I don’t know what to say about this post. Just that I needed to blog something and here’s my outfit for today?
That could work I suppose. I’ve been pretty sick. My whole family has been sick. We were hit with the most horrible stomach flu ever. It seems rather funny. We got a cat from a woman, herself and her kids were ill with the flu and told me about it. I didn’t touch a damn thing in her house. I only took the cat. The cat was the host. THE CAT WAS THE HOST. This is why I dont like cats. I have now decided (like the sims) my friendship level with this feline has just decreased.

The outfit I am wearing is pretty casual. I’m just not feeling up to all the frills and tight fitted clothes of stunning attire. Instead I’m sporting some baggy pants, a tee, and a cardigan knit coat. I made a couple tee’s the other day. This is from the pack. I had to make it with all the jokes and punch lines towards Tiger Woods. Here it is, I slept with tiger tee. Get it quick ladies and gents. Let the laughter spread though out second life. I’m wearing this awesome pants that I found randomly shopping around SL. They’re by Lalu Bonnetto. I gotta hand it to this woman. She has made some unique pieces to SL. I’ve never seen this kind of floral print in sl. I love bold prints. They really make a person pop from the rest of the crowd. You may call them Bertha Pants or Grandma Shirleys, but I adore them. I wore COCO’s Oxford shoes, totally loving them. I wish I could find a pair irl. I know they’re not new, but they are to me! I love the look and they go with anything; A true hipster can’t leave home without her Oxfords. I’m wearing the wonderful skin by Fashionably Dead. I don’t know what generation it’s from but it name is listed below. I recall long ago raving about her skin tone for blackanese people like me 😀 It’s perfect. I love the smudging of the eye shadow, the light freckle (beauty marks?) the creases on the lips. The glasses are from wigglesworth and they will never get old with my AV. Maybe because I wear this kind of style irl? I’m wearing Emma’s wonderful new hair. Maranna. The retro band style. I love love the head band. It comes with so many options! From prints, patterns, colors, muted colours, neutrals. Emma really went all out. Great job Emma! Check out Surf Co for some amazing hair! I didn’t know Emma was brilliant at prim hair! I’ve seen her drawn textures of alpha style hair and those were adorable too! Great addition to Emma’s store.

Something new:
Tee-K&CO – I Slept With Tiger Tee
Shoes: *COCO*_OxfordShoes_Two-Tone
Hair: [SC Hair] Maranna [Retro Bangs] – Dark Pack
Pants: Arlequim Pants – Lalu Bonnetto

Something old:
Glasses: (W) Ray-band Glasses – Wigglesworth
Socks: Picnic v suspender socks [white] – Picnic
Skin: (fd) Dark Skin – Harp Classical Tragedy
Jacket: +KiiToS!! Lentotahti+ Long Knit Gown *Burlywood*

Not too New, Not too Old:

Poses: Flowey – Milk Dreams, !Feeme – Down the river of golden dreams, Femme love is a place


KENZIE&CO – New Tee’s, Tanks & happiness.

I’m a big fan of Graphic Tee shirts and tanks. I’ve recently started a collection of Graphic tanks. I love them very much. So every now and then I make a crap load and share them with all of sl. It’s about that time so here we go.

The tanks I’ve wanted to make last summer with that really low slouchy side drape (side boobage peek show). I adore those tank tops (not cause I’m a sloot) but because in the summer, tight clothing is crappy, baggy tank tops with a cropped tube top equals ORGASIM! Let that breeze in. Seeing how summer will be here before we know it (So I hope and pray for) I made some. I made a crap load of colors and like always there’s a fatpack! Each tank is 100L

I made a couple graphic tank tops.

Here’s the list.

I made some new Graphic tee’s but I spent most of the day with the tanks that I only made four. They’re still kick ass though

Both tanks and tee’s are 100L each but it’s cheaper if you get the fatpack cause you get more tees/tanks for free 😀

Have a great day and I love you guys! thanks for reading and checking out my clothes.

❤ Kenz


Did ya know?

That I’m very sleepy today. I was bursting with energy and now I’m back to my usual self. I wonder whats wrong?

Anyways, the other day I was shopping around at the Creators platform. I now love that place. There were tons of things to buy. I pretty much bought something from every store there. I’m wearing this wonderful dress that is by ish Kidd. I adore the denim and the little country-style fabric floral print. I’m wearing Reeks’ amazing boots. They lovely, divine and extraordinary. I love the simplicity of the boots but yet they’re out of this world because of his amazing textures, shading and sculpt work. I love the little backpack that I picked up from this very cheap and sweet shop. I can wear it with anything. I thought the backpack would make my AV look like a little explore (hopefully not some child heading to her first day back to school). Or a college gal that loves to look a little on the sweet side; rushing to class, dropping her books and meeting cute boys. Just kidding. Anyways ! The hat I am wearing is so freaking cute and I have to say I’m quite shocked by Newreems skills. The hat is the perfect typical Elmer Fud  hat and the braided pigtails are a cute plus. I never knew Newreem was such a talented Hair maker/sculpt maker! Great job. I love the textures on the hat. This is my favourite one out of her pack.

Something New:
Leggings: *Ninia* Retro leggings
Dress: 141 spring denim set By Ish Kidd
Hat: DUBOO*Winter hat azuki [cloud]
Something Old:
Bracelet: Bestial armband (right) (female) Songfeather Designs
Bangles: Hippie deluxe bracelets – black (Shiny Things)
Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone D- 3.1 Mulberry Wine 1

Not too new, not too old:
Boots: Reek – Autumn Boots – Camel

Femme – Down the River Of Golden Dreams
Femme – Empty
Femme My Bad Days

The Cats Meow!

My new kitty has inspired me to create a leopard dress! It’s not a fur dress though. Some of my friends have said “What a beautiful fur dress!” No, heh. It’s not fur. It’s suppose to be a Chiffon style material I guess you would say. It’s a babydoll drapey style dress with another sheer over layer. I made 7 colours. Grey, red, pink, mauve/purpleish, blue, green and tan! They’re for sale for the price of 250L a pop or 800L for all seven colours which would save you 750L instead of buying one by one. I love this dress because it’s no only the awesome leopard pattern, but because its got the double layer style top. It’s somewhat tied around the waist so it looks bunched! I adore the length and the sculpts I made myself <3! In the picture I am wearing Truths hair and Atomic’s Doll up shoes!

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my outfit ❤

Goodnight ❤


Hmm.. Can’t think of anything

I can’t think of anything to write or talk about. Some news in my life. Last night at 11pm, we went out and got a kitten from my friend. I got it for my daughter because she’s a lonely one child baby. I thought it would be a great idea for her, but now… it’s not looking so great. I think the cat came from a very neglected family. It’s really shy, very easily startled and likes to claw at us if we try to hold her or reach for her. I have seen some cats like that, but they we’re mistreated; just left alone all the time. No love or attention was given to those kind of animals and I think that’s what is wrong with our kitty. I hope she will find our home comfortable and loving because we already adore her. I just hate the smell of cat litter and cat shit. It’s the worst smell ever. I hope it doesnt stain my house with this horrible cat owner smell.

Here’s my look for today. My new hair from Shop Seu. Totally loving that shop! It’s a little bob look with a braided front piece for the bangs. I’m wearing the Enamel Boston bag from Sey. Old classic. The socks are from Mocha which I found when I was doing the CSR Winter Stamp collection. I love doing those stamp events because you find some really great stores. Untone! Come back? Where is your store located! I hope she sees this. I loved her store and now I can’t find it. She was truly such an wonderful, adorable and forever amazing me with her cute style! I hope she can bring her store back and If she still has her store please send me a landmark. I couldn’t find it. I’m wearing her awesome striped shorts, the whole engeriner fabric style. The skin is old, it’s by Blowpop or use to be Infinity. I love the realness of this skin even though it was handdrawn. The boots are from ordinary and the shirt is by Milkmotion ❤ Both are must haves because they go with anything.

Something New:
Hair: *SHOP SEU* -fuafua BOB [brown]-

Something Old:
Bag: Enamel Boston Bag Red By Sey
Eyelashes: Sin Skins
socks: +mocha+ – Loose Socks – Plain Dirty [Blue]
Shorts: *UnToneQuilt* hickory puchidenim

Boots: *ordinary* -Garago-
Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone D- 3.1 Mulberry Wine 1
Tee: (MILKMOTION) MY loose Shirt

Not too new, not too old:


kru mode 13
flowey – taken by trees

Vday soon… ???

Hey guys!

I know the big V is coming up soon. Are you excited ? Do you have  a secret crush that you’re getting your nerves up to ask them out? Do you have a long time love that you can’t wait to give them their present or a present of the “L” word? I know that every year around this time I start to prepare our beautiful day, the 14th. Then when the day actually comes we don’t do anything. Perhaps because we’ve done the “We love each other” day, but I know in my heart, I love him and the best gift to give him is telling him “You’re the best man I know (next to my father), I love you” and then we make out wildly like Micheal Douglas. Have you ever gotten or given a Micheal Douglas kiss? Well here’s how you do it. Open you’re mouth, pucker those lips, and smush them on the other person. Then you move your head like crazy and breath deeply. It’s frigging orgasmic and not in the passionate way, but in the laughter way! He came home one day and did it to me. I couldn’t stop laughing, so now we call it “The Micheal Douglas Kiss” Better watch out.

Anyways, back to the reason of this post. I made my look kinda based around Valentines Day. I just wore a simple babydoll, leggings and an awesome t-shirt underneath. I love this look! There’s a few things in this look that are really ancient and some that are new! Some of these things have a sentimental value to me. Even if they do belong to me on a virtual game they always bring up funny moments in my SL life.

The dress is by So many Styles. That store is freaking adorable. There are a few things that I love but would never wear on sl; but overall it’s a really sweet store. They have tons of amazing jewelry pieces and adorable babydoll dress. This dress is probably a top 5 item that I love from their store. I love the simplicity of it, but yet you can dress it up or down. Items like that you just cant walk pass them. I added Nylons old OLD OLD T-shirt that she made when she first started. It game with four other graphics on them. Heart Her/Him, Hate Him/her. Let me tell you I’ve worn all of them, when I secertly hated someone, when I’ve loved someone, when I was crushing on someone. It’s a very public shirt, just like BSPEARS does her “secret” rants. I love it, still rocking that old betsy. I’m wear a watch that I won from the CSwinter stamp in 08. It’s a little bunny watch, cute huh? The leggings are by Duboo! Newreem is probably the queen of tights. You can get colourful ones, simple ones, sweet ones, retro ones, bright ones or just the ones I’m wearing. Basic leggings. I love her store. I’m wearing 2REALs latest release, their awesome badass shoes; PRO SPEC. Then we have the cutest camera that you can wear around your neck or in your SL tiny hands. I found it randomly one day looking for new stores. It’s by tomo Eames. So cute and just what I’ve been looking for; seeing how I love love Nikon. I’m wear this visor that I couldn’t go omg! Hunter S. Thompson! JUEEEEZZUS. I totally bought it just because of him. I love that movie, I use to live by the movie, I think the man was outrageously smart, passionate and totally self-destructive. The quotes on the movie I still say to this day. The visor is by Emery and it’s the cats meow, tons of colours, but if you’re a fan of Fear and Loathing like me! this is a necessity.

Something New:
Bags: DUBOO*Cupcake bag (l hand) (Thank you New<3) Visor: Emery – Visor #Grass Leggings: DUBOO – Grandpa’s gifts Hair: >TRUTH< Charlie – champagne
Hi-tops- PRO_SPEC(Boxed) – 2REAL
Something Old:
Eyelashes: *Sin Skins*EyeLashes
Watch: Bunny Watch CSRw2008 Gift – By: Draconic Lionourt
Bracelet: WWND – Old gift from Barnes (I dont think it’s for sale, sorry)
Shirt: HeartHim- Nylon Outfitters

Not too new, not too old:
Camera: traceon electronic M9 By: tomo Eames
Dress: {SMS} Pocket Dress Grey
Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin – Swoon (dark thick brows)


PDA – Id Engager
PDA – Lemme get some
Glitterati – 026

2REAL is probably the best.

You could disagree with me, but these shoes are ‘epic’. That’s right I said it! From the texturing, shading, sculpt work and the realism is sublime! I adore these shoes to the fullest! They’re stunning! I can honestly say that when I got them I took a deep breath because I was in shock at how well these shoes looked. I know they’re just shoes, but shoes in SL are stunning all around. Designers are really stepping it up when it comes to their footwear. I love the textures, the little scuff and the laces shadows! The typical hightop sneaks are the best for the style era right now. I adore High-tops especially bright colourful ones. To me shoes should never be neural, I mean they could be; but the shoe itself should be bold. I think shoes really tell who that person is. IRL, I own maybe like 5 because I’m cheap like that. But in SL, I have to box them because it’s outrageous. Anyways, they’re beautiful from head to toe and I must thank 2Real for asking me to blog for him. I own his other ADDIDAS style sneakers and wore them forever and ever because of the texturing and shading. Very realistic and worth the money. They come with a HUD so you can change the textures to a colour that would more appeal to you. I love them! Don’t you??

( taken from his blog, 2real )
I’m wearing MILK MOTIONS! (Thank you again Marie) Tank top! I love the Nautical feel you get from it! I also congratulate them for opening up the new sim! I love the gold straps on the side that she made look like their twisted rope or braided? That was a very nice touch. They tank isn’t just a stripped tank top, it’s got some spice and something unique added to it! I love the little sculpted cropped bottom of the shirt. The way how the hem flows outwards is very cute.

I wore a skirt that’s really old to my inventory, by Emery. I love acid wash. How could I not wear it with this outfit? I did have a problem finding something to wear for the bottom part of my outfit. I just couldn’t decide, short trashy skirt or a nice high-waisted style, or jeans? I went with this one. It’s a classic high-waisted denim skirt, can’t go wrong right?

I wore the garter straps from Fishy Strawberry! I thought it would give me look a little umf. I’m a trash rocker 80’s fan. I’m wearing the tube socks from WWI (World Wide Industries). I love them, they’re really old! From my RPing days. I’m wearing Gritty Kitty’s browline glasses (I bought them for my love to the infamous Andy Warhol). This adorable pack of Horoscope medallions landed in my inventory! (Big thank you, I love them). Now I’m really into UO or American Eagles little chains with you intial or something that is personal to you. Such as your horoscope sign. Mine is a Scorpio. I totally love this necklace, beautiful and a great item to have. You can wear it casual or fancy. It looks very delicate but yet still has a very urban feel to it.

Something New:
Necklace: Modd.G Horoscope Necklace Gacha (THANK YOU!)

Something Old:
Backpack: (From a Korena Sim) KU_ITEM_BackPack (Brown) (S) By: Heidi SeraKorea
Garters: *Fishy Strawberry* Ignition Lingerie – Red (50L Friday)
Bra: *IR* Jungle Fever Lingerie (Store might be closed) Indie Rainbow
Skirt: Emery – Skirt FastCar
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Browline Glasses
Oldschool Headphones: [Oh, Otis!] Oldschool Walkman Headphones 01 – Otis Pertwee (Contact to purchase)
Not too new, not too old:
Skin: &Bean – Pillow Tan eight BB FR

Poses: All from PDA – Some by Esme (still PDA though)