Neo Tokyo

So I’ve been back for a while now. Right now I don’t have enough time to make clothes. I’ve just been using the computer to fill my time while wait to go to class or for work. I’m pretty much broke as a joke. I’ve been working my ass off in school and then I hustle my tush at work. It’s pretty ridiculous; the real world is all about working hard and no play. All I gotta say is I’m starting to become more and more bitter with reality. So I’ve returned to second life. Only to find out that majority of my friends have left second life and have moved on with the real world. So I’m  not only poor in the real world, but a loner in the second life world. :D! What does one do when they have no one to talk to in Second life? Resort to the world of role-playing. As you all may know, I’m fond of role-playing in Second Life. I like dark demented things that most people frown upon.

Anyways. Let’s get to what you want to read about. I’ll stop publicly embarrassing myself with my fantasy role-play. I started RPing at a place called Neo Tokyo. At firs tI though it was a furry Roleplaying sim. Turns out it’s just like the Crack Den but you can also play a Lycan, Vampire, Fae, or the most interesting the “undead”. I thought about being a rotting corpse zombie that staggered in the night looking for an intellectual brain to feed upon. BUT my adorable cutesy girly side said “Pick the Fae!” I’ve always wanted to be a fairy in the land of Neverland! So now I can actually play it out. So far, so good. It’s day two in the land of Neo Tokyo and my character is still alive, only to suffer a flesh wound on her right forearm. I guess it’s pretty hostile in the land of Neo Tokyo.

Today my character is wear this! She’s tres cute, for Kurt Cobain/working in hookerville. I’m a huge fan of crop top’s in rl, so I had to snatch this up. It just so happens that in Second Life you can get away with your underboobage hanging out.


Sitting at Silken Rose. Sushi, please?


Something New:
gloves: *Linc* Finger Tapes Dollarbie
Ears: AITUI – (Type 3) Stretched Ears – Sorrow – Spirals (w/HUD)
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Aka Hyou /Sleeves/
Shirt: **Cropped Top Flavor

Something Old:
Cig: FNKY! Cigarette II (long ash)
Bag” * TonkTastic – The Backpack
Hair: !lamb. Glass Candy – Grayscale
Jeans: “NINIKO”Lowrise jeanes04
Boots: ROT test boots (gift)
Left eye: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Distinct eyes
Septum: Aitui – Septum Ring – Circular Barbell – Steel 6mm 14g : S
Skin: &Bean – The Pale Anger Placid

Not too New, Not too Old:

Poses: Pose by DFO!