20.KING // New Items From Collabor88/Noodles/Fri.Day/&More <3


Seen the lights from far away
I can feel you in my dreams always
I can hear you in a feedback wave
Shit is so strange, but it’s all in my face
And your status updated pretty petty
Pretty reckless of me
You feel me
You feel me
You make me reign down hard
I feel you in my brain I can feel you well
Nothing that I can say that won’t turn you on
I want you in my lane, want you sidecar
Ride it hot, play it large, make it big, spend it all
And when I’m gone
And when I’m gone
And when I’m gone
You know I’ll reign
I am his king always
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
I am his king always
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
I am his king always

I need your Love

This outfit, I pretty much rocked for four days solid. Sadly, it was because I was so fucking busy with work and such. These BAWLING ASS BOOTS ARE FROM THE NEW ROUND AT COLLABOR88. I’m late barging about it, but they’re fucking adorable. I love the smooth cotton texture she used for the base of the boots, the little dainty bows at the hell of the boots and the AMOUNT of options, colors to choose from with the HUD is overwhelming. I love it. Phedora, is honestly hands down one of the most innovating shoe/boot/feet creator in second life. I will post a more detailed (their advertisement) photo below.

Just a natural born D.Va
BOOTS//Phedora ~ Dorothy boots ( 35 colors ) COLLABOR88
BINDI//TONY — Sailor Scouts Moon Jewel – ALL
SEPTUM//(Yummy) Luxury Septum’s – Princess Septum YUMMY
NECKLACE//Amala – The Daddy’s Necklace (unpacked) Amala
NECKLACE//Kibitz – Jingle stars necklace Kibitz
TOP//Blueberry – Piki – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Fat Pack Blueberry
NECKLACE//Eclat – Rhinestone Choker Villena/Eclat
HEADPHONES//[taketomi]_D.Va_Bento (wear) TaketomiWEST
HAIR//TRUTH HAIR Fenella – variety TRUTH
NAILS//~GD~Savage Doll Slay(Multi Mani Pack) –

Kiss her, she's all yours

This outfit I’m rocking is fucking HELLA fine. Like, seriously. I LOVE the shit out of this one. This bangles are from Kibitz! Kathya always makes my girl look banging, gucci from head to toe. The leg warmers are fucking, fire. Thank you… thank you fri.day for making my legs look so chic and BBG. I will be posting a full post for her soon, I’ve just been so busy with all these items! Soon come, darling, soon come. The hair was a gift from my wonderful friend Natalee. Thank you babe, Taketomi always makes us look kawaii and cute. Noodles also won this rounds Collabor88 theme on what the creators could make as their items based around and I have to say, this theme is probably my favorite.  Even the house decor items that we’re made rocked my world. I loved this round and I love her sleeping mask.

CARDI//-Pixicat- Calm.Cardigan (Pink) (unpacked) – COLLABOR88
GAGBALL//+Spellbound+ STFU Ballgag // Part Of Set {WEAR} Spellbound
HAIR//taketomi – Liv – Bento (wear) TaketomiWEST
BRA//Stories&Co. by Flowey / Soft Lingerie – Peach COLLABOR88
SLEEPMASK//Noodles – Holly Sleep Mask COLLABOR88
LEGWARMERS//fri. – Tillie Warmers – 24.7 Pack fri.
NECKLACE//Amala – The 100 Necklace (unpacked) Amala NECKLACE2//Amala – The Pia Bar – Daddy’s Girl (unpacked) Amala BELLY/Kibitz – Star Belly Chain Kibitz
CHOKER1//Amala – Tattoo Choker – White)
BANGLES//Kibitz — Mila Bracelets – Gold
CHOKER//Noodles – Kappa Choker Fatpack

Fri.day Socks! BBG O.G


Just ME

This outfit, I love too. I wanted to add  just a simple look to this post. The hair and the background decor was enough to show off. The hair comes with a HUD that allows you to change the rollers, so that’s a perk, however it’s like one of those select the swatch on a color pallet, which… makes me ragey, cause its hard to be precise. The top is by pixicat. It’s nice, simple and clean cut. Which makes me happy – because sometimes people go over the top with their designs. Pixicat, always keeps her shit simple, chic, and stunning! The shoes! OMG. Reign did it again, I had to get them! They’re so fun with the tipy-toe version, so that  made me happy. The fact that she makes these bomb ass mesh shoes, but also keeps the price to buy the fatpack at a reasonable range – makes me extremely happy and proud to support her store! Thanks Reign!

BINDI//TONY — Sailor Scouts Moon Jewel – ALL
NECKLACE//Amala – The Daddy’s Necklace Amala HAIR//Tableau Vivant \\ Lock ‘n’ Roll – B+W (unpacked) COLLABOR88
TOP//-Pixicat- Calm.Top (White) (unpacked)
THONG//erratic / delice – lingerie / white SET (maitreya) (unpacked)

Pretty Thangs from Bueno!! @Arcade <3

This is from this round of the Arcade. I really really liked a lot of the decor machines and a few of the skyboxes. However, I spent a lot of money trying to get the nails from Asturia and didn’t get them, so whatever… motherfucking WHATEVER! That’s why I hate gacha’s and I don’t really like to play them. MONEY DUMP. Anyways, these piece we’re super cute. I adore little kawaii pieces like this to add to your home. The little laptop comes with other back plates, one that says hustler like in the picture, one that says blessed and another one … I can’t remember what I won, but I will place the Gacha Key below.



friday - Tillie Warmers for Collabor88!


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