Mary had a Little Lamb – The Bitch Is Back

Do you only love me when you’re high?
Will you still want me when you’re not?
I’ve got this poison running deep in my mind, my mind
Cause I think that I’m the only one
But maybe you just know what I want
I’ve got this feeling you’ve got something to hide, to hide
Cause I’m wasted on you

Eyes: {Dead Apples} Solar Eyes I – Daenerys
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Celeste – variety
Eye Sparkle: [SUMii] Eye Depth Prim
Moles: [theSkinnery] Beauty Marks & Freckles

Top: =Zenith=Snowy Discipline Breastplate A – copy ZENITH
Shoulders: =Zenith=Snowy Discipline Long Socks – copy ZENITH
Hat: =Zenith=Snowy Discipline Hat – copy ZENITH
Ring: =Zenith=Violet Eye Ring ( Light Gold) – copy ZENITH
Longsocks: =Zenith=Snowy Discipline Long Socks – copy ZENITH
Headpiece: =Zenith=Snowy Discipline Headpiece – copy ZENITH
Toerings: [Tia] Joia – Farhar Toe Rings – Gold (Boxed)
Suspenders: erratic / valentina – suspender / pearl (maitreya) (Collabor88)
NoseChains: Kibitz – Yos Nose chains – gold Kibitz
Staff: .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Gacha .ET. Blogger (unpacked) Enfant Terrible
Pet: Alchemy – Dreams – Spirit Fawn Familiar – [box] RARE

I am back.
I am back with a vengeance too.
I LOVE BLOGGING. I love creative design. What I love most about doing your own thing on a blog that you spend hours creating something beautiful – is all the WONDERFUL POSITIVE feedback that people write you. After seven months of playing another game and letting some troubled feelings disappear from my mind. I am ready. I am ready to come back and ready to pound out some more beautiful work for all the people that have been following my blog, continue to follow my work and sent me those divine messages while I was gone. Even though Archeage was a good time, I didn’t really feel like myself. I didn’t have what I have in Second Life. That was the freedom to creatively express myself. I can make an outfit, or pick out an outfit out and completely express the inner diva within me.
Wither it be through Photoshop or spitting some shit at a sim – I can really be me here. In other games, you’re confined by the lack of creativity or the lack of customization. Second Life provides that for me. Not just with fashion, or with furniture or what my ideal world would look like if I had it my way. Thus, RL we are also constricted – hence why for so many years (I’ve been playing second life for 11 years now) there is still a massive following within second life. Over the years, I have met the same person over and over.
Those who pretend to be friends to gain something, those who pretended to love you to fill that void of loneness they feel irl. Some characters who are so spiteful they constantly belittle and degrade others to feel superior over their small insignificant lives they’ve falsely created in a superficial world. I’ve met some that create drama where it didn’t need to be created in the first place. However, I’ve always played a role in those characteristics that I’ve described. I’m ashamed of it.
However, I’ve met someone… that changed me. That makes me not want to be that person. Who doesn’t want me back in this game because, he himself knows how tainted and self-destructive these people that surround us can be. Though I’ve disgraced him and disappointed him by coming back – I am happy… happy to blog again and show you guys my art work. Something that I’m trying to improve and I strive to go above and beyond. I am constantly learning new techniques. My muscles are weak, but I cannot tell you these last six hours in Photoshop have made me the happiest girl in the world. Thank you for always coming back to the blog guys