New Changes please read <3 Recap of Electric Feel Dresses K&CO!

There’s a small recap about the new dresses I have made. Please read the last post for info.

The other news at Kenzie&Co. We won’t be using our old subscribo. It’s just too expensive and I’m not a huge creator, so it seems like a waste of money for only using it twice a month. I put out the new one and added some freebies to the mailbox. Come on down to the store. Get your freebies but you gotta join the subscriber 😉

Here’s how:

1. Click “Subscribe” on the machine to the right of the entrance coming into to the store. Then once you have joined >>

2. See the silver mailbox because the Kiosk.

3. Hit that mail box. Wait. Then hit number one (which is where the freebies are) >>

4. Hit Deliver



P.S Nothing in the bag 😛


KENZIE&CO. Electric Feel Dresses

Hey guys! I finally took a break from real life to make something on second life. I made some new cute dresses. I found it on a site and decided to make it. It took two days for me to finish but I am happy to say that even though my tablet skills are very rusty; the dress came out well. I love the little pleated upper skirt. I drew up the pattern and had a hard time trying to make the wrapped looking band around the waist. The pleated upper skirt is flexy and swivels with your AV. I added a base skirt beneath the pleats to give it the cute little rocker look. I thought the tank top underneath made it more modern. It’s a dress that you can spice it up to look formal but still look casual if you want to just wear it everyday. Now if you all read my blog, I’m big on clunky boots. If you want you can wear heels, flats or even pumps. I thought the books made the look complete. I hope you guys like the dress. It comes in four different mixes, Beige, Red, Blue and Aqua! The dress is 150L. Comes in all the clothing layers so you can add other things. YAY! for awesome dresssesssssss!!!

Love Kenzie!

*Red Mix*

*Blue Mix*

*Beige Mix*


The other day I went around Second Life collecting my groups “Freebies” or gifts. I enjoyed it very much because over at the lovely store *COCO* I got this wonderful lace ruffled skirt. I based my whole look on this skirt. I thought that I haven’t done a post in anything glamorous or chic in a while; why not do one now? I added a new shirt that I got from Bettiepage’s store. It’s called leaf lace smock. I adored the front embroidered look around the neck line. It was very classic but still chic. I wore So many Styles Vintage printed jacket. I love the gold leafs around the jacket the collar pops and the bottom hem tappers out. I thought it was a perfect look. My legs were too bare so I added Shop Toshys wonderful stockings. Great selection of nylons by that store. I cant express my love for FUEL’s hair accessory. It’s adorable and very classic with the pearl looking texture of the flower and the delicate strands of beads. The cheeks I got for 30L or something like that, maybe even 10L. I got them last Halloween at BP’s little Halloween sim there. It was cute and I love the add-on blush. That’s what I call them anyways. They make me feel very anime. I wore the classic pearls and diamond clusters from Paper Couture. This necklaces makes my neck feel very pricey. I’m not big fan of diamonds of jewels. When it comes to pearls I must have them, but the diamonds make it look that much more rare and exquisite. Now it comes to the new hair by Lamb. Which I’m totally inlove for. She needs to win an award. There isn’t a lamb hair style that isn’t in my inventory and that I don’t like.

Something New:
Skirt: *COCO*_RuffleSkirt_Lace-Black (Group Gift)
Shirt: BP* leaf lace Smock/natural 1
Hair: !lamb. Soma – Pale

Something Old:
Purse: ::: B@R ::: Diana Black Forearm (Bare Rose)
Hair Flowers: *FUEL* Flowery peacock Wear ( Nose )
Stockings: *SHOP Toshy*PantyHosePloverBlackSocks
Shoes: [ATOMIC] Dolled Up
Jacket: {SMS} Vintage Jacket Black-Gold
Eyes: -tb- Arctic Eyes (Tres Blah)
Cheek Blush: BP*hoppe/cheeks/check/chin (BettiePage Voyager)
Skin: KAO SKIN *Non* /black/freckle/lashes/

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
Necklace and Earrings: P.C; Sparkling Spheres (set)

!Femme – Satellite Mind, D!VA Stand 35b, PDA – Black eyed girl


I had a great day today. I guess because I spent half the day with my beautiful girl. We had a nice morning filled with fresh fruit and then we went to her cousin’s house to have a play date. She had a good time. The best thing about being at home with her is hearing her laugh and making her happy.

I put my happiness into my outfit. I felt bright, warm and filled with love. I wore tons of pink. The dress is from slow kitchen. I purchased it a long time ago. I adore the sheer layer of pink over top of the solid base of the dress. I added COCO’s little open shirt/sweater. I thought seeing how it’s spring the air is light, the weather is warm and the sun is always shining; why not have a light sweater to go with this look? I then wore my old school socks. These were probably the first prim socks that came out back in 05 or 04. They’re by Aimee Weber who was once a great friend of mine. She’s gone into contract work and I’m not even sure if she still plays. She was such a wonderful woman and always filled my day with laughter. She had the cutest laugh herself that you just had to chuckle with her because she was always so bubbly. I love these socks and even if they’re outdated by the prim, they’re still cute as hell. I wore another classic of mine; Paper Couture’s earrings “I dream of India”. I love the jewels on the earrings. They just sparkle and look so realistic. The hair is from Beauty Avatar. I believe I got it from a hair fair long time ago. The skin is probably old to you guys, but I still can’t take it off. I’m so in love with it. The cutest glasses to come out along with Riqs are these shades by Emma! I’m totally smitten by them. I think the whole plastic upper curve of the glasses are great. It reminds me of the classic Andy Warhol shades that he use to wear (Ray Ban). I enlarge my bottom lens of my glasses but they come in both gold and silver metal frame with tons of colours to choose from. The lenses are tinted with a gradient rose colour or amber. Which is a nice tone to have to summer time. I find that solid black is just to dark, unless it’s so dark that you can’t see your eyes. It’s a bad ass look. The bag is from Duboo, thanks to Newreem. Her little gifts to me. She’s a dollface ❤ Thank you Emma for giving me the new shades! You keep treasuring my blog with great gifts for me to blog.  All the designers who send my blog stuff. Thank you!! I really appreciate it.

Something New:
Sunglasses: [SC] Surf Couture – My VW Thing Sunglasses (Gold) – Original

Something Old:
Bag: DUBOO*Cheesecake bag (l forearm)
Cheeks: BP*hoppe/cheeks/check/chin
Earrings: P.C; I Dream Of India Set
*TREASURE* socks:*PREEN* Socks (Lace Ruffles)
Shirt: *COCO*_Cardigan_Flower
Dress: (Slow Kitchen)Chiffon_dress(Simple_baby-pink)
shoes: PRO_SPEC(Boxed)
Hair: *Beauty Avatar Hair* AIDA – Wine

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
Skin: KAO SKIN *Non* /black/freckle/lashes/

Bunny for sale! 75L! Brand new

TODAY IS SHIT! I mean it. I’m so crabby. Mainly because it’s cold and windy. I was going to take Hayden out to the park or a nice walk. I went out side to take my garbage out and it’s so windy. The wind is like -5 and it’s already -5 so it feels like its -10 outside. What kind of crap is this! Yesterday it was around +13, now it’s freezing. EFF YOU GLOBAL WARMING.

I don’t care though, because I hoped on sl and wore my denim shorts and tee’s. At least in SL I can control how I want the weather to be.

I’m wearing these cute shorts by Doppelganger Inc. I adore the denim texture and the stitching around the hem. Thank you for sending them to me. I wore Emery’s updated Tee-shirt called Gold Foil Faceshorts. I thought it fit my causal spunky gal look. I’m still so in love with my skin KAO. I wore the Yellow make up with the drawn on eyelashes. I love the whole drawn on eyelashes because I dont have to wear my prim lashes. I can also wear my face HUD and emote smiles, laughs, etc. I don’t have to worry about that horrid prim alignment. The lips are luscious and the eyeliner makes my eyes pop!  Which are the two things I love about make up! perky lips and black eyeliner. I’m wearing an old vest by Madsy which I believe is closed down. I’m not to sure if you can purchase it through her or maybe an old rental store? but I do know that she closed down her store a while back. I loved her store and I hope she returns one day. I’m rocking the classic style headphones by FNKY! I got them years ago and I thought they were a great add to my outfit. THE GLASSES! Ugh I just love these glasses so much. Not only can you click a button and they turn back into shades, they can be glasses too. I freaking love that option. Riq is always gracing us with his hard work and TONS of options. It’s a great think to have in your shop. VARIETY! I know people get overwhelmed by the selection but that’s one thing that makes me come back to a store over and over. If they don’t have a fat pack or more than 3 colours it drives me crazy because I love variety and colours. Riq gave us colours, gradients, and stripes! THANK YOU! I love love the shape of the shades, the sculpts fit perfectly and the textures all fit together on these shades. Great buy indeed!

I think once you dig deep into your inventory you find your old lost treasures that are still great  and it saves you money. I know from myself that I save a lot of money once I dig through my inventory. You should give it a try.

THATS IT! I’m done with the post. I said earlier I’m having a shit day, so this post may be pretty aweful! I’m sorry! I’m just so bitter.

Something New:
Purse: *COCO*_Gift_Pochette(chest)
Skin: KAO SKIN *Non* /yellow/lashes/
Tee: Emery – Top Gold Foil Faceshorts: Doppelganger Inc. – Everyday Jean Shorts Light Grey
Shorts: Doppelganger Inc. – Everyday Jean Shorts Light Grey

Something Old:
Headphones: FNKY! RetroPhones – Cream (head)
bangles: :: Genesis :: Aidan Bangles
Hair: Clawtooth: Woman of the Year – Aged well
Boots:*Kookie* Armarda/ Dark Choc
Vest: (Madsy) Fur Gilet – silver
Watch: [Oh, Otis!] Retro Calculator Watch

Not Too New, Not Too Old:

[LAP] RCD Gusty PR4
[LAP] Baby Got Back
[LAP] Sugar I C U


I’m back in action; back to blogging and making clothes. I got home yesterday and so far I’ve started working on a tube top dress. Now I’ve finished this blog post I’ll be going back to working on the pattern.

The past couple days has been really sunny and warm. The best thing about spring is it reminds you of how much you love summer time. It fills you with anticipation of short skirts, cut off denim shorts, tube tops, maxi-dresses, high-waisted skirts, nylons, and sandals. I can’t wait for the humidity, the scorching hot summer, the smog air and the warm lakes! This post is my admiration for summer. My eyes beaming with joy! Because let’s be honest, it’s almost here. *knock on wood* Let’s not jinx it. I am in Canada. It could snow tomorrow.

I’m wearing the pants and top to Aoharu’s Flower Strapless dress. I thought it was very gaga’lou. I top’d it off with their denim rolled cuff shirt. I’ve been wearing my button tops like this. I love both of these new additions to Aohura. I’m digging their textures so much, but that is expected of the great and talented Machang. I wore my new hair from Truth – Brit in Ivory. I love the shaggy-ness, the texture of the bangs. I wore this cute bag from Shizuku Halcali. I love the stitching around the bag. I didn’t know what else to add to my outfit so I put on some huge boots by Miel. If you know me, my style is a cross of Edie Sedgwick meets tank girl. I thought these boots we’re adorable at the Melt fair so I purchased them and haven’t worn them with anything. This was a good time to bust them out. I love the sculpts. They are so sharp and defined. The texture is clear as day and the laces are the icing on the cake. Very well detailed and designed. The socks are my found treasure, they were made by a friend of mine. Kawaii Akebono use to create clothing but is now making clothes under another name. Check out her store called ..::A.Y.Y::.. I forgot all about them. They were made back in ’04 so they’re a bit blurry. I wore my blow pop fishnets to help with my trashy look.

I hope you like it ❤ I enjoyed blogging for you all tonight!

You stay classy Second Life.

Something New:
Bag: *.:[K]:.* NANAMEGAKE (yellow) (Shizuku Halcali)
Hair: >TRUTH< Brit – ivory
Books: BP* Sketch book/wear/left hand (BettiePage Voyager)
Leaf: BP*sprig 3/iwaki/2009-6
Skin: KAO SKIN *Non* set C
Glasses: Reek – Denton Shades

Something Old:
Jumpsuit: AOHARU_FlowerStraplessDress_Flower/Pink (Wearing pants and top only)
Shirt: AOHARU_FrontKnotShirt_Washed
Fishnets: *blowpop* Seamed Fishnet Tights w/Panty -Nude
Socks: (OLDSCHOOL) By Kawaii Akebono – Extra Socks

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
Eyes: -tb- Arctic Eyes (Tres Blah)

Poses: !Femme – Empty !Femme So come back I’m waiting @Waffles All is a game

So here’s the deal.

For a while now both my family and my boyfriends family have been having some troubles. On my boyfriends side his father had a big meeting (he needed our support) so we went out of town for that. The second thing was my grandfather has been in and out of the hospital for the past three weeks. Then my dad (I’m a huge daddys girl) had a spinal surgery. So I’ve been back and forth from Thunder Bay to my boyfriends family, to my grandparents, etc etc…. I’m slowly burning out and I just wanted to take the time and let everyone know that I’m super busy and I havent forgotten about you guys.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have been paitent with my late replies regarding store questions and exchanges (gifts). I want to let my renters know ! I am so happy to see you haven’t booted me out. !!! To my little projects on the side, please bear with me! I’m trying to blog and do all of this stuff in real life. I’m sorry guys. As soon as this shit settles.

Take care and I’ll be back with you all soon.