i aint never been scared

I, I

Long before I was drinking
Posted up, just reflecting on it
And I know you won’t believe me
But babe, I’m cold and yeah, this life is cold
I say swear you won’t come near me
Keep your heart ’cause I could fuck you up
Or have you never thinking clearly
Never thinking clearly
Have you all up in your feelings
Experienced, I did it times before
And I can see you from a distance
I could fuck you now and years later on
You gon’ be stuck, just reminiscing
It’s the way I ride you, let you stay inside
Yeah, I’m a fuck you like a vixen
There’s something ’bout me

Swear you see the good in me
But that don’t beat the hood in me
And I got my intentions and use
Guess I’m make believe ’cause baby, I know, baby, I know

I, I’m a do you dirty
Say you love me now, baby, it’s too early
I, I’m a do you dirty
You think you love me now, I think you should be worried

Up for days, been rolling
Swear them bullets, don’t regret the choices
That I made ’cause I’m still growing
Sign the deal and then they cut the check
And ever since, my color’s showing
Change the scene, the things are better now
And you know the wave is never slowing
The wave is never slowing
I know that you will miss me
You liked it when I used to leave a wound
And promise I would come and kiss it
I fed you lies and you just ate ’em up
And I don’t care to do the dishes
I ain’t no wifey, ain’t gon’ hold you down
It’s way more fun to be the mistress
I know I’m not like other bitches

cum kitty

This outfit, man oh man. Hands down my favorite. I’m rocking a lot of new things. However, the lip drool and the tail sealed the deal. I’m wearing the new sweater from this round at Epiphany. Which I actually got from MP because there is no way I’m going to that event with only 1k lindens. It will just make me cry. Everyone did such an amazing job and I loved a lot of the items I seen in the flickr group. I’m wearing the erratic panties that have this little pearl thang between mah legs, EXCUSE ME FOR BEING DIRTY. The lip drool was apparently from an old event, so I’m not sure if you can get them anymore. The tail again, my shopaholic friend hex hooked me up with. Thanks for the link, but grill you making me broke

PANTIES//erratic / diana – v thong / pearl (maitreya) Erratic
TAIL//Sweet Thing. Neko Tail (Bento) 1.2 (unpacked) – MP THANKS HEX Erratic
SWEATER//{sallie} Knitting Addicts – Sweater (9) – EPIPHANY
THIGH HARNESS//#EMPIRE – Heart Harness (unpacked)
BINDI//TONY — Sailor Scouts Moon Jewel – ALL
BELLY CHAIN//Kibitz – Star Belly Chain Kibitz
SEPTUM//(Yummy) Sophia – White (Septum)
CAT EARS//[taketomi]_Kaho_Bento (wear) TaketomiWEST
SKATES//{sallie} Vintage Rollers – white leather

HAIR//DOUX – Abie hairstyle [Naturals] L’Etre
EYES//L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#74]
BOO BOOS//-[TWC]- Sweet Heart TaketomiWEST “> The White Crow
HAIRBASEE/L’Etre – Allyson Hairbase
EYESHADOW/ L’Etre – Luminosite Eyeshadow [#1]
EYEBROWS//L’Etre – Fierce Eyebrows
MOLES//Just Magnetized – Beauty Marks – set 05 for CATWA


This outfit, has gotten me into a lot of trouble. It was the start of an impulse buy. I was shopping with my darling dear new friend, Hex. We were talking about how funny it is to wear funny runs/walks and listen to everyone bitch about it. In GE… most of the people who attempt to claim themselves as super bows, use hit boxes. So, if you can’t left click, aim for the box… then you should resort to Duck Hunter… even that might be a challenge for you. I love love the skates, which I then kind of based my outfit around it. The skates come in so many different options, I wish I could have gotten the fatpack, she has cute patterns and tones. The AO was very expensive, but REALLY WORTH THE BUCKS. No joke. I wish I had flickr pro and then I could show you guys. BodyLanguage SLC Skate Skate AO < Is the AO I bought and you can get the skates at the same place. The panties and bra are old but still classic to me. Nylon is always pretty fucking amazing when it comes to her art… so again, I love to wear her shit. The pretty little delicate body chain is from ROMP and it’s a new piece from Kibitz!!! I love it… body chain/Belly chains by her are so delicate but yet so adorable.

SKATES//{sallie} Vintage Rollers – white leather <ahref=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bon%20Voyage/128/93/1254″&gt; BodyLanguage
HARNESSBODY//#EMPIRE – Alstroemeria (unpacked)
SCEPTER//*Tentacio* Be mine GACHA May’s Soul
RINGS//Absolut Vendetta -Hydra Bento Rings
LOWERLEG//#EMPIRE – Lower Leg Harness (unpacked)
BINDI//TONY — Sailor Scouts Moon Jewel – Gold
STOLE//*T.Whore* – Sexy Fur Stole Wild MESH T.whore
NECKLACE//Kibitz – Aniabis necklace – gold Kustom9
BODYCHAIN//Kibitz – Aella Bodychain – Gold ROMP
COLLAR//Kibitz – Hearty leather collar – white ROMP
BRA&PANTIES//(NO) Sheer Valentines Set – White Nylon Outfitters

HAIR//Unorthodox Glam Hair – FATPACK [bag] (wear) UNORTHODOX
HEAD//CATWA HEAD Catya (unpacked)
EYES//L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#74] L’Etre
EARS//L’Etre – Gem Pierced Ears L’Etre

karl is my fatherAlright so, this outfit was a bit of a challenge… because the actual bodysuit kept clipping in my mesh body. Even though it says it’s for lara… it didn’t really fit. I just want to point that out. ALTHOUGH IT CLIPPED I FUCKING LOVE IT. I rocked the shit out of it. Someone said I looked like Nikki Minaj, sure if that floats your boat? Okay, I was feeling myself. The beautiful Cordelia necklace went with the look… which was then paired up with her older gacha – Msg necklaces. The collar is also by Kibitz and is currently over at the new round of ROMP. I personally love Kibitz. Her textures are amazing… her style is on point. She’s just a gem. Everything she makes is timeless and versatile. You can wear them with anything really. The lindens you spend on Kibitz… go a long way. That’s what I love most about her work.

NECKLACE1//Kibitz – MSG necklaces [gold] amore Kibitz
NECKLACE2//Kibitz — Cordelia Necklace – Gold – Kustom9
COLLAR//Kibitz – Hearty leather collar – fatpack – ROMP
BODYSUIT// Pseudo- Baby Bodysuit Karl – Kustom9
THIGHBELTS//=Zenith=Leather Leg Balt A (all Color) ZENITH
RINGS//Absolut Vendetta -Hydra Bento Rings VISTA
LOWERLEG//#EMPIRE – Lower Leg Harness (unpacked) EMPIRE
ANKLETS//Zaara : Raksha anklet (maitreya-slink) *gold* (unpacked) Zaara
BINDI//TONY — Sailor Scouts Moon Jewel – ALL
SEPTUM//(Yummy) Cleopatra Septum & Medusa – Gold YUMMY
STOLE//PLASTIX – Dyed fur stole (Black) PLASTIX

CORNROWS//*booN Lab.cornrows base01 bo0n
HAIRBASE// *booN Lab.053 hair black pack bo0n
HEAD//CATWA HEAD Catya (unpacked) Catwa
EYES//.ARISE. Beena Eyes for The Chapter Four ARISE
EARS//L’Etre – Gem Pierced Ears L’Etre
BODY//Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

kiss me there


kibitz hearty leather collar vendor


kibitz lethal leather set vendor ROMP

kibitz aniabis necklace vendor


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