Just a girl

Things are picking up. I’ve been enjoying my time off work but now it’s only nine more days until I hit the plane and land in the west coast. I’ve been an east coast girl for many years, it’s time to break away. I will spread my wings and find new adventures, new opportunities and a new fancy life! Not to mention my dad got me an old school Harley. I’m pretty jacked right now. Anyways, please enjoy this massive post. I will try my best to keep it short.

There is a new event. It’s called the Countdown Room. I hope every hits it up cause everything there is 50% percent off. I spent literally so little of money that I still had enough to hit up some mainstores and see what they had there. I find these events awesome to have because it is hard to find that mainstore that is themed with gorean attire. Plus I am pretty content with my new hammer which is the latest release from LR weapons. It’s called Warmog. It’s skilled for all types of damage, 35%, 40%, 45% – I can’t stand people who use 45% but if that tickles your fancy I would assume you’d enjoy this mesh creation. Check out the bad boy detail and the stunning jewel encrusted in the middle of the hammer. I love it. Great job and great mesh as always.

If you see here I went for a truly girly look. The newest pieces from this outfit is the bangles which are by Deccan of The Forge. He will be featuring these beautiful little gems in an event Pier Market. The stunning dress is from Plastik. I was searching her store for some new items that I didn’t have, such as tops or corsets with lola appliers and I stumbled upon this. It comes in tons of tones, shades and patterns! It’s pretty cheap as well so check it out, worth the lindens to wear such a lovely gown.

Dress: :[P]:- Morgana Gown [XS]://Princess < Plastik

Hair: !lamb. Witch – Ink
(Most already listed)

Collar: . a i s l i n g . Faranth Collar RARE
Bangles: [The Forge] Tri Bangle, L (Gold) < NEW! PIER MARKET EVENT
Rings: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl Left hand gold
Fur: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl beige right

There is a new upcoming round of genre. The theme is mermaids! I love love theme. Some of the items I’ve been given are truly unique and stunning. I can’t wait for you all to see it. Some have started blog more of the items, but I’ve been bouncing back and forth between irl and sl – so it’s hard to keep up. The piece I’m featuring is the little hair piece by Distorted Dreams. It’s my favorite so far and it goes with my gorean outfit without it being too not gorean. It looks like something I found and made myself in rp. So that’s why I love it. I did rp that actually with a slave who liked it and wanted it for herself. The skin I’m wearing is from the new Skin Fair. It’s the skinnery one. I adore it. The hair is from the arcade gacha machine! I thought it would go nicely with the dress, considering I’m pale as fuck. The bangles and arm cuffs are new and are from the fantasy room, by On a Lark! It comes with a hud so combining this piece of jewelry with other outfits provides you more variety.

Dress: !gO! Khaleesi dress -beige-

Ankles/Arm Cuffs: *OAL* Crysantha Cuffs FR
Rings: Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl rings (unpacked)
Hair Piece: .::DD::. Miranda Hairpiece (blogger box!) < GENRE – NEW ROUND

Hair Base: Amacci Hairbase Tattoos 2 – FAT PACK
Hair: Exile::Rain or Shine: 1 – ARCADE GACHA
Skin: [the Skinnery] Quiana – Bare face(toffee)
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Raven

The new dress from Teri! I love it looks so regal. It comes in so many colors. I love that about this designer, she puts so much effort and leaves us with so many options. The shoulder armor are by The Forge, which is in the Fantasy gacha still. He has new bracers which are in the new countdown room- 250L for the fatpack. You have to get them. It comes with a hud which makes it easier and less heavy on the inventory. I love the tones. Stunning. The shield on my back is new and it’s from May’s Soul. I did have to put my own scripts it in but it does work. You can also shrink the shield down to a smaller size if you don’t have scripts for the may souls shield. But it is the best. I love it.

Dress: [Teri] Cassandra Red – NEW

Headpiece: [Keystone] Moragh’s Crown [Ltd. Ed.] < The Fantasy Room
Shoulders: [The Forge] Elise Pauldron, Gold -CBOX < Fantasy Gacha
Bangles: [The Forge] Celtic Bangles (Box) < COUNTDOWN ROOM 50% OFF FATPACK
Nose: *May’s Soul* Nose Chain simple gold
Rings: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl rings (unpacked)
Collar: .:GSpot:. Raven-Nell Collar Gold

Hair: !lamb. Ambrosia – Grayscale Pack
Skin: [the Skinnery] Quiana – Bare face(toffee) < SKIN FAIR

Shield: *May’s Soul* Lion Shield gold
sword: [EZ] Wrath’s Conviction, Blawgbox

The new hammer, check it out! Gorgeous!! Like I said earlier about the damage is true. The stunning mesh is gorgeous from the mallet to the handle. I adore it. They did a wonderful job. Plus not to mention the pre-made gestures, the fact that you can change the swinging sounds, the female exasperation sounds when a woman would realistically swing. The belt is my favorite piece to this outfit. Not to mention with May’s Soul items, she sells them incredibly cheap. So to buy all of the tones of metal didn’t hurt my pocket, so I just went to town. Look at the shading and the mesh. The leather texture around the belt. Truly a good piece of work. The mystical staff is by someone new that I’ve never seen before, the store is called INDO. I love the pretty little jewels that hand from the stems. It’s adorable. Softened up my look for sure. The Necklace and bangles are two items from the count down room. The shield is from the fantasy gacha made by Enigma!! Still there so get them while it’s up. The beautiful stunning dress is by silk worms. She’s been creating some really amazing stuff. Like this dress. Check out the corset, it’s breathtaking . The Celtic pattern around the bust, the stitching on the side! Ou la la !! Mon Cheri! The shoulders of the draping fabric. I adore it! Lovely gown. Plus comes in different tones at the count down room so it’s 50% each tone! Get’em girls!

Dress: !! Silk Worms !! Bondmaid Boom Brown
Top: :[P]:- Saturne Reloaded:// Rough < Plastik

Hair: ::Exile:: Stay the Night: Naturals
Hairbase: [ef] – Malaysian 01 Lace Front Caps (Hairbase) – Black < kiyoko mari
Skin: [the Skinnery] Quiana – Bare face(toffee) < SKIN FAIR 14

Bangle: *OAL* Honor Beads CR < COUNTDOWN ROOM!!!
Belt: * May’s Soul* Musa belt gold brown < NEW MAINSTORE
Necklace: *May’s Soul* Danny necklace gold wood < MAINSTORE
Bangle: [The Forge] Gem Bangles, (Box) < PIER MARKET EVENT
Bangle: [The Forge] Tri Bangles, (Box) < PIER MARKET EVENT
Necklace2: Daphne Necklace < COUNTDOWN ROOM
Collar: [Teri]otrope Nova Neckcorset Bloggerset – FANTASY GACHA
Scarf: !.RR.!KenzuFur-Brown – Remy
Staff: {INDO} Mystikal Staff

Weapons: !LR Warmog Hammer (box) v2.10 << New!!!



So many looks in one small post. The adorable outfits of being a bwoss ass bitch or just a plain doe. Doe meaning you’re boyish and coy. Yet still bold and fierce enough to show your sassy side. I’ve always been a fan of steam-punk meets rocker chic. I don’t know. It’s something I’ve always been fond of. Though most of the time when a female dresses like this, it gets old because most girls in this GE theme are so bad ass, they aren’t taken seriously. So, sometimes – I’ll go fancy nah, or sometimes I’ll be boyish chic.

The first look that is in my main picture is a look of steel. The wonderful steel I hold is a new blade made by LR Weapons. I love the Orcrist Sword. It’s stunning. The delicate Elvin pattern across the steel, the wooden handle which has some detailed bone at the end of it. It’s beautiful. I’m going to do a weapons post soon, but I wanted to boost about how well the mesh and textures are. It’s worth the 600L and to have it first was a real joy. It’s something rare these days. The darling bolo tie is by Ison! They’re so good, I love the detail and the darling gold tips. It’s so realistic and stunning – worth all of them. I won an eagle, bull and a deer! Three different tones. Get it at the Arcade Gacha. The boots are from a great store called + Deer + by -Sidofox Zsun. If you like it please see on marketplace because that’s where I got them. So well defined and well made – it also comes with a HUD. Which is worth it for me to spend the lindens, because it comes with tons of tones so you can wear them again and again. The hair is by ploom which is really old, but still a favorite. Don’t forget about those old classics guys! The armor is by the wonderful PFC, which is still for sale at the We ❤ RP. The bracers are from an old gacha machine at the forge mainstore!! So good. Let us not forget the shirt that I’m wearing with my mesh tits. Fuck. I can’t believe I’m rocking mesh tits. They’re from Plastik. IF you really want to wear something that is sexy and gorean, the corsets look amazing with the lolas. She does an amazing job and the fact the woman continues to make 2938928 tones for each set, really makes it hard not to buy a rainbow.

Second look is my cutesy outfit. It’s a bunch of old stuff I threw on at random. The beautiful shirt is from villena. I really like that store. It is a bit hipster but it’s more my style. I love the pure evil pussy cat top but I bought all the other ones too. Fresh prince, bandana shirt, much more check it out. Great mesh and mapping. The Skirt is by Blokc. I love the uneven skirt hem. It’s stunning. I’m also wearing league garters. I finally got them, cave in and I’m happy I did. I bought the fat pack and I feel everyone should do the same, it’s worth it. So many colors and tones. The boots are from the fantasy gacha. I love them so much and never had a chance to put them up on my blog when the raving bloggers were booming about TFG. I adore the smooth textures, the fancy laces and not to mention her mesh socks. The high and low of it really brings my look to life. -claps-

The third look is an awesome bag that I bought from the chapter four event. It’s by Anemysk Karu. Love it. I think the owl on the flap was a cute touch. Then I’m wearing the awesome top by Plastik, as you can see it also comes with lolas appliers. I love the leather boho look. It’s a great shirt, with the fringe and the beads. That’s what really sold me to buy this shirt. Then I’m wearing a fur vest that my friend sommer bought me! I love it. It’s very natural looking and the mesh rolling fur that outlines my chest and waist makes my look more feminine.




How soon is now?


I am the son and the heir
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
I am the son and heir
Of the nothing in particular

You shut your mouth, how can you say
I go about things the wrong way
I am human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

I am going to try and keep these short. Considering most of my posts are utterly long and just unnecessary. I just love to pay credit where it is due. Some of you designers truly blow me away with your talent. It is one thing to create a piece of work but to mesh an original item and texture it – takes so much time and effort and I would like to give you the time and admiration you deserve.

First off, the dress is by Adira Spingflower who is the creator of the store called Teri. She makes amazing gown for my style of RP which I adore. This dress she made is a bit risky for a free woman, but you all know I am one who is not new to baring a nude thigh to the public. At least it isn’t garters this time. Anyways, the stitching and the texture she used is amazing, she made a ton of colors so enjoy! Check it out, her newest creation. The cloak is by Junbug, it’s from another event; older piece. I adore the smooth fur look to it, love the shape and how it falls slight off my shoulder. Again, Junbug is another amazing designer who provides us with variety. The darling head piece are two different kinds. One is by BOOM which is a gacha machine holding many many different tones for these flower packs. the other is by aisling that I got at her main store location. The amount of crisp detail this woman puts into her mesh is amazing. Love love! The shoes are by [Co57]. I got alot of comments about them for being a gorean woman running in a field, fighting down the men of such a superior world. In the end, these shoes are to the nines. Stunning and sleek. Love them. The hair is new by Exile from her last release. I love the simple curl and the darling elegant look of the pony tail.


First look


Dress: [Teri] Jasmine Golden

Cloak: *{Junbug}* Vintage Fur Wrap – Black

Shoes: [Co57] Xondra Gladiator Noir


Rings: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Girl rings (unpacked)

Crown: . a i s l i n g . Sionnach Circlet

Flowers: *BOOM* Nature’s Crown (citrus mix)

Bracers: LaGyo_Misaku Bangles

Necklace: (Yummy) Monday Morning Necklace – Onyx < We ❤ RP



Hands and Feet: Slink

Mouth Piercing: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing

Scar: DPD – Facial Scar 7 *Boxed*

Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur

Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03

Hair: Exile::Slow Burn Naturals

Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Raven

Hair Base: Amacci Hairbase Tattoos 2 – FAT PACK

I combined a few old pieces with my new pieces. The dress is by Evangeline Miles. Evies closet. The look is a very vibrant green so I changed the outfit. I tinted it to a darker greenish color. So thank you for setting it up like that. There is nothing more than my love for modding my looks or switching it to make it more unique than the rest of the clique. The armor is by the greatest PFC – Pucca Firecaster. As always stunning work and beautiful addition to my look. The crown is still at the fantasy gacha at the may soul machine! Check it out.

Second look:


Dress: *EC* Nimue Gown – Illusion

Armor: PFC~War Kitten (box/wear)


Hands: *OAL* Mecca Hand & Foot Coins

Flower: .Enfant Terrible. Forest Flowers Brown/Red flowers (unpacked)

Necklace: MG – Necklace – Dew Encrusted Teardrop

Crown: Halo gold RARE – May’s Soul – FANTASY GACHA


Hair: Clawtooth: Business Time (Silent Movie Star Pack)

Most of the other items worn are listed in first description.


The little German Girl

For my look of the night I pulled out an old dress I didn’t blog yet because it came out at the enchanted event and it was overload. I wanted to give my spiel on it. 1. Because Junbug is the best gown maker in all of Second Life. Her unique designs, her willingness to go above in beyond by her daring silhouettes of her gowns. I adore her outfits so much. She’s a wonderful sweet woman as well, so spending dollars on her designs is well worth it. She has always been so helpful when I’ve had an issue and is so positive mannered. I adore her. Look at the corset around my girls waist. The shading and the ribbon texture is so bold and crisp. Just stunning. I’m wearing her dress and she does have a longer version if you weren’t into this style, but I wanted to show off the new shoes by Aisling in the new We ❤ Rp event. I love that in each purchase you have the option of three different tones and you can also change the laces by using the special handy HUD that is including. There is nothing more than buying a pair of adorable shoes for 188 and it gives you pre-made 3 options. The darling apple bracelets are by the best accessory maker – Enfant Terrible. I didn’t give her enough credit in my last post, because I wasn’t wearing these little manja manja apples! They also look good on the ankles. I changed them on my slave character so that I can look like a little scavenger of the woods, finding the tasty fruits/veggies for my Free! TAAA-DAAA. Also if you look at my detailed photo you will see my weapons. The quiver is from an LR Bow – The sword is also LR. Lately I’ve been on a Primus and LR weapons kick. I don’t know why, but the amount of new mesh and creative style of the weapons are just making me super happy! The sword is old, very old. That should show you how much I adore LR weapons. Gladius of Sin is the name of the sword I’m wearing, but the look I’m wearing was calling the sheath of that sword. It went well! Plus for melee damage I adore LR quick draw and always trusting swings. -claps-.

This is my second look. The darkest soul of Gor. Lately I’ve been in a funk. I remember coming home from work and being thrilled to raid with people. Fighting against my friends ended in laughter. Running along friends that I knew I could count on and trust. These days there’s so much betrayal and jealously that it’s just boring. Hence the 3 different looks in one evening. I’m pretty much killing time by watching movies and dressing up my character. The darling dress is by the Library. It’s from an old we ❤ rp. The beautiful dress has this long sexy collar in the wrong, which made Jalis beautiful chained necklace pop. The beautiful plated shoulder armor that is pure gold – not just be design and texture, but behind the maker – JALI IS PURE GOLD. The beautiful bracers are by Deccan, my next best mesh creator in second life. From his bracers, armor to his collars. They’re all stunning. MAYS SOUL! Wow, this crown. Is divine. How I love the look of it. The rustic gold appearance, suits my rp.  I love it. Great job. The Druidical Klaive that is hanging on my sheath is the newest item from LR weapons. Bravo, the mesh and textures are truly perfect. My friends and I went to the arcade and jumped on this Tiki/Mayan/Mamba look which is sad, cause we’re not Mambas, but I guess it’s all for looks these days than actual rp. Anyways, this would great with any slave, woodsmen, or simple RP character. It’s great. The Shield is a custom item that my wonderful SL family has given me. It’s an honor to know those beautiful people. I’m truly happy to be with them. A wonderful girl who is such a hardworking little designer in SL – Amyee Monk created the mesh and designed the emblem she also made for strictly the families name. So if you’re interested in custom shields/banners please feel free to contact her. As I do believe she is still doing custom work.

Bracer: [The Forge] Viking Bracer Left, (Gold) Rare
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Sirena (XLong)(Backless)(Rigged)
HEadpiece: .random.Matter. – Keelhauled – Head Chain – Gold
Crown: Mays Soul -Midgard crow gold rust
Dress:~The Library~ Jessica Collar S-Black
Skin: [theSkinnery]Angie-Bare face(mocca) BB CL2
Amor Necklace: .Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor – Gold

!LR Druidical Klaive (box) v2.21
!LR Valhalla Spear (box) v2.16
Shield Custom – By Amyee Monk


Skin: *League* Skin Aria Bronze -Natural < New <3!
Shoes: . a i s l i n g . Tess Orty -Natural- (wearme) < WE LOVE RP
Hair: Clawtooth: Girl Trouble prize 1 < From my great friend Imogen <3!!
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Raven
Dress: *{Junbug}* Blogger Mail Welcome + Enchantment Items! [Rez me] (
Bracelets/Horns: .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Gacha
Hairband: .Enfant Terrible. Enchantment –

Primus Maven Bow 1.43 [p5]
PFC~Knight Shield 1.0 (box)
Gladius of Sin (box) v2.21




Today, ladies and gents; but lucky for you gents. I have the most wonderful guest spot in all my blogging history. Once upon a time a girl met a man who was a slayer of all beasts. A man who was an honorable gorean. Concealed by the cloths of the warriors color – burning flames imprinted upon his husky chest. The Noble Red Dragon introduced his obedient servant to a man of great Honor. Enki Adrastus. Welcome him, friends. For he is a man of great fashion, technical with all positioning upon an avatar and doesn’t shit bats. Enough with my stupidity. I am really honored to have met such a man, Enki Aftermath is one of the most honest, loyal and kind person I have yet to met in this game. I thank him greatly for taking the time and putting a look together. Allowing my annoying voice to speak with him regarding our blog post. Allowing me to do a photo of us and plaster it all over the second life feeds for the sake of fashion. He is a good man, a trooper and a team player. Thank you, Master of the Internet. May the priest kings bless your sword and continue to grant you with prosperity and good health.


The thing I like most about Enki’s look is that everything goes together hand in hand. It doesn’t look like her was trying so hard to outshine the rest. Enki just simply put a look together that was both modern but fits well in our theme of role-play. I adore the PFC – Cimmerian skirt Enki is wearing. It’s a very well made, the depth and texture on the mesh is very well defined/realistic. The belt that wraps around his waist is even more detailed then the weathered fabric. It pops and makes the outfit look complete with our theme. I don’t want to go into his outfit too much, so allow you all to take a gander over at his blog. Enki is a veteran to his game we play and his exquisite taste in fashion has also been well known amongst us goreans. Check out his blog here or see clothing details.

Barbeion the playful slut of Gor. I’m rocking an old pair of highwaisted suspender pants that are made by milk motion. The textures are a bit plain, but the fact that the mesh fits perfect around my slaves bottom/waist – makes up for it. The hot pants did come in numerous colors so for sure take a cab over there and check out her work. I’ve know Marie a long time and she is a Fashion Queen that has no boundaries with her creations. I’m wearing the lovely new hat by Enfant Terrible from the arcade gacha, which I mentioned in the last post with a picture to display all the items you could possibly win. I still love that she made it an international theme of hats. The darling shield is by Pucca Firecaster. Man, does that guy know what he’s doing. I hooked it upon my wide slave hips cause I thought it would look cute to display. Then I’m wearing some old school hair by truth. It’s an old favorite of mine. The socks! Zomg are adorable they come with a hud so you can change the color of the bow. It’s adorable and has a great selection of colors to choose from.


Shape: Personal
Skin: Fruk – Bennett Skin Shade 6 Black
Hair Base: Fruk – Fruk Hair Base Black
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. – City Lights / Mesh Eyes / Green
Facial Hair: IRON CLAW – [IC] (Facial Hair) Full Heavy Beard .::Sinner::. Black BASE
Tattoo: Creator Unknown – Dragon Tattoo
Scar: DPD – Enki Scar {Custom}
Teeth:[PXL] – OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0


Skirt: Skirt: PFC – Cimmerian – Skirt
Pants: XODOHTRONU – Harem Pants Black
Belt: PFC – Role Belt – Raider (black) RARE {Gacha Item}
Chest Harness: [The Forge] – Redemption Chest Harness {Recolored}
Scarf: ::K:: – Stylish Stole Plain-Burgundy Male
Abdoment Belt: DPD – Abdoment Belt II Dark
Pauldron: Rochambeau – The Hound Shoulder Armor {Recolored}
Leather Sleeves: DRD – malesleeve size1 leather
Helmet: [DA] – The Helmet
Boots: Lightstar – Assassin Boots-Black {Recolored}
Handwraps: Losthaven – Cloth Arm Wraps BaigeHandwrap Texture {Recolored}
Hat: .Enfant Terrible. travel souvenirs Blogger pack

Axe: [EZ] – Axe of Retribution

On Barbeion
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long/touch me
Piercing: Cobrahive – Nose “Swirl” [piercing]
Skin: [PF] Harley – BASE SKIN
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.01

Bracelets: [The Forge] Ailida’s Bangles (WornBronze) (Box)
Thigh: elska – I’m Not a Hipster
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Abra – black & whites
Pants: (milk motion) high waist vintage short- black (mesh)
Socks: C h a r y . – Ballet Socks (Black)

Weapon of Choice:
Slingshot: Primus Sabik Slingshot 5.5 [apex]
Shield: PFC~Knight Shield 1.0 (box)

LOTD – Slave shit.

Tonight’s look is a cute one again. Slaves are the funniest to dress up. A lot of the pieces are mixed from old outfits that I have accumulated over the years of playing in gor. Actually, just this week I sorted silks I had from like, 2007. It was awful, but fun to back track those old classic golden outlined black flexi silks.
So for tonight’s look I’m rocking mainly the old outfit from Gspot, which I am sure is still on the marketplace. It’s called extremely coy, even though the rustic mayan look is less than coy. The outfit comes with an amazing decorative shield. I loved the outfit, as you can tell I still wear pieces or the outfit today. The bottoms and cuffs are from that set. The necklace is an Aztec necklace by May’s Soul. The adorable chain necklace that drapes over my plentiful slave mounds. The tattoos on my knees are little tribal suns which also go with the pretty little Gspot outfit. Then I put on the gorgeous crown that was by Aisling at the Fantasy Gacha this round. I adore it so much. It shows leaves and sticks; which represent the seasons. It’s got this shinning orb in the middle of it which I thought made the look great for an fantasy rp, not just gor. Elves, fawns, any woodland type of character. The darling tiki mask is from the arcade. I love love it. It’s by Remarkable Oblivion. I love his work. It’s amazing, so well detailed and texture. Stunning, amazing design this man is. Anyways all of his masks are really nice. Plus the other little add-ons that come in the gacha. The belt is by Pucca firecaster, amazing stuff as well for the role of gorean god. The raider belts and quivers are perfect for your outfit in gor. Makes it more realistic. The slingshot on my thigh is by my man Thord. Thank you.

Arm bands and ankles: .:GSpot:. Extremely Coy
Panties: .:GSpot:. Extremely Coy
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long
Collar: [Forge] Steel Collar – 3.501 (Box)
Warpaint: +Nuuna+ Meta makeups (F)
Belt: PFC~Role Belt – Druid (brown)
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Sirena – HUD.2
Crown: .aisling. GAIA – Seasons Crown (ULTRA RARE)
Lamb: Birdy/Alchemy – Spring Babes – Lamb – Chocolate [BOX]
Tiki Mask: RO – Eidolon Mask
Necklace and Chain: May’s Soul


My man Enki is repping the good good for all you Gorean Men out there. Have a gander if you’re into something different than all the other blogs.

Most Dishonorable


Shape: Personal
Skin: Fruk – Bennett Skin Shade 6 Black
Hair: Dura – *Dura-Boy*44(Black) [Recolored]
Hair Base: Fruk – Fruk Hair Base Black
Eyes: .Insufferable Dastard. – City Lights / Mesh Eyes / Green
Facial Hair: IRON CLAW – [IC] (Facial Hair) Full Heavy Beard .::Sinner::. Black BASE
Scar: DPD – Enki Scar [Custom]
Teeth: [PXL] – OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0


Robe: ::K:: – Drape Gown Coat Black Male-L
Pants: Rochambeau – (Ro) The Black Hound Pants S [Recolored]
Pauldrons: Rochambeau – (Ro) The Hound Shoulder Armor [Recolored]
Feather Boa: Bare Rose  – Otoko Raden Feather (Neck) [Recolored]
Backpack: Wazzer Works – Coyote Backpack MKII
Headband: ~Darkestmind~ – Headband – Tied
Boots: Rochambeau – (Ro) The Black Hound Boots S [Recolored]


Sword: [EZ] – Jaw Breaker Sword
Polearm: [EZ] – Darkahn Polearm

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