can you hold me down

You got the light, count it all joy
You got the right to be mad
But when you carry it alone you find it only getting in the way
They say you gotta let it go
Now tell ’em why you mad son
Cause doing it all ain’t enough
‘Cause everyone all in my cup
‘Cause such and such still owe me bucks
So I got the right to get bucked
But I try not to let it build up
I’m too high, I’m too better, too much
So I let it go, let it go, let it go
I ran into this girl, she said, “Why you always blaming?”
“Why you can’t just face it?”
“Why you always gotta be so mad?”
“Why you always talking shit, always be complaining?”
“Why you always gotta be, why you always gotta be so mad?”
I got a lot to be mad about

go flex

So, this morning I waited until 3AM EST. I sat there… watched the clock pass by. I boiled my kettle, smothered it with fresh cut lemons and a dab of honey. The spotify was on max and the sweetest sounds of solange rang in my ear as it hit ten too. I quickly detached all my random attachments, I made sure there was limited scripts running on my avatar, if not none. It hit 3AM. I hit my hud two mins before the clock struck…


I got into Collab. I was fucking excited. Beyond excited. I’m a Yogi at heart, a entrepreneur in nike leggings, a female methodman…

monsters are not born, they're made

However, once within the event so were others. I couldn’t demo anything. I couldn’t even receive my demos. I was crushed.


I left the sim, I got everything… I tried on what I thought was the best and realized, not all my demo’s had made it. Fuck it. Ill just fucking buy them and if I don’t like it… well then fuck it. So, I put my HUD back on and clicked. The slooshing went by, the screen would twitch black. I passed out. I woke up, surrounded by avatars. WHAALLAA. I bought everything I wanted and it was better than my real life Christmas. So thank you… all the beautiful designers of Collabor88, for you time, your hard work… my struggle was worth it!




get boidwed


JACKET// . offbeat . The taste of winter : F Overfit jumper Rare SaNaRae!
HAIR//[taketomi]_Keiko_Bento (wear) TaketomiWEST
LEGGINGS// Addams // Tamara Gym Leggings // FATPACK COLLABOR88
SUNGLASSES// #Foxy – Swerve Sunnies (Classics)

EYES//.ARISE. Beena Eyes for CHPT4
EARS// L’Etre – Gem Pierced Ears
BODY// Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
FACETATTOO//-SU!- Yrenea Eyeliner “Ink” /UPDATED/ (Add Me)
BROWS// .ARISE. Sandy Brows / Black
LIPSTICK// L’Etre – Luminosite lipstick [#2]

This outfit dude. I spent a lot of lindens on it. Turns out… my boyfriend did. So I’m sorry lance. The jacket… le sigh. LE FUCKING SIGH. I needed it so fucking badly, but I couldn’t win it. So I bought it off the fucking marketplace for 3k. I KNOW RIGHT. IM A LOSER!!! THAT MONEY COULD HAVE WENT TO A NEW PAIR OF FUCKING NIKES WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!? OR THE iPHONE SEVEN IVE BEEN ITCHING TO BUY!!!! GOD. Anyways, it was worth it. I will cherish it. Comes is a bunch of colors though, which I didn’t know. The leggings … well I already bragged and the hat/hair is from Taketomi!


Here’s my selection for the Addams release… just a few of the fabulous tones/colors/paterns she gave us. I will let you know, I can’t remember how much I paid for the fatpack, but this was worth 1300k. You can change the side open patches to a white/black tone. You can change the outter seams that line the pants and you get a shit tone of different options in it. I couldn’t just get, one two or four… I needed them all. I love the little feet wraps at the end though I do wish we had the option to select from HIGH or LOW feet. Tank top is from Addams too! Hair is Taketomi!

I’m going to be also messing around with my blog for the next couple days, so don’t worry if shits all messed. I’m trying to think of something more unique and pretty for you guys ❤

I wish my pictures would show up larger and more clear for you guys. SMH

Mad - Closer

uk – Yoga Mat Set COLLABOR88
uk – Bowl & Burner [Boxed] Gifted – Thank you! The lag was not your fault ❤ COLLABOR88


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