Truth Hair

I love Truth. It’s probably in my top 5 hair designers. His textures are always amazing and his prim work is stunning. I love how he uses a balance of alpha and solid textures. It gives your hair a full and bouncy look. His looks are very versatile and I think many people find his place to be a stunning wonder. I know that many of his hair-styles I’ve worn for multiple days or go back to it because all of his styles go with any look. They have a soft sweet simple look about them. I know we all know who Truth Hawkes is but today! Let’s give him around of applause for continuing to shower us with his wonderful work! Just writing this post about his new hair this week made me think. He is the only hair designer that I know who is constantly putting out new hairstyles that are adorable/beautiful/funky! They always catch your eye from the glossy silk looking hair textures and I’m just stunned by how much work he does! Way to go!!

Hair: Berry – Kristy – Justine = All Espresso

shirt: ! NU i HenleyNeck T White – By: Nuit Wonder
Skin::: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaAn:: Cocoa – CatsEyes Poppy CL1



I’ve been pretty slow today on everything. I’m sorry for posting this so late. I’m a bit of a sleepyhead tonight.

I’m wearing a cute little number today I think. I was feeling adventurous/sporty. I think it was the cross of Emma’s new shorts and Autumns new hair? The headband meets denim leads me to think tomboy with a vagina. ?? I don’t know. I’m wearing Surf Co’s new Denim shorts called Shack Shorts in blue. I love her detail of the denim print, the little fabric stitching on the butt pocket and the sculpted cuffs! I think the way the shading and the wrinkles make the shorts tight in my buttocks area is just fab. What girl doesn’t love a pair of denim shorts/jeans that doesn’t flatter her bottom? I know I love that effect. I found my old two favorite shirts from Nylon and Tres Blah. I remember when Tres Blah first open and I ran to her store and bought out the whole thing. The shirt has heart rainbow print all over and it’s a V cut. I’m wearing an old fav from Nylon Outfitters this leaf tank. On the back (See details in pic) it has a leaf (rubber plant tree look) flare which acts as the strap of the tank. A great look for such a casual tank top. The skin I’m wearing is from Blowpop, I love the nautral feel of it. The bag is an old classic messenger back that I bought while HOC was having a 50% off sale. It came with three different colours, Black, Burgundy, and Brown. The socks are from Oyakin. I just wanted to wear some socks with Emma’s uber cute shoes! I remember I use to rock these in high school and people use to call me “Grandma” They’re so comfy and so cute! I don’t know how to people can diss these kinds of shoes. The texture Emma made is so defined and the sculpts are so crisp. A beautiful slip-on shoe for sure. So now my AV is going to explore some sandy beaches, perhaps climb some sculpted mountains, hike through a floral terrain and probably break her pixel leg. Later loves.

Something New:
Hair: Tiny Bird – Nantes – Dark Brown
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Girls’ Boardwalkers – Seagull (Thank you!!)
Shorts: [SC] Surf Couture – Shack Shorts – Blue (Thank you!!)

Something Old:
Eyelashes: Sin Skins
Socks: oyakin*knit-sox – Ivory
Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone D- 1.1 Bare 1 (Old Fav)
**Shirt: (NO) Leafy Back V-Neck (Found Item)
Tee: tres blah Heart top- shirt layer (Found Item)
Bag: HOC Apparel – Messenger Bag

Not Too New, Not Too Old:

PDA – Modern Mystery (ESME)
PDA – You Could Write A Book
PDA Id Engager

I’m home! & I’ve been relaxed.

Once upon a time a girl met a boy five years older than him. Once upon a time the girl fell inlove. That girl always had fun with family even before they feel inlove and spawned a child. For some ood reason once the baby was born all hell broke loose and they started to hate her and were really curel. Now that girl has an amazing time being with them and found the source of all the hatred.

I’m that girl and I have to say right now. The little saying “Good things come to those who wait” Is so true. I got into a huge fight with my boyfriends family. Actually many huge fights. I went down there for a week for ice fishing and other bush activities. I had an amazing time and for once they felt like the loving hugging warm welcoming in-laws that you see in the movies or on T.V. I’m happy to say that our trip out there has been one of the best I’ve had in years. I hope that this new path of happiness with the in-laws continues. My daughter was spoiled so we’re trying to readjust to the Healthy eating, no candy, no baby talk, no ice cream before bed, no “Don’t put her in timeout/be mean to her” echo from the grandparents rotine.  I didn’t catch a single fish. I broke the belt on a skiidoo from pushing it to limit. I flipped the skiidoo and almost crushed my leg. BUT IT WAS AMAZING.

The look I am wearing is a lovely look and one that expresses how I feel today. I’m wearing tons of stuff from The wonderful hunt, “Red Packet Hunt” to ring in the chinese new year.

The headpiece is adorable. It caught my eye the most. In the pack includes other styles of flowers with twigs that you can wear on your head. I liked this one because of it’s elegance and feathers. I’m wearing Tiny Birds new hair (thank you lovely dearest snuggle bug!). What I love most is the little braids on the sides of the hair. I adore the little wisps of hair that comes off randomly from the braids and the alpha textures are beautiful! I’m wearing the Lark hunt gift, China Doll Flats! They’re EFFING so cute, see *points foot (see picture below)* My poor quality gave me their new skin called Stevie and I’m totally digging the definition on the face and the body. I love the freckles and the belly of this skin!! It’s to die for and a great skin! I’m excited to see more of their new skins coming out. My FOUND item is this watch by Otis Pertwee. Perhaps you should IM him and ask if he has the item that you can buy off of him because I believe he doesn’t have a store anymore. I also found these darling earrings that I use to wear them all the time. They’re from Yummy Things. They go with anything and they add that  “Cute/unique Hipster” look if that’s what you want. I thought it went perfect for my theme of this blog post. The belt I got for free at MM ( Search takawo Quan ). I love the texture and the sculpts. It came out so real but at the same time I can use for my cutesy looks because it’s not overly realistic? ya know? ya dig? The skirt is from the store called Collect which I found at Creators Pavilion. I adore the pattern and the lace!

That’s it good night ❤

Something New:
Headpiece: .+*AA*+. Chinise headpiece *red (RED PACKET HUNT GIFT)
Hair: Tiny Bird – Chicago -Brown (Thank you!!)
Shoes: Lark – Red Packet Gift – China Doll Flats
Skin:[MPQ] Stevie Pale Natural

Something Old:
Watch: [Oh, Otis!] Retro Calculator Watch (SUPER OLD)
Earrings: Together Earring L (Yummy things)
Shirt: Pig – Anarchist Slumber Party – Eggshell

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
belt: *~MM’s~* -Free-BrownMeshBelt-Silver (stomach)
Skirt: -Collect*- Holy night skirt_flower

PDA – Vortical Phonoteque
PDA – You live in a houseboat
SLC – Pose04 P4

Jussssss… I don’t know.

I’m probably the only blogger that cannot think of a clever, witty and pretty title for her entries.

Today I’m wearing tons of old stuff.The new stuff I am wearing I really like them. Anexx was having their 50% off sale and I thought this is the best time to buy their shoes. Not only are they the most beautiful shoes I have seen in SL (Besides the other top shoe creators in sl) I really love her workmanship that goes into her shoes, textures and prim work. I love how she has great taste in shoes and every time I wish or want a pair of shoes in SL it’s like bam! She makes them. Machang is a wonderful designer. The hat is from Homespun. They dropped off some things to me but this little hat is adorable. I don’t really wear things like this in real life. I would wear a newsboy hat, but they look funny on me. Here in sl I have no limits and I just dont care so… Let’s rock the classic adorable look that you get from wearing a newsboy hat. I love it! It comes with a texture script too so you get more for your dollar. I can wear it with everything and there are tons of different colours to choose from. I thought well seeing how I got this boyish look going might as well wear a nice casual sweater. Hm, well makes some cute sweaters. I wore their new sweaters with this beautiful drape backline. I love it! I’m big on cropped and draped sweaters. The skirt is from Paper Couture is from this seasons line. I love the shiny sequins of the skirt! It’s my bold item to make me sparkle. I thought well, let’s add a bag to this look; it’s from Cream shop and it’s a bag that will be timeless. I dug out my old old skin from Redgrave which I love. I’m big on bronzer and this shiny cheek stuff I have. This skin has been a favourite for me because of the shiny cheeks! The glasses are old and very well-known, but they’re so cute! I cannot talk about them. I love circular glasses because of the movie “The Incredibles”. The little designer woman. She cracks me up. I honestly have nothing else to say about this look. It’s self-explanatory.

Something New:
Hat: Homespun Newsboy Hat (ear) (Thank you!!)

Something Old:
Bag: {creamshop} Madrid – Leather weave bag(Chocolate)
Glasses: (vive9) Risky Readers [abyss]
Eyelashes: Eyelashes -4- MoulinRouge *REDGRAVE*
Leather band: ::: B@R ::: Nokko Bangle R ForeArm
Bangles: Sanskrit Cuff & Silver Sparkle Ring Bracelet (Naughty)
Ring: -=UZURI=- Chifu Ring (Turquoise)
Skirt: p.c; Manhattan Brunch
Skin: 01 Lyla Tan Skin / *natural *REDGRAVE*

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
Hair: !lamb. I’m a romantic – Ink
Sweater: fri. – Draped.Back Sweater (Red)

Poses: Flowey, Be Gentle – Flowey Sparkle for a moment

Yellow submarine

I’m wearing this wonderful shirt by Kitten Soup, it came from the outfit/dress called Beyond The Valley of the Dolls. Her store is called Equus which is located in the beautiful plaza of Von Trips, Narwhal. It’s a beautiful place to stop with a butt load of great designers. There’s Equus, Narwhal, Kenzie&co (Me), Karamia, and Rootbeer. I adore the beautiful little vence style builds. Great place = great clothes. I love the shirts colour and the print on the blouse. She has this kind of flare on the shoulders. As if there’s a bow or ties? I’m not sure but that addition I love. Though I didn’t wear the skirt that came with the dress, I’m wearing So Many Styles babydoll dress. I wore paper couture leggings that I got a long time ago but it’s still one of my many favourite leggings in sl. I can’t remember if it was from a freebie bag? a gift bag? but I know it was free. I don’t know if they’re still around so if they are discounted I am sorry. I wore some jelerwy pieces by Zaara and Genesis. I love the Genesis bangles because it has a script texture change(r) so you can change the textures to a variety of different colours. I couldn’t resist not wearing Emma’s new hair. I love it and all the different colours. I’m wearing pumpkin pie! My oldschool Maitreya ankle pumps, Frenzy! Classic must have heel. The skin is from Pink Fuel that I got from last years skin expo.

I’m sorry if my writing is unclear. My mind is fuzzy and I’m running on ten cups of coffee. Trying to get a 19 month old baby to sleep in a toddler bed is exhausting. Even though my friend bed has suggested caging her, I’d rather not ❤ **he was kidding of course**

I hope you all have a wonderful night and thanks for reading.

You stay classy, Second Life.

Something New:
Hair: [SC Hair] Maranna [Retro Bangs] – Pumpkin Pie
Shirt: equus – beyond the valley of the dolls

Something Old:
Eyelashes: Eyelashes -4- MoulinRouge *REDGRAVE*
Bracelet: :: Genesis :: Aidan Bangles (Right)
Bangles: ZC : Nizam Choodiya (bangles) gold *white* L
Ring: -=UZURI=- Chifu Ring (Turquoise)
Tights: PC; Tights – Yellow 2
Shoes: Maitreya Frenzy Banana – Brown
Skin: [PF] Skye – Beestung

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
Dress: {SMS} Pocket Dress Grey

Poses: PDA – St. Exquistes Victims Esme

Many different things, many different looks.

What have I been doing lately? Well I’ve been reading a wonderful book. It’s filled with chaos, hate, love, filth, sadistic mentality, and sex. A few genres I happen to love. I’ve been playing it up on ps3. I enjoy the score points that pop up after I slaughter a 12-year-old who almost shot my face off. I can’t believe how well those little guys are! Kids more schooling and less video games! That’s it really. My boyfriends son is in town so the word load is getting harder to deal with. Trying to balance Second Life, designer clothes, blogging and spending time with the family (cooking and cleaning) I don’t know how some people do it on here. RL and SL is hard to work  and play with the both of them. I salute you fellow players who are grand at multi tasking.

For my looks of today I’ve got a boyish one, a cute girly girl one and in between. I’m a big fan of both personalities. The tom boy and the girl girly.I’ll try and keep this brief.

For my first look

I’m wearing Reek’s wonderful brand new, hot off the press (well for my blog anyways) Hoodie. I wanted to wait a while to blog it because I was seeing it everywhere and I hate following trends or looking like the rest. I waited and now let me rave about this beautiful hoodie. It is like any other hoodie but not in SL. The reason being is that Reek always out does everyone else with textures, sculpt work and script work. This time his hoodie has many different colours and patterns to choose from. I could wearing this with some many outfits it was hard to pick what I wanted to wear it. Go with the everyday casual look, be a boho chick, or rock the beach girl style! I couldn’t pick a style. I went with the plaid red and black style and Emma Gilmours jeans. I love them like no other denim jeans in sl. They have a sock layer which you can wear with the pants that gives it a longer more fitted look to your AV. I’m wear Nylons Red collar shirt underneath my beautiful hoodie. I love this shirt and I seemed to have forgotten about it. Seeing how my blog is about reusing your old items. This is defiantly and old but beautiful and still in style item. I think it might be in her store still, check her freebie bag if she still has it. The hair I’m wearing is from shag and the skin is by Toast bard. Digging my ultra sweet black gal skin. THE SHOES. Remember when SL use to just use a shoe base for our shoes? Well here’s a historical item. My first pair of Chuck Taylors and my first pair of shoes in sl. The maker might not be playing SL anymore but I do still wear these bad boys in sl. I will never fall out of love with these shoes or Chuck Taylors. I will be 50 years old and still rocking them.

Second Look:

I’m wearing this wonderful swear from Miu. I found it when I was randomly shopping in sims that I’ve never been too. I love the flare on the bottom of the sweater, the jersey style fabric. I adore the little ribbed cuffs and hemline on this sweater. Give it a pop with this colour purple. The hair is new and it’s from Lamb. NOTE TO LAMB! PLEASE NEVER MY SL LIFE EVER! Her perfect hairstyles, the constant unique flare she gives them and she always breaking the barrier of Sl’s way to prim hair in sl. I know many people do the Alpha texture bangs and little wispy on the back of your neck, but lamb has given you a soft long sideburns alpha on the side which I literally love! It’s freaking awesome. Seriously Lamb, don’t ever leave sl. Keep making hair with your brilliant ass. The skirt is from Maitreya! I thought it went well with the look. My beautiful necklace is from paper couture and the shoes are Lelutka!

My third look:

I’m wearing Duboo’s new and effing ADORABLE slippers. They’re like canvas shoes and I adore all the prints and patterns she made for them. Not one shoe I didn’t like. she did a great job with the sculpts and the adorable little drawings on the shoe. I’m had to match the shoes up with Oyakins new dress. I wore pigs new Thermal style shirt. Then my hair is from W&Y. I love the huge flower bussel on the top of my head. The beautiful skin is by Toast again. Do you all remember how Barnesworth was the king of SL glasses? Well I do. I’m wearing his old school frames “Retro frames”. See, I won’t ever grow old of them. Because they’re still in style and they’re awesome! I think they were only like 75L or 100L can’t remember. I’m wearing my adorable but very old ETD purse ❤ Thought it was a great add-on to this look.

Something New:
Hoodie: Reek – Laundry Day Hoodie

Something Old:
Shoes: Red Chucks – Ready Jack
Bag: BroGear [Black Label] – AVANT Military Brat Backpack
Skin: (fd) Dark Skin – Harp Classical Tragedy
Shirt: Nylon Outfitters – Red collar

Not Too New, Not too old:
[SC] Surf Couture – Belmar Skinny Jeans

Hair: [Shag] – Under My Thumb – Monochromes

LAP – RCD – Gutsy
LAP – RV – Baby Got Back

Second Look:

Something New:
Sweater: *MIU* flower cut&sewn (purple)
Hair: !lamb. I’m a realist – Blood Fruit

Something Old:
Handbag: .:MANNA:. Hepburn (main)
Eyelashes: *Sin Skins*EyeLash pack.
Skirt: Maitreya HighSkirt Ivory
Shirt: Red Collar – Nylon Outfitters

Not too new, Not too Old:
Necklace: P.C; Long Beaded Bow Necklace
Shoes: [LeLutka]-TEESE shoes/sienna
Skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Dusty Wings

Poses: LAP – WG The Dalhia LAP – The BoRee, PDA – Death is not a Parallel Move

Third Look:

Something new:
Shoes: DUBOO*Supermarket shoes [Muffin] (Thank you ❤ ilu)
Dress: oyakin*antique-onp(khaki
Shirt: Pig – Long Island T Ruby

something old:
Glasses: retro frames – Barnesworth Anubis
Leggings: >TRUTH< Xanadu Leggings – brown
Bag: ETD Casual Purse (Brown & Cream)

Not too new, not too old:
skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Dusty Wings

Poses: PDA – For our Elegant Caste (Esme), PDA – Just the same but brand new, PDA laughing with a mouth of blood