10. Aint Nothing

Do you wanna hang, do you wanna slang?

The Don

The hillbilly don. In liberty city, I’ve already made some waves. In the roleplay scene, I play a badass meth cook. I push more product than any one else, because I’m a loser and have no real life. So while others are working and such – on the week days… I play games (mostly SL … ) a lot of the time. So I can make 20-30 patches in the morning, 20-30 at night. That’s around 3k-4k profit. So, yeah… I’m the fucking Don in this sim. I’ve been pking and fucking kosing bitches none stop. It’s so fun! I really enjoy it here, however, it’s getting a bit stale, so I might wander back to Gor. However…. that’s just as boring to me. This look, I’m rocking the new Addams tank top that just came out. You can find it at the main store. Sadly, I can’t afford the fatpack this time, so I stuck with the neutral tones. I paired it up with Villena’s dope ass cut off shorts and their boyfriend style jacket over the shoulders. I had a hard time with this jacket, just because my arms cut through the mesh and if I did it any other way (like, alpha’d out my arms) it wouldn’t look right. The hair I stole from the Beusy hair set, listed below. The hair is from little bones and I used her animated hud to bring forth the braids. The little bandana is from COCO. I can’t remember if it was a freebie item, but I use it lots in roleplay. The shoes brought a bit of trendiness to my look. Vale Koer Street Galm heels are bomb as fuck. I love that he gave us sock options too in the HUD.

TANKTOP//Addams // Lucila Tank Top // N*41 Addams
SHORTS//.:villena:. – Ripped Front Shorts – Light Blue
JACKET//.:villena:. – Over Shoulder Blazer – Toffee
GLASSES//#187# Vintage Glasses BOX CHPT4
RINGS//Absolut Vendetta -Hydra Bento Rings
CHOKER//Amala – Tattoo Choker – Black
BINDI//Kibitz – Bindis set (FIXED) Kibitz
SEPTUM//(Yummy) Luxury Septum’s – Rococo Septum
NECKLACE//Amala – The Pia Bar – Daddy’s Girl (unpacked)
SCARF//*COCO*_Bandanna_DotsRed COCO

HAIRBASE//SIIX// Russian Hairbase
HAIR//little bones. Tonic – The Dark (unpacked)


This outfit, I kind of went for a classy don gotti look. Since I was a kid I’ve been obessed with the G thang life. I know it sounds hilarious and stupid, but I have. I even have rebel without a cause tattoo’d on me, not because I’m edgy as fuck, but because I was a little girl and my aunt made us all watch James Dean “Rebel Without A Cause”. That’s where it all started. Perhaps with outsiders too. I always wanted to be a drape than a square.

Anyways, about the outfit… I’m wearing a bunch of stuff I just went and shopped around for. The bomber jacket is dope, it has a one arm/hand tucked in the pocket, which is different. The skirt is from Villena too. I just want to say, Villena is killing the mesh game right now. Everything is dope, fresh and with our current fashion trends. Also, their mesh work fits like a glove. So It makes me cream when I wear their stuff. The eyes in this photo are a new set that Helga made for Chapter Four’s new round. You can get them their. I will also have a picture below to show you all the colors/tones she made for the set. They’re a bit red eye’d, maybe that’s what she was going for, but none the less – realistically beautiful.

JACKET//.:villena:. – Bomber – Black Villena
SKIRT//.:villena:. – Pencil Skirt – Black Villena
TOOTHPICK//*Blazerica* toothpick
NECKLACE//(Yummy) Layered Drop Necklace – Gold YUMMY
GRILLZ//GRILLZ 1.0 BJEWLA \ Slugz Gold (unpacked)
NECKLACE//(Yummy) Layered Drop Necklace – Gold YUMMY
CHOKER//Amala – Tattoo Choker – Black Amala
CHAIN//Amala – The Pia Bar – Baby Doll (unpacked) Amala

HAIR//little bones. Faye – The Dark little bones
EYES//.ARISE. Rana Eyes for The Chapter Four CHPT4
EARS//L’Etre – Taper mesh ears L’Etre
HEAD//CATWA HEAD Catya (unpacked) Catwa
SKIN//L’Etre Skin Shop – Cindy Skin [Sandy Tone] L’Etre
BODY/Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara Maitreya
HAIRBASE//#SIIX // Cambodian Hairbase SIIX

Call me

I’ve seen this tee around and I’ve wanted it for a long time. It was just tricky to pair it up with other stuff and base a look around it. However, with recent releases and some jive ass turkey style I got… I made it work. I’m rocking the old denim choker from Foxy, which is fly as fuck and makes any outfit look like a shot from the Jenners. I bought the fatpack of nylons from Suicidal Unborn – but because I’ve been in Gor I forgot all about them, so I’m blogging them now. I love them, she made all different styles, but for this look – I picked the crosses. The hat was a recent release from uber and i’ve already blogged it, but I have to say when designers give use this kind of versatility. I love it! It makes our lindens go further. I can rock this hat with so many looks, because he gave me so many colors to choose from in the HUD.

TOP//.:villena:. – Laced Up Shirt Dress – Iron Maiden Villena
SHOES//#EMPIRE – Ixia (unpacked) EMPIRE
WRISTBAND//Apple May Designs – Simple Bracers – Black Leather
TOOTHPICK//*Blazerica* toothpick
GRILLZ/GRILLZ 1.0 BJEWLA \ Slugz Gold (unpacked)
BANGLE/[MANDALA]HARAMITA-season2-Bangle Mandala
CHOKER//#Foxy – Denim Chokers (Bleach) FOXY
CHAIN//Amala – The Pia Bar – Baby Doll (unpacked) Amala
NYLONS//-SU!- Lady Rebel Nylon Tights ALL DESIGNS Suicidal Unborn

NAILS//~GD~Savage Doll Slay(Multi Mani Pack) – Vista Bento PROHANDS
EYES//L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#74] //L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#76]
EYEBROWS//L’Etre – Classy Eyebrows


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