. Honestly. The shading, the mesh work, the crisp clean lines of the piece, not to mention the bit of elegance they placed by adding the gold trim around the bracers.  It comes in Gold, Brown and Black. As you can already see the set also comes with separate but matching bracers. Just adore them. Great piece! The  outfit was then matched up with the Aisling pieces from the Fangarth set. Which was a Gacha item, but I had them in gold thought they matched up well with the feathers. The darling belt which is by Keystone, is from an older event, but it goes perfect with the gold trim around The Forges bracers. The little white gem in the middle went together with my headpiece which is from IQed! Way to go sigi, I’m still rocking this like it came out this morning. Love that headpiece, it will stay around and be around, for years to come! The hair, omg… I seen it on a fellow raider and I have to say, LOTTE YOU ARE THE BEST WOMAN EVER! She told where I can get it from, but then gifted it to me. Such a fucking lovely woman! I love this hair, tis how I roll with my 3o inches of long fake ass hair irl.
Hair: *PH* 8077 -monochrome- << THANK YOU LOTTE
Hair Base:PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK
[Everything else is the same as the top post.]

Bracers/ Vest: [The Forge] Plaid Vest/Bracers We Love RP
headpiece: ieQED indrani.head.chain.all
Belt: .Keystone. Malukah Set
Bindi: TONY — Sailor Scouts Moon Jewel – ALL
Septum: MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style19)
Legs: . a i s l i n g . Fangarth Set
Collar/Chest Chains: LUAS ASHANTI GOLDEN

hear me roar


Best for last, the breath taking, beautifully done dress by Moon Amore! I adore these dress. It’s  just so cheeky. It’s sexy, stunning with all the gold, yet fits perfectly in our genre if you play gor/rome style RP. The dress itself came with a hud, so I can change the skirt color, or the top color, then the metal that’s adorned on the dress. Great piece. The outfit was jazzed up with Manadals piece that I bought from Uber. It’s the Fearless jewelry set. then we’re wearing the new hair that came out at this round of we ❤ RP which is by Damsefly. I love the little side bun that’s laying on the top of my head. It’s like this rockabilly curl that sweeps to the side of my hair. Just goreg! Not to mention the fur that is around my shoulder’s is a new piece which is from the Aisling and is currently posted it up at the Dark Style Fair. I love this. I love fur, I love shoulder decorations that really pop or have this earthy steam punk feel to it. Thus, they always captivate my heart with their designs. It came with a HUD which had a tone of feather textures listed, from black to white! So not only is it beautiful to look at it’s also very versatile.
Hair: ~*Damselfly*~ Bloggers Sample (Emily)Womens (We<3RP~May)
Hair base: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK
[Everything else is the same as the top post.]

Dress: Moon Amore Pompeya Dress – We Love RP
Fur: .aisling. Velasco – The Dark Style Fair
Headpiece: .aisling. Delh copies
Septum: MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style19)
Cuffs/Collar: UNISEX[MANDALA]FEARLESS-Jewelry-set-GOLD (wear ME to unpack!)
sandals: Pure Poison -Shay Sandals -for SLINK Flat Feet [BOXED]
bracers: [The Forge] Plaid Bracers (Black), (Box) – We Love RP



Here are the adverts that we’re listed for the items I wore in this blog post.


8527255_orig 9872824_orig 2433490_orig 5647140_orig 7007842_orig 17298975676_5e9eb1c640_z




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