Dark Horse



I can’t hear you
You’re talking to yourself
And what you’re used to
It don’t work on no one else

I’m gonna teach you
And keep you for myself
Gonna take you by the hand
And walk you to my house
So I can hear you

I wanna hear you

This look is a tricky one, because I made the look on my free but at the same time I’ve been told many times I need to put a shirt on beneath. So if you can find a textured layer bandeau or tank top, I would recomend that. For this look, I rocked the shit out of the new mesh armor made by Death Row Designs. She’s an amazing designer. Her work is beautiful, but most of it is geared for a post-apocalypse grungy style. Which isn’t bad, but for us Gorean. We’re not allowed most of the stuff that I found at her store. If you also RP else where or you RP that genre than please do check her out. She’s a great designer, very innovate. As you can tell by the armor, she put a lot of detail and effort into it. The intracate design is stunning. It’s very delicate but the dark one was very ominious, so I thought it would fit my look perfectly. The collar is from the old Collabor88! I loved that slinky gown it went with, but for this look it added that chic appeal I was going for. The beautiful sleeves and skirt is new from Peqe. The hair is from Homeage and I don’t care what anyone says, they have the best hair base and ideas of hair. It’s really nice to see unique styles in this game because less face it. Half of the stuff you see on blogs are so played out. So, it’s a breath of fresh air for me to shop at their store. The flowers and pearls around my head are older too, but they still went with the collar I’m wearing. They had a ton of colours, so again another great buy because it goes with anything. The  toe wraps are by Keystone which is a new item from Amyee. I adore, simply yet so sleek! they are currently for sale at the newest round of Totally Top Shelf!

The Secret affair is where you can find these latest and fab items it will be opening tomorrow! So everyone get those lindens ready!! I’m super excited for them and I know all of you will love this Event. It’s based on Edgar Allen Poe – The Raven!


Skin: [theSkinnery] Marni 9 (toffee) RARE
Eyebrows: [theSkinnery] Marni Brows 7
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Ice
Hair: HOMAGE — Poison : Essentials (unpacked)
Moles: Just Magnetized – Visage Beauty Marks set 08

Skirt: & Sleeves: Peqe – The Raven Skirt_Black – The Secret Affair
Armor: -DRD- melancholy armor – The Secret Affair
Toe Wraps: .Keystone. Toe Wraps – SLINK MID! – Totally Top Shelf
Headpiece: Glam Affair – Bohemian Romance Black
Collar: Maitreya Vintage Collar & Pearls – Black
Rings: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl rings – Silver



Now Doing Custom Profile Pictures

Pictures that I’ve done for people who wanted a profile picture made by myself.

I enjoy making pictures, they take me a very long time to do. I have always dreamt of doing something creative with my life and SL definitely allows me to do.

She owned the Night

Right now my going rates are
+ For quick photos 1,500L
+ For detailed photos – 3,500L (single) 6,000L (couple)

Please send me a note card in world regarding your inquire and a description of what you would like done for your photo.

Bundle Deals – Negotiable
Ex. For one high resolution photo – 3,500L. If you want a second photo – that one would only be – 1,750L

Please see here for my portfolio!
Thank you for you interest.

Fear Coy

Ninja Spy






Pretty gal fly gal shyt

That girl your honey is sweet, that’s why I’m trying to be everything you need
Just imagine the magic that we could make beneath the sheets
Just imagine everything you need inside of me, will make the widows peak

Let’s make these bed sheets filled like the passion
The passion I got to give; trust me is everlasting


Ivory details


This look of today is a combination of all the new events that have been going on for a week now. The corset is what started the look and its new in the recent event over at The secret Affair. It’s fucking gorgeous. The options that she gives you is pretty rad as well. There’s so many different styles to this corset. So, for instance, you have either a sleeveless verion, a cropped version and a full version which has some pretty puffy sleeves on the side of the corset. I can see all the little bonds/slaves rocking this look. I threw it on my Free girl because I thought I’d show you it’s great for both female roles. See the lower photo for all the different tones you can pick from. It’s unreal. Which makes it difficult for one to try and purchase only a few colors. The mesh work is very intricate. I adore all the little detail she put into it. The pants are old and are from Ryvolter. I’m having a hard time finding some gorean/medieval themed mesh pants. The darling beautiful stole is from T.Whore. A great little addition to the look. The necklace and shoes are by Aisling. The shoes were from an older We ❤ RP event, but are at their main store. The necklace however is currently new and is over at the new Jewelry Event! So take a stop over there. Oodles upon oodles of good stuff! Another look that is from the Secret Affair, my girl Imogen (swaggor blogger) had already did the dress, so I thought I’d rock the pretty armor and crown she mad. It’s perfect. Truly something else! I love the textured detail and the shading on these mesh pieces. The dangling chains deffiantly make my look pop as well.


teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Ice
Hair; Lamb. Halo – Variety Pack
Stole *T.Whore* – Sexy Fur Stole Wild MESH
Pants: .: ryvolter :. Armour Panel Leggings – Ivory
Shoes: . a i s l i n g . Tess Orty -Natural- (wearme)
Nose Chains: .Keystone. Whyt – [Box] – Jewelry Fair
Sleeveless Corset: :[P]:- Kaelys Corset:// Laced – The Secret Affair
Headpiece, shoulders arms: Lau’s Set – Corina – The Secret Affair
Crown: WAYNE – Crown / Silver – The Secret Affair

Shield: PFC~Fleur de Lis (iron) (sheath)
Bow: Chakra Bow Draw [Elite] v4.04 w/ Quiver



Kaelys Previewer

So Much to Choose From!!!!



If you see by this picture, we got a few weapons on display.

First off, this shield by PFC is my favorite. Hands down. I hadn’t really looked into it. He changed the shield sound which is something I first noticed and loved about the shield. PFC, isn’t new to the business of shield making. Just the fact that the shielding noise is different from most competitors makes me think this guy is pushing the limits. I didn’t Photoshop this photo so you can tell by the detail and shading Pucca put into this shield!

The bow is also new, which is from LR Weapons, it’s the Charkra bow and is currently posted up at We ❤ RP! Check it out! I loved the simplicity of this bow. I also sported the quiver as an additional piece to my look.


My Favorite WEapons

She owned the Night


But it’s all the same
I could have foreseen
That you would act like you are
Oh so cool you seem
Blending with that scene
Wearing what you think is hard

I can see you struggling
Boy, don’t hurt your brain
Thinking what you’re gonna say
Cause everything’s a game
Always trying to calculate
Trying to look smart but not too smart
To threaten anything they say



My favorite look of this week. I’m wearing the most beautiful gown I’ve worn in Gor. Well, at the current moment. You know my fashion addict ass can’t even wear one look a day. Anyways this dress is gorgeous. It’s from the upcoming new ‘The Secret Affair’ round. The dress is by Devious Mind. It’s fucking top notch. From the pearls and gold chains that hang scandalously round my ladies thighs, the couture feathers around the neckline and hem of the gown to the lascivious plunging one shoulder strap. The undershirt I found on the Marketplace, because let’s face it. This look isn’t very free womanish, but I’d still rock. The feathers around my wrists are from the Fangarth set. I just changed the feathers to match the ones around my shoulder. The gown itself will come in a few tones to choose from, so be sure to check out this round of the secret affair. The Jewelry fair is coming out real soon. I love Aisling, seriously; who doesnt, right? Look at this breath taking tiara they made. Good god I love it. The mesh work on all the items listed below are truly amazing, I can’t wait to see what else in store for that event. I’m sure it’s going to ball-tastic. The feet chains are by keystone, they’re from an older event but I still love them. They go with anything if you wanna feel a bit special rather than the typical free woman look; great for slaves I must add.

Hair Base: HOMAGE — Poison : Essentials (unpacked)
hair: MOON{Hair}. Wight Birth – Greyscales
Makeup: MONS / Makeups – Eyeshadow Baggy – bronze
teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Skin: [theSkinnery] Zuri – Bare face (toffee) DB CL1
Brows: THESKINSHOP (11) (EYEBROWS) ‘Dangerous’ (Black)
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Ice

Dress: !dM deviousMind “Morrighan” **bloggerBOX** The Secret Affair
Tops: :: GLACE PEARLS :: Romance Lace Shirt
Feathered Cuffs: . a i s l i n g . Fangarth Set
Shoes: [Keystone] Chained up Feet – Bright Metal pack [BOX]
Necklace: .aisling. Chimalma Necklace < The Jewelry Affair
Headpiece: .aisling. Theia Tiara <The Jewelry Affair
Nose: .aisling. Undecim Nosering<The Jewelry Affair





For this look we’re rocking a lot of old meets new. The shrug! Don’t even get me started. plastik really out did herself on this set. It’s from the We ❤ RP September round. I love the whole piece, but I wanted to mix it up. I try to keep my looks a bit different from everyone else’s. if you can see by the actual mesh, it comes with mesh hands. So you get that over the wrist sleeve look. I really adore it. It comes with a hud so you can change the skin tone. The mesh and textures are realistic and truly pop! Good job. It’s a full pant-suit outfit. The pants are by Sey. I got them a very long time ago, but they were perfect for my look. The new armor by The forge is amazing. I wore the chest place and bracers. I love the little embossed design. The shoes are from COCO which are currently at the Uber Festival. She mad a tank girl look which I will be posting next.


Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Eyelashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur/touch me
Teeth DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Beauty Marks: Just Magnetized – Visage Beauty Marks set 08
Shoes *COCO*_Lace-UpBoots_Black
chest armor/ bracers: [The Forge] Valkyrie Armour, Steel (Box)
Eyeband: +pe+ Warning Blind Fold
Grapple Rope: PFC~NinjaStuffs – Grapple Fantasy Gacha
Packs: PFC~Belt packs (black) Fantasy Gacha
Pants: :SEY Sarrouel-Skinny_Pants-A [black]
Shrug: :[P]:-Blogpack:// The Zarin Outfits WLRP




Again, another look of old items with new ones. I just noticed my feet are bit off on the skin tone matching, so forgive me on that. That’s the only thing I dislike about those glam affair feet, they’re so bloody hard to match up, but the idea of the socks are just rad as fuck. The pants are by Yasum they were the new ones at the Fantasy Collective. I’m rocking them so good. I adore them. Lots of people gave mixed reviews, but I really liked the whole look of them. The HUD is impressive with all the customization. So you really can have fun with them. I’m wearing the plastik shirt, which I thought was pretty saucy. The darling fur stole is by nigga peqe. It helped my earthy look, gave it that umf it needed. The chain scarf is from an older event made by my Papa who I am truly proud of.
Makeup: MONS / Makeups – Eyeshadow Baggy – bronze
teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Skin: [theSkinnery] Zuri – Bare face (toffee) DB CL1
Brows: THESKINSHOP (11) (EYEBROWS) ‘Dangerous’ (Black)
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Ice
Hair: >TRUTH< Haven – black & whites

Top: :[P]:- Dacia Tops:// Bohemian
Pants: Yasum*Mad Leathers*Mega Hud controled*UNISEX
Staff .:GSpot:. vexillum of bellerophon wood gold
Scarf: :Enigma: Chained Scarf Bloggerspack
Stole: Peqe – Twisted Stole_Dark Brown
Belt: PFC~Belt packs (brown) (REVIEW COPY)
Shoes: -Glam Affair Homme – Vanity Feet – Braces – Black
Sleeves: .:GSpot:. Cloey Bolero Jacket A

We love RP & My weekly looks <3




It’s already that time that you hope my mind is true
And I’ve been thinking of what to say or not to do
So you wanna be a man about it, do you?
And have you figured out all you wanted, have you?

This outfit is based around a few events. The look is from combination of my favorite designers. 1. Damon Pinelli – Enigma. 2. PFC – Pucca Firecaster. 3. The Forge – Deccan ❤ 4. Plastik! [P]! Please check out their stores for all the goodies. First off the stop is from Plastik. It’s an old bodysuit that I then added the kilt from Enigma and the skirt from the Voodoo set. Which was by Pucca Firecaster, listed in the The Fantasy Collective event. The shoulders are new by Pucca as well. He’s so genius when it comes to these elaborate and unique pieces. The textures are so vivid and I’m honored to blog for him. Look at the beautiful delicate feathers on both the skirt and shoulder armor. The leather and bone textures are so vivid and clear. It’s stunning, just perfect. The forge armors are new and they’re also at the We ❤ Role-play event. check it out now for the discounted price! I adore these. They come with an awesome chest plate and Chasity belt which is a whole outfit, but right now – Kenzie is a Free woman.



Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
eyelashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long
Hair; [LeLutka]-CHARLENE hair/Naturals
Skin: [theSkinnery] Marni 9 (toffee) RARE (ARCADE)

Kilt: :ENIGMA: Battle Kilt Brown
Bodysuit: :[P]:- Karmiel Bodysuits:// Brown
Bracers: [The Forge] Valkyrie Armour, Steel (WE ❤ RP)
Shoulders: PFC~Raven Pauldron – left – SECRET AFFAIR – COMING SOON
Branches: PFC~Woodsman’s pack (GACHA)
Skirt: PFC~Voodoo (LE) – skirt (not rigged) – TFC


My friends are the best. I told them I couldn’t handle the arcade, I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff from the Arcade by my friends ❤ thank you guys. The hair is by Exile which is at the Arcade. The skin is from the skinnery, which is a rare from there as well. I want to take a moment and express my undying love for the skinnery. Long time ago, there was a girl at unks, named Sunset. She was wearing this skin and I was like “Hey, that’s really nice = where did you get it from” she replied “The skinnery” she passed me a landmark and since that day I haven’t changed my skin. I’ve always worn the skinnery skins. They’re my favorite. Regardless of what kind of cunt people say – I feel the skinnery doesn’t make you look like a crack whore. It makes you look realistic in a game which most avatars look like dolls. The popping of the eyes, the realistic skin texture and the shading that sculpt a face better than Kim Kardashian wishes her mac brushes could. Anyways, I love the Skinnery so my friends passed me all of them including the eyebrows. I’ma  lucky girl and I want to express to everyone = it’s well worth it. The dress is by GO! you can find it at the We ❤ RP event as well. Comes in a red version. The wings are by Enfant Terrible, it was part of her Forzen gacha. Check out her store to see if the machine is there. The shoes! omg, they’re fucking unreal. Great job to Eudora! Amazing job. Plus the HUD always has so many selections of tones and metals that getting these are totally worth it. To wear with a short dress, a warriors outfit

Skin; [theSkinnery] Marni 5 (honey) RARE (ARCADE)
Brows: [theSkinnery] Marni Brows 1 (ARCADE)
Hairbase: HOMAGE — Poison : Essentials – Stefani
Hair: Exile::Dancing on my own 6. Dark Blonde

Shoes: Eudora3D Artemis Sandals FATPACK (Slink Flats) – We ❤ RP
dress: !gO! Fay dress – White
Wings: .Enfant Terrible. Frozen heart Gacha wing left ULTRA RARE – Fantasy Gacha




For this look. I have to say, Luminary really out did themselves on this gown. I adore it to pieces. The head piece is new as well, which is also at the We ❤ RP event. It is done by Keystone! Amazing work as always. I thought all these metal looks went hand and hand with this dress. The beautiful golden texture paisley looking corset. Which texture buttons on the back. The darling head piece with the ruby gem in the middle! Tres chic. The arm backs that are golden leafs are made by my friend Cloey. Darling piece. Check out Sweet Pea – cloey.scorfield. Truly adorable and comes in many tones. Must check it out!!


Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Raven
Skin: [theSkinnery] Marni 9 (toffee) RARE
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Deborah” Blacks and White

Leaf Jewels: ::SP:: Jeweled Leaf Gold (L)
Headpiece .Keystone. Fae’Leth Headpiece [Box]
Dress .Luminary.We Love Roleplay – Victoria
Cuffs: .random.Matter. – Bastille Wrist Cuff – Gold




In this outfit it’s all about we love roleplay mixed with the older pieces I have. I adore we love roleplay. It’s a great monthly event that helps us roleplayers stay in que with our roles. It helps us to decorate our avatars accordingly. Which makes me happy because it’s hard to find stores that fit my genre of roleplay. So I would really like to take the time to thank all the people who put forth the effort in putting on this event every month. Finding designers who make quality clothing and items for us to decorate our homes/avatar with pretty looks!

The dress and the trident are new to this round of We ❤ Rp.  The dress is by [Sitched]. I happen to love the deep neck line and low exposed back of my gown. Which most men in gorean RP would say that’s a good look for a slave, I tend to push the limits because I can fight and half the time – no on is gor even roleplays the collaring of the a free woman because it takes so long. good job gor. Anyways, the hands are from Aisling and I adore them. I had to fit them to my characters hand and it took forever. So for them to put together the mesh, texture and then work them onto slink hands is impressive! Big thanks to you guys for your hard work. The cuffs are by The forge, they’re older but can be found at his main store. I love deccans work on them! The darling bangles are new from Chary! Jayde is amazing with her texture work. I adore them, she gives us many options too, tones, etc. The earrings and chain on my head is an older Aisling piece as well. They worked with my outfit and the rest of my accessories. I really adore they creations. They’re just so vivid. The head piece though is by my girl amyee from Keystone! Check out the little gems that dangle, the mesh work around the piece and then the crisp textures with mapping! Ugh, she’s growing as a designer and really making her pieces pop! I love it.

The trident comes as a klaive or a polearm. Which is nice to have to switch back and forth. I quiet frankly love that LR allows us that option. The mesh work is pretty neat. It looks like a real trident. As always I can count on the scripts of LR to work in his hefty lag when battling in Gorean sims, not to mention all the additional add-ons you can change with LR’s weapons. Wither it’s sounds, swings, the mechanics of customizing how you sword operates to your liking! Bravo


Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Raven
Skin: [theSkinnery] Zuri – Bare face (toffee) NB CL1
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dasha – black & whites

Hands . aisling . Darshana Hand (HUD WEAR ME)
Dress: [Stitched] & EPOS Bloggers < WE LOVE ROLEPLAY
Chains . a i s l i n g . Xanthe Review Copy .rez.
Headpiece [Keystone] Bryre Crown
Earrings: .aisling. Gretchen Earrings 1.1
Cuffs: [The Forge] Ailida’s Bangles (FatPack) (Box)
Necklace *May’s Soul* necklace coins gold
Bangles: C h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (Bloggers)

!LR SHIELD – Trident Shield (box) v3.03
!LR SPEAR – Trident (box) v2.16 < WE LOVE ROLEPLAY EVENT




For this look! I based it around two items. The new cloak which is from Fateplay and my father’s shield. Enigma is probably one of the best shops around Gor right now, a real up and comer. I adore his textures and mesh works. The scarf that’s around my neck, that has the little chains added is a new piece he is working on. Though it’s not finished, I’ve been wearing it -forgivemedamon-. I just tinted it to be honest, it looks great, but will look even better when it’s finished. So technically it’s a sneak peak. The cloak is pretty much amazing. It comes in many different tones, so have no fear on stopping by Fate play and check it out. The body suit is a older and it’s from plastik. I adore her stuff for my roleplay. I really do. Though it’s a bodysuit, I rocked an old piece from Cellar Door – check out marketplace. I wore her skirt which gave me a more mercenary look. So I added the may’s soul hip armor which sealed my look. The bracers are from an older gacha machine by Deccan! So go down to the forge and have your luck there because the machine is still up. The sword is from LR. I love LR I trust their melee weapons the most. They never really seem to fail me in lag. The look for this sword is bang on! Completes my whole battle bitch look!


Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Raven
Skin: [theSkinnery] Zuri – Bare face (toffee) NB CL1
hair: Magika [01] Sudden

top: :[P]:- Karmiel Bodysuits:// Black Leather
skirt: ! Cellar Door Fatima
belt & hip armor * May’s Soul* Musa belt onix black
cape: FATEplay Cloak – Dany – Onyx
shoes: FLite. -Skyhigh Black 1.1
leg harness: .Shi : Leg Harness {PATENT-UNISEX} [Rigged Mesh]
bracers: [The Forge] Asgar Bracers, UltraRARE (Black) Box -ABOX
Tape: Nana tapes (perviously blogged)

Sword: !LR Crusader Sword (box) v2.21
Shield :Enigma: Defender – Black SHEATH