Designers United!

Kenzie Craven has stopped at the most bizarre, most circ de couture, angelic, demented, fashion event! I had  a lot of fun shopping and checking out the variety of talented designers that came together to host a wonderful shopping spere! I myself spent a lot of cash money. I must say it was all money well spent. With the help of the wonderful Marie, she saved me quiet a bit! I adore her line the most, with all it’s wonderful, crafty colours and fur coats! lovely top hats! Marie always out does herself! I was most in awe by Tres Blahs skins! They’re tres magnifico! I coo’d and gushed over the make ups and tones. Which is a first because I usually stick to pale or tan. This time I wanted all the tones, but then I would have been broke. The variety of options she gives you is somewhat over whelming. There’s thick brows, thin brows, sad brows, freckles, no freckles, painted lips, etc, etc! Good Job Julliette! You must be exhausted! Then the shoes, well I’m not wearing them in my displays but ANEXX!! How do you do it! When does Machang take a break? I mean… these shoes are amazing, plus the all the christmas stuff she just made! She is a workaholic and I tip my hat to her! Wonderful job all of you guys!

I’m not going to ruin this post with my usual dialog of what I thought went well with this and that. What is cute and how perfect this is. Here’s the pictures that I spent ALL FREAKING morning doing and details 😀 Later gators!

Something New:
Jacket: (Madsy) DU3 exclusive – Vaudeville cropped jacket – red
Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Vamp (dark sad brows)
Hair: [OH]:::(o_X)::: Stage props1  – BL (comes with hat)
Gloves: DU<3/ Dollita-La Biche corset dress gloves only
Glasses: DUBOO*Half moon glasses
Corset: Veschi-ville DU (CLICK CORSET TO RESIZE!!!)
Leotard: ~Scribble~ Acrobat Leotard Pearl Leggings DU3 Exclusive
Collar: ~Scribble~ Proper Posture Collar Pearl DU3 Exclusive

Something Old:
eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes 01
skirt: &Bean – Signalling through the flames Mog Fluff skirt
eyes: DP*Yumyum – Mooneyeyes – Classic Brown

Not too New, Not too Old:
Boots: *COCO*_Gift_FlatAnkleBoots_Black (Christmas Gift)

!Femme – Poster Of A Girl
!Femme – The Police and the private
!Femme Unless it kicks

Something New:
Stockings: (Milk Motion) My fishnet stockings
Bodysuit:(Milk Motion) My vaudeville playsuit
Hat: (Milk Motion) My vaudeville top hat
Gloves: (Royal Blue) Punch the Jester Gloves in Mime
Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin – Painted Lady (light thick brows)
Hair: @Waffles – Miucha Vaudeville (cream pack)

Something Old:
Eye Veil: K&CO – Lace netting for eyes
Ribbons: * Abranimations Poi Dance Set *
Eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes
necklace: p.c.; Black Pearl Set

Not too new, Not too old:
Belt: *COCO*_WrapSkinnyBelt_Silver
Shoes: *Kookie* Athena/ Black – Foot Expo 09

PDA – Black wave
PDA – Change of Heart
PDa – Damse de mouches noires gardes du roi

Something New:
skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Belle (thin brows)
Hair Attachment: @Waffles! Pearls bows and flowers
Hair: [OH]:::(o_X)::: Stage props1-white 2
Outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ 5 Minutes to Curtain

Something Old:
FOUND TREASURE : *TorridWear*-RippedUp Gloves
Eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes
Jelwery: P.C; Diamond Pearl Menagerie Set
Shoes: (PixelDolls) Ballet Practice Wear: Shoes, White (tintable)

Not too New, Not too Old:

PDA – All poses by PDA


I’m Happy It’s All Over.

Thank god that Christmas Holidays are almost too an end. I know New Years is about to begin, but it’s not as busy as our Christmas Holidays. My Boyfriends family don’t live here to we have to go out-of-town now tomorrow for their supper (which they’re hosting specifically for us and our children because we couldn’t make it on boxing day; huge snow storm hit). I can’t refuse because they really want us to be there. As exhausted as I am, I felt I had to post something before leaving. The days have been filled with bright mornings, phones ringing non-stop, people coming and going from around Canada. Web-Cam sessions with the father (Who couldn’t make it in due to surgery and I couldn’t bare to let him spend the holidays alone. We left the webcam on for him all day and night) I’m completely exhausted. To the point where I’m turning into this massive bitch because SL is my business. RL is taking me away from my little business/entertainment. I’m enjoying the upside to being back into real life. Skating at the rinks, taking my beautiful daughter to see santa and sliding. I had a wonderful time with my family. Now  to try to have a good time with the in-laws. Who I must add, I loathe.

Here is my happy it’s over look…

Something New:
 Scarf: AOHARU_BT_KnitScarf_G2_Christmas(AttachA/Chest) (Freebie)
 Skirt: *COC0* Asymmetric Mini Skirt - Red (Winter Choice Gift)
 Boots: *COCO* Winter Boots - White (Winter Choice Gift)
Something Old:
 Glasses: (VW) Retro Shades - Metal (Vintage Wear)
 Eyelashes:  Deviant Prim Lashes 01 (Deviant Kitties)
 Skin: *REDGRAVE* Tan Skin -Lyla- // Natural
 TeeShirt: Evolution Tee LF (OLD SCHOOL!!! LAUNA FAUNA TEE)
Not too New, Not too Old:
 Mittens: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Beige
 Backpack: =IZUMIYA=Casual Ruck[[White]]- Izumi Homewood
 Leggings: +mocha+  -  Lace Leggings
 Hair: ::69:: OMNIA 50 - Black Collection
 Hair Extra: ~Scribble~ 50L Friday Braid Crowns (Black)
 Cardigan: [ATOMIC] Cozy Cardi - Bubblegum
 esme (PDA) Leaving You Behind
 esme (PDA) Might Like You Better)
 esme (PDA) save me from what i want

Snow Days!

Ooooooh how I love the snow. It’s been a very odd December for me the Canadian Girl. We’re almost at Christmas and there is a bout 6 inches of snow? Usually there’s meters instead of inches, snowfall warnings for inches not centimeters. As the years go by there’s just less and less snow! You’d think I’d be happy but quite frankly, it scares the shit out of me.

I told you all that I got my nikond90!!! Well… All of those on plurk (DAAA!!!) I’ve been snapping pictures of my friends, friends children, myself, daughter, husband… etc. I’ve been taking random pictures, landscape pictures all to learn how to use this new and better camera. I had a D60 the last time, so it’s WAY better than the D60. I love love my camera. I’ve also been sucked away by Hayden Raine. My family did a lot for us when we were kids, outside wise. We went skiing, skating, sliding, and always had hot chocolate to sooth our cold cheeks. Anyways, that’s what I have been doing!! Tis the season to be jolly. And let me say this, I fell so many times. Damn those hockey skates with no toe picks! I looked like a fool.

For my look of today is pretty bulky and warm. Because of all the activities I myself have been doing. I wanted to dress my darling AV into warm clothing!

Here it is ❤ Ciao… back to snow fights and trying to skate on hockey skates.

Something New:
 Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Courtyard Slippers [Unisex] - Red < 50L Friday
 Jacket: Winter Choice - "anuenue - Winter Jacket
 Scarf: AOHARU_BT_KnitScarf_G2_Christmas_[Box] - Group Gift
 Hair: Maitreya Ymre - Blacks Pack
 Skin: !tb - Girly Chic Tan - La Vie En Rose (light brows) (Thank you Juju!!)
Something Old:
 Leggings: *Kookie * Holey kisses leggings
 Skirt: oyakin*chifone-skirt*(white
 Eyes: DP*Yumyum -Classics:brown
 Shirt: (fd) Basic Halter - Fashionably Dead (Very very old, Basic Pack)
Not too New, Not too Old:
 Socks: DUBOO*bosong socks [brown]
 [LAP] DW Wannabe Diva
 esme (PDA) Id Engager
 esme (PDA) Just the same but brand new

Reek Meets Tiny Bird For A Second Time!

I’m a very big fan of Reek and Tiny Birds collaborations. They’re always fun and always a master piece. The knitted hat by Riq is asontishing and to top of the hat with the wonderful strands of hair by Autumn is another plus. Like the cream de la cream! I loved their Rompus Outfit they did together and this is just another edition to my inventory. A great of example when you take two styles, two world of designing and combine them together to make something great.

Let’s begin with the ultra sexy outfit by Sue! It’s a new release from BeetleBones. Sue is adorable woman! I love her style and her lovely little outfits. This one came with a long-sleeved shirt that has a sculpted bottom base for the shirt, that hangs over the prim flexy skirt. I’m loving the plaid texture, she’s so great when it comes to creating the realism in her skirts. I love it! The skirt was my focus point I guess you would say. It’s what sucked me into loving this outfit. I wore another new item by SG (Sorry I don’t know the real name, or if there is a real name). I She has a great sweater in her freebie chair. But the clothes are totally worth buying. Just check out this hoodie I got! I love the sculpts and the hoodie fabric! Great buy! I’m totally digging the freebie item too, its one of her new released sweaters (cropped sweater). I’m wearing the old vintage bag from Agathe Latte. I’m loving this bag. It’s old and I’ve blogged about it from before. My new other raving item are these knitted boots by Anexx. Have you ever seen those slipper knitted boots at Old Navy. Machang gave me these boots and I’m so proud and honored!! That she continues to feed my blog with yummy goodies! I love her work and she is so talented when it comes to sculpted texturing. You all know this all ready. I love the slouched look and the shape of the base. A perfect casual boot for just hanging out in the cold!

Reek’s hat has an option where you can colour the hat itself and the pom-poms. See above in the picture where I have the full red, the full green and then beige/white colour scheme. That’s what you can do with it. So all in all, you’re getting 3498 different hats in one buy! I love the knitted sculpted braids that Reek made, it adds some funk to the hat. The sculpted individual prim pom-pom gives it the umf of realistic-ness which a totally ten points in my opinion! Autumns pieces of hair, or under the hat hair is soooo adorable! I love the little knot tie of the hair to make a side pony tail. The choppy full bangs in the front and the cute little strands of hair that hang about. Truly great work the both of you!! Once again, you two have stunned me with your creativity and prefect details that always have me cooing over you items!

Something New:
 Shoes: ANEXX_KnitLegwarmers+Flats_Red_[BOX]
 Sweater: -SG- Kangoo Sweatshirt Bordo
 Outfit/Dress: bb**Preppy Carly in Blue plaids
 BEST NEW ITEM THIS WEEK!!! Tiny Bird & Reek - Merritt's Hatt (girls)
Something Old:
 Eyelashes:  Deviant Prim Lashes 01(Deviant Kitties)
 Bag: SHOULDER BAG vintage stripe WL4 << By: Agathe Latte
 Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO - Cover Music - Altar v.2 I
 Eyes: **DP**Yumyum - Mooneyeyes - Brown
Not too New, Not too Old:
 legging - DUBOO - Laundry Leggings - Friday
 Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Cactus Pear
 PDA - I gotta Get Smart
 PDA - Your Cousin Is George Lynch


Emma and I have known each other for a long time, I must say this. She started off this small, very cute and adorable store. It’s very interesting to watch a beginner designer start off with a tiny store and blossom into this huge production. Emma was small, shy and always polite. I’m very honored to know her. There’s only a handful of people out there who are pure, kind, and always positive. Even when she is frustrated I’ve never seen Emma lose her cool or temper. She’s always brushed it off or took some time to herself to take control of the situation again. She’s a wonderful girl! She will brighten your day even if it’s raining outside. I love her style, clothing and personality. She’s stayed true to her and her store all these years. Never conformed to anyone elses style or followed the latest trend. It’s always been this Cali style look! Forgive me Emma, if my outlook on you is wrong, but I think you’re a doll!

Surf Co’s newest release are these awesome hats. Now disregard what I said before hand and let’s pretend I don’t know her. The hat… is amazing. I’ve never seen a beanie with such realistic features. When I put it on and I was editing it to my shape… I couldn’t stop saying woah, wow, and ahh. It looked almost like a cut out from a magazine or something. The shadows are what scream BUY ME I’M WORTH IT! Because it is. Lets not forget her sculpted hair pieces and the wonderful textures. I’m not sure about the long strips because I had some trouble modding it to my head shape, (I have a huge head) but once I got it on right, the whole thing looked beautiful. I love the knitted texture she used on the beanie. The little pom-pom at the end of the slouched look tip of the hat is also another great add-on. It can go with anything and it’s perfect to match it up with Reek’s Mitts and Scarf. That’s exactly what I did. I know my outfit is rather blah than what I normal reveal but I’ve been feeling a little… Blah lately. I love Reek’s winter stuff. I’ve seen a preview (Teaser) of his collaboration with Tiny Bird (Autumn, you sly fox). IT WILL SHOCK YOU AND ALL YOU SL SHOPPERS WILL BE RUNNING LIKE DIAMONDS WERE ON SALE FOR 1 DOLLAR CND. They’re freaking FANTASTIC. I can’t believe the work that comes out from these people. They’re growing and growing to be such talented graphic designers. They should just drop SL and find a career irl with designing because it’s superb! I cannot wait till Reek and Tiny Birds items are released! I’m sure he will post a picture! But they are delicious!

Can you see by this picture how wonderful the texture of the beanie is!!! Ugh, wonderful work Emma!

I’m wearing the short hair with bangs in this picture. The glasses are by vive9! Loving the shape and texture on it, very little librarian girl who hides behind her thick frames. The leggings are by Duboo! The best leggings, Tights in sl are located in that store so you might wanna check it out. The tights and leggings I wear are mostly by Duboo! Secrets out people, don’t kill me. The boots I got from J’s. They were a group gift so I’m pretty happy to blog them! The shirt is by Niniko, they’re boy stuff! I love the look of the tee-shirt! Very used looking but still classic with the vintage graphic. I’m wearing some cute shorts by DP, they’re pretty old and I almost forgot about them. I thought the little wool rolled cuffs would be a good warm pair of shorts to wear over leggings! And they are!! She has a few other colours, brown and red I believe possibly green, but like I said they’re old. I’m wearing the wonderful knitted socks by MIU, just the prims. So remember there isnt a short pair. Those are just the prims, love the texture so.. they’re good without the actually sock texture. And who can possibly not talk about Aoharus wonderful knitted cable sweater/coat. I looooove everything about this sweater/coat. Thank you !Femme for sending me some poses! Check out her poses, they’re awesome!

Time for me to shake it on over to a kiddie party! wicked 😦

Something New:
 Hair: [SC Hair] Pam (Short + Bangs) - Licorice
 Tights: DUBOO*leggings laundry day (Best Tights ever!!)
 Shoes: J's gift Laceup Short Boots - Gift!
Something Old:
 Eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes 01(Deviant Kitties)
 Eyes: **DP**Yumyum - Mooneyeyes
 Shorts: **DP**yumyum short pants/black
Not too New, Not too Old:
 Mittens: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Gold
 Glasses: (vive9) Risky Readers []
 Scarf:Reek - Cozy Scarf - Fat Pack!
 Sock prims: *MIU* knit socks
 Sweater.Coat: AOHARU_BT_NordicKnitCoat_Cream
 Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Honeycomb
flowey - if you will be my sky
 flowey - let it fall
 !Femme - Empty

I’m sorry my beautiful blog.

I’ve been extremely busy with irl and sl. Mostly real life. My boyfriend has only a week left before he comes home with lots of money. I’m hoping one, we get a car. Two, I get my nikon d90 that he smashed in a parking lot because he forgot to check and see if I had stuff in the bottom of the stroller. Three, a new laptop (because I gave him my old one and he destroyed it) Or just a wonderful little small home-made present from my beautiful baby. Any three of those would make me such a happy woman.

Christmas shopping has been hell for me. As some of you may know I had a horrible day yesterday. I went to walmart and lets just say I left crying. I’m getting really forgetful these days and really (just going to say it) retarded. I feel really stupid and my memory seems to have some holes or something! I just forget so easily and I’m sorry to people who have sent me stuff to blog. My life is packed full right now with things to do!

The first outfit is so cute and warm! For some reason I’m in this stage of wearing dresses even though it may be Winter time. I’m wearing dresses a lot. Both real life and Second Life. I top off my outfit with leggings and warm socks. Tall boots or ankle boots are a must with dresses in the winter time I believe. Unless it’s a formal event. I’m wearing this wonderful draped, rompy, dress by Beetlebones. I love the way she made her wrinkles on the sculpted bottom of the shirt. Then it goes down into this beautiful flexi prim skirt, which I adore aswell. The detail of the skirt looks so realistic with the pelts and folds. I love the little arm cuffs that sway outwards. I wore Saikins rabbit fur scarf (faux). I’m digging it! Even though some may say it looks like balls of dung on a rope, but it’s a little muffled scarf! A little something different! I’m wearing Reeks winter mitts. I told you all from the beginning that they’re just that good, you can’t take them off! I haven’t since I’ve gotten them, but this is the last time I will blog about them for a while. I’m sure you’re like KENZIE TAKE THOSE GLOVES OFF NOW! The hair is last weeks release by Truth, I’m late on blogging about it. I love that we can retexture the headband but of course that is expected. It’s truth. The tights are new from Doppleganger Inc. Digging the stripped pattern! The wrinkles around the knee’s are very well done I might also add.

The next day I wore this trashy rocker look. I’m really big in to die mannequin right now, dead honey and other songs by them. I also like Taylor Momsen (don’t hate) My biggest fashion influences are Courtney Love, Edie Sedgwick, Taylor Momsen, Rihanna annndd Jack White (I know he’s a dude, but I’ll wear what he’s wearing). I don’t know all their styles combined make’s me. So I guess you could say, I do dress like what I’m wearing in this picture by I try not to around Hayden. We at least put the hooker boots away and the pants go on. I’m wearing the deadly skirt from Emery, it’s been a long love of mine for a while. I love the colours (red and black are my fave) and stripes are another fave of mine. I’m wearing Surf Co’s drapey Driftwood Tank top! I wore my favourite hat in second life, Lamb’s Mister hat! Then the hair is by Maitreya! I love love this sloppy bed head look with the full bangs! Next our the boots. God I love these boots, who doesn’t right? They’re sex on latex. Nuff said.

My look for today is pretty simple but I’ve been sporting it for two days so I thought it was cute enough to share. Seeing how I am wearing it around SL for multiple days. I think it’s adorable! The whole cami dress over top of a turtleneck with some rad printed nylon/tights. Topped off with some heavy boots! How can you not love it? I’m wearing Surf Co’s Collen dress in brown. I love the two sculpted prims she used. They fit so will with each other to give that tyed in drapped upper half and the loose-fitting cotton style skirt below. It’s so worth the money to buy it. I’m wearing Sop Toshys wonderful tights. She has a whole store on Tights, stockings, nylons etc. I love them. She has a variety of different style and prints! It’s bookmarked for me! I’m a little disappointed at this whole, have to pay to get into Sixety Nines sim, but I do love the hair! So I’ll reveal this adorable flirty hair style to you! It’s called Neguko! loooove it.

My old OLD OLD found treasure of the day is this french holder cigarette! By Foxy Smoke Shop! Visit the store and you can tell who old it really it just by the store.

You stay classy, Second Life.

Something New:
 Scarf:*+SAIKIN rabbit fur scarf brown (chest)
 Mitts: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Gray (Never taking them off. I love them that much)
 Tights: Doppelganger Inc. - Candy Cane Long Johns < Candy Cane
 Hair: >TRUTH< Lydia - light blondes
 Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Honeycomb
Something Old:
 Boots: ETD Shoes: Rain Boots (Yellow)
 Eyes: **DP**Yumyum - Mooneyeyes - Brown
 Not too New Not too Old:
 Dress: bb**Dippin dots blossom dresses
 Turtleneck: **DP**yumyum:simple long T(mocha)
 @waffles - all is a game
 glow - paparazzi
 [lap] sugar icu


Something New:
 Hair: Maitreya Alex - Peroxide Blond
 Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Honeycomb
Something Old:
 Eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes 01
 Hat: Lamb hat (Modded off of Mister hair)
 Nylons: *Sheer* Tights 28: Torn Opaque Black Upper
 Skirt: Emery - Skirt Striped (Old Favorite!!!)
 Eyes: Classics:brown - DPYumyum
 Jacket: (Madsy) Lost Sheep Leather Jacket + Sheer Tanktop
 Gloves: *LF* Trigger Happy Buckle Top (Fr) - In this shirt pack, Best gloves!!
 Tank: [SC] Surf Couture - Driftwood Tank - Black - Surf Co
Not too New, Not too Old:
 Boots: J's ThighHigh Boots ( 7Colors A ) - Foot Expo
 [lap][lap] ss beach babe too
 [lap] the boree pr4


Something New
 Tights: Black_Plover < *SHOP TOSHY*
 Hair: ::69:: NEGUKO - Light Brown Collection
 Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Honeycomb
Something Old
 French Cigarette Holder and smoke : Alyssa Silver Bitchstick Enhanced (By Foxy Smooke Shop )
 Eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes 01 (Deviant Kitties)
 Cami Dress: [SC] Surf Couture - Colleen - Brown
 Turtle Neck: **DP**yumyum:simple long T(blue)
Not too New, Not too Old
 Boots: ANEXX_LeatherRidersBoots_Gray[BOX] (Thank You Machang<3)
 [pda] break in case of anything - esme
 [pda] death is not a parallel move - esme
 Lotta - model 141 Continue reading 

Good Day!

Hows it going, Lovers?!

Today I have a very adorable look for you all and I hope you like it as much as I do!
First off let me give a big standing ovation to the best hair creators for sending out these wonderful gifts! Truth, you are a wonderful man and talented with your sculpts and texturing!!! Thank you for such a wonderful group gift! I love it!! Secondly! I love these lumber/lodge type of sweaters from NoaR! They’re so warm and cozy looking, it makes me want to take a trip over to Bachans house and show her so she can knit me some!

Let’s begin shall we. As you can tell my two top finds for today was Noar and Truth. I adore these items! They’re freaking amazing. I know I need to calm down it’s only pixel clothing, but honestly. The scarves are deadly. The sweaters are all season. It’s a great buy and a great gift. Who doesn’t want to rant on about how wonderful they are.

The hat I am wearing is an old gift form COCO. I loved it, very couture but at the same time you can dress it down so it’s not so fancy looking. It may look a bit funny, because my head is HUGE, so forgive me for that. I love the little sculpted bow and the shiny texture of it still has the felt feel but still shows some render glossy-ness.

The skin is by Toast Bard, loving the nude lips and the pretty natural eyeshadow scheme. I’m still in love with Maitreyas new hair, Alex in peroxides. I’m digging the full bangs look and the wispy strands of hair. It’s like a rocker chic meets boho indie gal. I’m feeling it. I wore NoaR’s sweater, Cowichan. I love the texture they used for the knited pattern, the adorable little deco on the arms and chest of the shirt. Something my Bachan would totally make for me, but not in these colours. I guess that’s why I love it so much, not to mention when it hits -4 celsius. I’m all about the wool/knitted/sheep wool/WARM sweaters. I love the sculpted prim they used for the hem of the sweater. It’s bussels out below in a natural feeling. It gives the perfect effect. I love the little bottom too where a band would be or something like that. I love this sweater and would wear it in the summer, spring and fall. Very seasonal. I’m wearing this cute skirt by, Niniko! I seen it on someone elses blog. That’s how I shop I guess, steal pieces from others *snorts* That’s not a good thing. I love the denim striped conductor look! The sculpted overall straps are cute and dont bother my av at all! It’s a little tricky to mod the skirt, but it is a good skirt to wear with an AO. I love Truths December group gift. The scarf is adorable as you can see from my pictures. Scarves are pretty self-explanatory and I already expressed how much I love it earlier. My boots are by the beautiful and talented Marie of Milk Motion! Going bold is something all outfits should have, the hat, scarf and boots are my bold statements. RED RED RED AND GREEN = CHRISTMAS!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the look ❤ Take care and have a great day!

Something New:
 Mittens: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Gray
 Hair: Maitreya Alex - Peroxide Blond
 Sweater: NoaR Cowichan sweater
 TRUTH Group Gift 9 December 09 - Red Striped
Something Old:
 Hat: *COCO*_Hat_Red(group Gift)
 Fishnets: *blowpop* Seamed Fishnet Tights w/Panty -Red- (legs) 1
 Eyes: **DP**Yumyum - Mooneyeyes - Brown Classic
Not Too New, Not Too Old:
 Skirt: "NINIKO"Hickory Overall_miniskirt
 Boots: (Milk Motion) my leather boots *red*
 @waffles [ac] honeybear
 @waffles mysteries
 @waffles [ac] nonono