Here we are again. Busy days and busy nights. Here I am, writing some late night post. Drinking a nice cup of ice-cold water. I’m wear this wonderful outfit. I want to give a big thank you to my sponsors who sent me all these beautiful items to blog. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged them fast enough. I’m wearing tons of cute items and I’m madly in love with them! They’re adorable. Very comfortable and casual.
The new sweater I’m wear is from Beetle Bones. I love crop tops right now, so to have a crop top sweater is a must to me. Which I have irl *does a sassy look* I love the look of crop tops, they’re sexy but they’re always casual and chill. You can wear them with anything, revealing a bit of midriff but still keeping your shoulders and arms covered 😉 The sculpts on this shirt is pretty badass, they fit perfectly. They also look really natural. The boots that I bought are new and they’re from Adjunct, I love them. The little feather is awesome. I’m wearing Lambs new hair that I love!! Dear god I love them. Very much like my full bangs and I think full bands are sexy. The snookie poof is very cute and the back of the hair has a knot style ponytail and the sleek smooth strands that curl downwards is great. The jean skirt is from Doppelganger. I’m madly in love with the fringe at the bottom of the skirt. I wore Mv’s floral leggings. They’re badass. I have  a pair and I rock them all the time, same style and colouring. They’re so cute. Then there’s the old stuff that I will never fall out of love, milk motions tote bag, the adorable earrings from paper couture! and the belt from coco! All make this outfit pop!

That’s it. I smashed my finger in the window, really hard to type. So good night ❤

Something New:
Sweater: BB* “Anya shrunk my sweater” in cream (LOVE IT)
Boots: Adjunct – Atlas’ Marker Boot – Brown
Hair: !lamb. Found – Ink! (LOVE IT)
Skirt: Doppelganger Inc. – Cut-Off Jean Skirt Light Blue

Something Old:
Bag: (Milk Motion) My tote bag *birds* (pose3)
Bangles: *[MANDALA] TAKARA bangle/ Brown Fur Bright (L)
Earrings: P.C; Noir Gold Earrings (Paper Couture)
Belt: *COCO*_WideBelt_Brown
Eyelashes: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Eyelashes
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – dark wood – small (Poetic Color)

Not Too New:
Skin: &Bean- Hounds of love DARK Hjort brow 1
Socks: [ glow ] studio Roses Socks B (Thank you)
Leggings: {MV} Floral leggings Print 1 (Vo Pralou)

Flowey – Under someones Thumb, !Femme – The Latest toughs, Femme – The Police and the private


New Stuff! Skirts, Tank tops and A new simple dress

Hey there! I made some new stuff. Let’s start with the news.

First off, our landlord at penrose decided that she was going to sell the sim. I heard a rumor of it awhile ago, didn’t think anything of it because we were renting half the sim she always let us know a head of time of what was going on. When she was sick she told us, gave us her email, etc. She was a great landlord. She stooped so low and some crazy lady told me all this stuff about how she bought the sim. She was rude and obviously on a power trip “Im the new sim manager, change your sim to be uniformed, I’m making this sim laggy with crazy clubs and etc” Uh Hi! Nice to meet you too crazy lady. So we packed it up and relocated to a friend of my friends sim. We’re now settled in and now you all know why I’ve been so busy.

So here’s the new stuff.

A skirt that I made. I liked it on the site  and I don’t like how it came out in sl. Seeing how it took me a while to finish, I’m still going to sell it. 75L; five colours.

Here’s the tank tops, they we’re a bitch to make and I messed up due to working while the baby was awake, so I’m selling them cheap too! 75L each tank!

Then the dresses which I love and have been wearing since I made them. 150L each!! 😀 Tons of colours

Please save this slurl or come on down and grab a new landmark to the new store!!
Thanks 😀

Short post: The moon and the sky

:Love love love this skin:

Something New:
Skin: &Bean- Hounds of love DARK Katt brow 3
Gloves: -LMK- Medium leather gloves – Polina Kaestner
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure-Sock Yin Yang
Dress: Tiny Bird – St. Augustine Dress – Champagne

Something Old:
EyelasheS: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Eyelashes
Hair: +++DEJAVU+++PASSION Black
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – dark wood – small (Poetic Color)
Stockings: *SHOP Toshy*PantyHoseBlackSeducerSocksTT
Necklace: P.C; Gossamer Bead Necklace (Paper Couture)
Earrings: P.C; Noir Gold Earring
Hiarbase: Blacks Pack Hair Base (Tiny bird)

Not Too New:
Jacket: ][AV][shoulder cape black lace 3[AV][shoulder cape black lace

dfo! I excel at not giving a shit [sera], dfo! I’m just a small cog in the system, dfo! sera – life is too short and deth is too long

Short Post: So Happy I Could Die

As some of you may have heard or known already. Kenzie is now a single momma. That’s why my blog has been pretty dead. I’ve been working late at night or during nap times. I’m trying to balance my RL with SL. Most of my pocket change comes from SL, now that pocket changed has turned into my income. The other person (my partner in crime who is no longer my wingman) was the person who brought the money in. Even though it’s said to see a family broken, lovers lane spilt and a home that was broken to begin with become lonesome and cold; I’m very happy. I’m so happy that yes, I could die. I feel like everything around me is slowly falling into place. My daughter is being well taken care of, she no longer eats junk food, shes learning to use the potty, she doesn’t fight and she’s on a schedule. As for me! My plans are to stick it through this fall so that next semester I can enroll into school. That’s my plan. That’s my life. That’s all.

So let’s talk about clothes now that we got my most recent news out-of-the-way. My posts may be short now and not interesting at all. I love blogging during Haydens nap time. It leaves me with two hours to clean, relax and blog. I blog to fill up the waste of time! So here we are.

My look for today is very animal tuned. The zig zag lines on my tank, the fur and the leather bag all reminds me of the safari or a jungle theme. I just adore the stole and my new tank tops. The tank top is by me and will be release soon. It’s got a detail zipper on the back that encloses a long T (racerback) tank top. I made  a bunch of different prints. The high-waisted skirt is old and it’s by Emery (It has been updated with a sculpted prim though). I’m in love with acid wash so thank you Emery for tuning into my love for 80’s clothing. The leggings are old too, by Maiiki. I wore the cute fanny pack (Some of you might not want to wear it, but I love it and had to wear it for something bold). The two bags might by much, but I love this little masked fanny. I wore a bunch of bangles and this thick chunky band by Shade Throne. The glasses are old and are from Gritty Kitty! They my Malcom X glasses/Andy Warhol ! I love them, thought they added some character. I’m pretty much an odd ball when it comes to fashion. I think some people would have added the typical high fashion shades or glasses. I went with these. I also wore YS&YS pumps that I got at the 09 shoe expo. I love the print!

That’s it that’s all!

Something New:
Tanktop: K&CO – Zipper Racerback Tank – Lines
Fanny Pack: CHABINNS-MaskBag-Red-S
Leggings: :: M * A * ii * K * I :: Leggings Moon Set
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS:: Cocoa – Raw CL1 EBBlack

Something Old:
Bag: null_Gainsbourg_bag(left hand)
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Browline Glasses
Bangles:[} Jasha {] Tahta Bracelet II – Black
Earrings: *Kitty’s Rampage* Silver & Gold Dangle Disc Earrings (Scripted)
Hair: [LeLutka]-JENIFFER hair (Dark GrayScale)
Stole: p.c; Manhattan Brunch Fur Stole
Shoes: *YS&YS* Cala Saona 2 Ocelot
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – night forest – small

Not Too New:


Cream – creamy – black eyebrows = ARMIDI – Bourdoir Set – Rouge = Clawtooth – True Betty Brown

Smokey Cat Red – Cocoa – black eyebrow = Sixety Nine Hair = Attitudes Undie Set

Loving this new skin and loving Vainty for putting in a good word for me! Thank you both for having faith in me and mah blog.

So today we’re reviewing the infamous Dutch Touch latest skin “Isis”. I was given two packs, cream and cocoa. I adore the tone cocoa, it’s right on key with the skin colour, bronzing and the overall dark toned skin. I have a very small handful of skin designers that I will go and buy up a fatpack in dark tones. It’s because people just lack the skill to make one or just don’t care how it comes out. Dutch Touch on the other hand has made such a beautiful ebony skin. From the lips, to the nose shading, to the belly and legs! Everything about her Cocoa tone is just yummy, like Gabriel Union. I have to admit for the price you will pay for these skins is worth the money. The smooth complex on the face and body, the stunning realistic pores and the simple beauty marks in certain areas that make the skin have a natural yet perfect look to it. I love the body because it’s not overly shaded to make the skin look like  a beef cake. It’s simple, soft and natural. Nothing screams sexy but those three things.

As you can see from the picture above there’s the two tones I got. I love them both. The cream and the cocoa is hard to pick a favourite they both look so dreamy. I just love the softness on both. I love the bum shading too, gives me a good rump. The skins also come with hair base tattoos. I LOVE THAT. I’ve been rocking tiny birds for a while now. Now I have two sets!! I love the nail polish is really nice. I love how it looks so real, and polished!

Here are the make up below in the COCOA tone. I love the colours, the lips and the gloss. Not to mention the eyebrow detail!! Perfect! This skin for sure get’s a 10/10. Not because I was given them. Not because they’re from a huge designer. It’s because they are worth every bit of linden! They have two cleavage options (check out pictures above), they come with hair bases now and they’re stunning. From the tip of your crown from the bottom of your heels. Perfection.

Short Post: Diamond Eyes

Something New:
Boom: *BOOM* Take it Easy Tote (scripted all)

Something Old:
Vest: “NINIKO” full sculp vest–chest
Socks: K&CO – Plain Socks – Upsdell Red
Shorts: /artilleri/ Johanna highwaist shorts *med blue*
Shirt: Nylon Outfitters – hearthim – (Might be in a freebie back, OLDSCHOOL!!!!)
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – dark wood – large (Poetic Color)
Hair Base: Blacks Pack Hair Base – Tiny Bird

Not Too New:
Hair: Magika – Linda (B&W: Charcoal)
Skin: (fd) Earth Flower – Faded 4 (Black Brows)
Boots: [DOCS] 8 HOLE – F – NINE [Left]

Don’t Call My Name – k.craven

Oh summer, sweet sweet summer! You’re almost here and I cannot wait to sink my feet into the grainy pits of the soft golden sand that lays across they beach. I’m so excited it hurts. Tonight I may drive out to the beach and check it out. Take some pictures and just dream on of that hot blistering sun beaming down on me to the point where if I spend more than an hour laying on the beach, I’ll die from a heat stroke. I love it when it’s that hot. Anywhoo, you’re not here to listen to me talk about how I can’t wait to almost die from heat stroke, but I’m a Canadian, sick of the cold, ya know eh? I’m rocking one of the best swimsuits up to date here. It’s from Reek which you’ve all seen lately, but I haven’t seen anyone pay attention to the key point. Maybe they did (Sometimes I skim over the blogs, 😦 I have ADD) Can you see from my detail picture the sharp lines, the clear texture, the shading on point. I love how he added a little bead at the bottom of the strings for a knot effect. The bow is such an adorable plus, two on the hips, two on the back of the bikini. I know Riq said something about making clothes, but he did an awesome job with the wrinkles on this swim suit. It has many different styles, Solid colour, gradient, or floral. It’s all up to you but I liked the gradient the best. I’m wear his new sandals too! I love these things. I don’t even care if it’s a fashion rule, socks with sandals… COOOOOOOOOLL! Check it out! I mean again with the sharp textures, the clear sculpts. It’s perfect. The shading for the foot and the stitching around the sandals top part. Then to top it off he gives you the option or with socks or without. I love that! Check out the “sculpted” foot that just gives it a bit something something! Ugh, reek you’re a Sculpt God!  I love his work and I cannot wait to see what else he comes out with! I wore  Fri.day’s latest hair Cassidy. I love the cute little pony and the soft side sweep bangs. The visser is from Emery, loving it!  it’s my Hunter S. Thompson look. Who Adore! The chain I’m wearing is old, but I love it. Very Zef side. It’s by Shade Thorn. As they say Wat Pomp? The awesome badass skin I’m rocking is by Toast bard. I love love the freckles all over the body. Now I know some people hat their freckles or they think it’s gross. I LOVE THEM! I wish I had some and that’s probably the reason why. I think they add character a person and it makes them look more unique than the rest. The tee shirt is from Happy Finds! I got it for free I think from her group. Jeah

That’s it. I’m exhausted and super hungry. Also, I haven’t been blogging as much or making clothes because of RL drama. Please excuse me or my late reply. Hope you liked my short morning post.



Something New:
Sandals: Reek – Slides – Black/Pink – Girls – w/Feet – Right (worn also without, comes with socks gray)
Socks: Reek – Gray (comes with sandals)
Skin: (fd) Earth Flower – Slasher 3 (Freckles)
Bikini Top: Reek – Province Bikini – Gradient – Pink
Bikini Bottom: Reek – Province Bikini – Blue
Hair: !lamb. Charcoal (ears) – Ink

Something Old:
Hat: Emery – Visor #Grass
Backpack: =IZUMIYA=Casual Ruck[[Cloud]] (By Izumi Homewood)
Tee: ::Happy Finds:: Rumpled Long T-shirt Bunny Dress
Camera: traceon electronic M9 (Female L)
Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE DANGO NECKLACE (red gold) – Shade Throne
Bracelet: Beach Pass – Surf Co

Not too new, not too old:
Hair: fri.day – Cassidy – Emo Black